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I'll be Junior sometimes we sometimes suggest that you rest maybe gave you medicine if they do then open up and swallow it can be yellow or white pink or sometimes it takes okay time so it's always for the best it makes the illness sometimes we feel unwell sometimes we give you temperatures and headaches picks and pains and chills remember always ask an adult before you take any medicines sometimes we sometimes we feeling so much better the best looping the loop turned upside down another therefrom Sammy the fastest biker twists and turns the way to stop it smiling in the air where let's eat just party everybody in disguise dumbass what the pencil applause susan test a little bent dog see just 40 every Jane is a policeman Paul is here just like a friend the monster very old Mexican just party every whatever love don't tell the girls and boys school told her things really cool I can catch it spin it take it ball ride look straight through wheel on its side twirl it around and do the loop the loop with my new and stripey hula hoop we love to hula hula hoops we love to pull up Lulu tell the girls and boys at school coda husband's really cool put the hoop on the roll place both feet inside move them up and hold tight to each side now spin the hip around as fast as you can and wiggle your hips yes that's the plan keep on going and try not to stop when you stop the hula hoop will drop we'll have to pull up the loop we love to pull up the loop tell the girls and boys school only hood pins really cool [Applause] relaxing pool you need a qualified instructor no ifs no buts that's the rule so teach you how to jump right in and be safe we're armbands or other folks like for instance around the lace is this week you'll swim a little there learn more and more by the time you finish all the course swimming in the food dollar door you'll be able to swim nice and safe up and down the pool you might even get a certificate congratulations but so many games to choose we love to play all day long no matter if we win or lose some case you can play on your own what you do is up to you a ball and a bat or maybe a skipping-rope if you like then ride a bike go up and down Oh it's the party it's time for everyone to have fun again and dancing hologram jumping here and make sure they're safe and wear protective gear it's great all these pipes have got a bell they've got a little first aid on the front as well in C and Jake is both resume and bacon too special I'm later bar there's so much to do come on let's explore some ideas with you a picture of a honey tree like a tiki monkey kick around the pipe Rita buh-bye [Applause] [Applause] like you can find by yourself or with friends the mama gum [Applause] here's a simple method to try and you'll soon be able to die in your hands well done so far so good we're getting there now the anyways in your hands I can't do this now my rabbit is two loops bet you made a nice tie ups well we've achieved it you created a wonderful bump excellent keep practicing tying shoelaces can be tricky here's a simple method to try just follow our instructions and you'll soon be able to die come on let's learn about our solar system climbing to the rocket where I'm on a mission three two one we blast off so fast then the Earth's mean that we've just whizzed past Hey look at the Sun so big and yellow center of the solar system important fellow the Sun is actually our nearest star it's relatively close and too far okay let's check out each planet one by one it's very hot number one in the great let's fly back to earth police believe Jennifer this man bumming on his Beach he doesn't like it bubby Nadi he likes to kiss Tuppy the police always wear dinner so you know who they are and check out the flesh on the roof of that car for trying camping camping we're off to camp day that campsite everything's back the way then sleeping bags night's wine barbecue toys Thursday after a short drive we all right time to set up our tent tied down the guy drops with our picks boy this guy around the campsite having lotsa fun all day but soon it's time to go back to our tents but it's okay because a grown-up made a campfire so we had a dancing heat up an arsenal fried big circle great Rick gave them chips into the plate let's do it now why wait I'm gonna talk to help you tick cooking is fun just take a look but be careful and take my chances song will make you more aware like oven can get very hot and knifes are sure when they chop pots and pants make liquid boil crispy foods fry in hot oil shop mix fried baked sir grill grates make Jake them chips into the plate let's do it now why wait you know about fix so what comes next wash our hands yes that's correct next take a recipe and read it right through grab the ingredients is what you to measure each item take your time be accurate for this food run cuts too much or even too little will give your cake that soggy middle chop mix fry bake great snake kick them kids into the plate let's do it now why wait now you're measured and organized mix it up as the recipe advice stir fold whisk the mixture compare the looks to the recipes picture keep on ticking in every state use your eyes and not to gauge if your mixture looks about right is it fluffy enough is it nice and light chop mix fry bake sir grill grates make jig from kitchen to the plate let's see right now why ring scoop the mixture into a baking shake ask an adult to help okay place it in an oven to bake em small that it smells great take the cake out cool it down it's a beautiful delicious golden brown add some icing to finish it nice now give but all like great big slice chop mix fry bake sir grill grates pick get from kids into the plate let's do it now watch it Hey look there are aliens standing over there love aliens aliens are everywhere I think even more bizarre Centerton AR little more rare so many eyes when they look at you they really say hey look there are aliens standing over there aliens aliens are everywhere some say aliens don't exist but I must agree I first saw Sammy i betray when i was very moving on my favorite play a new wife aloof as they wished me happy birthday and I heard hey look there are aliens standing over there aliens Indians are everywhere i spinning it's such great fun you should really give it a try no orphans waiting for love see I'm just learning how to ice-skate I walk over here and there I fell down flat on my bottom but it's so fun I don't care swish swish swish swish go the plates as I wish around the rink guys get so fast fast as light you'll miss me if you blink I spinning it punch good fun you should really give it a try if you're starting out find a friend who knows how to skate hold their hands take your time before long you'll be doing great and if you already know how to skate them have someone there's new but also have lots of fun spinning around you should really give it a try check out the next I'll be be junior video now for more 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