Taking Care Of My Health

hey guys what’s up it is the end of the
night but it is Monday and I went back to work today it’s a short week for me
so three days of work and like a busy couple days and then like all next week
it’s gonna be crazy but it’s all good I was starting to read a fitness book of
for you it was called now but I stopped that because I got this book today and
like I’m already obsessed so I’m gonna like read this because I have my camera
and then I have another camera and I just want to like really kind of work
with what I’ve got and look at taking pictures and videos from different
angles and just kind of like playing around with what I have going on here
and then I think I’m going to start putting pictures and videos out on the
Internet first sale there’s a couple different
websites I know I can go to and put that stuff out there so just kind of like now
what I want to do I’m gonna work on that and I have so yesterday I did a vitamin
shop haul on my main channel and for some reason YouTube is blocking it well
they’re not blocking it they’re restricting advertising on my video
because they told me I can’t monetize it because I guess it’s not suitable for
all like people I don’t know I’m just confused
they’re flagging all of my videos I’m like how do you flag vitamin shoppe halt
like what did I put in there that is bad but they’re they start doing it with my
book hauls or doing it with everything so I think it’s just that one channel
cuz I’m not getting hit on a daily channel so I don’t I don’t know I did
get hit a little bit but not as much as I’m getting hit on the main channel
there are a couple of videos I flagged I can kind of understand like I titled
things like anorexia or you know boob sweat or something like that and that’s
like that stop some like a you know whatever so anyway I’m rambling Craig um
and I went to the doctors last week oh speaking of which I was taking my
medicine Greg and I went to the doctors last week and they checked my blood
pressure which is always high always high ain’t it babe it’s always I so greg
pushed my doctor into making him give me some medicines I have some medicine that
I’m trying to take to get my blood pressure down which is fine
yes you did no way he pushed it he pushed me make fun the method thing is
like when Greg and I go to the doctor we go to the doctor we sit in the same room
and we see the doctor at the same time because I know all his business he knows
all my business you know ain’t no secrets around this house so yeah in
Greg had a flu shot I had a flu shot Greg’s really sick now I’m not sick well
a little sick but not like he’s sick he’s really sick cute as matter of fact
we had to call in a prescription earlier today so I called his doctor and they
called in the prescription and what else oh and we got blood work done last week
so that came back his blood work is perfect Greg as healthy as an ox or
something like that which is good because he’s got a birthday coming up
he’s gonna be in whopping 22 years old ends I have high cholesterol too I have
high blood pressure I have high cholesterol I’m just like I’m just high
and Greg’s laughing he thinks he thinks this is funny it is so not funny so my
doctor does not want to put me on any medicine and for the cholesterol because
he says he thinks that if I just you know adjust my eating and my workout or
lack of workout habits that I can control it on my own and I’m hoping that
I can control my blood pressure too but Greg makes my blood pressure high or not
I don’t know all right so that’s it I’m gonna stop rambling right here we’re
gonna go ahead and end the see I just wanted to let you guys know about the
flu shot and the medicine and everything that I have to take and what’s kind of
going on with me health-wise so yeah and I’m gonna get to reading this stuff and
hopefully I can learn some stuff and maybe share it with you guys who knows
all right y’all good and I will see it on morrow
all right guys it’s really good news I finally finished this book it only took
me like way too long to finish it but I have a review on the main channel coming
up soon right now I need to go look and see what next book I want to work on

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