friends now the method a optic optic misread nominee park for a video project now and they're in there was some tamara topper thorium body now and the MVP is given a minimum but the maximum cut off from the government colleges for a nomogram government and a government colleges periphery about a cut off you know i've been sold in the vida de praga para and there's a number thorium bother you no one there what lets you thing about the animator in the exam reasoning haha come on or somebody you know or let you through that in busines so in there somebody you know extravagant the person repeated spotty Nana everything in the video made a pact a piranha in there were some when the ever cut off friggin rather one hours a report our chain now on this in the video pond eating a candy pie in the medium remember idea can occur the video skip Panama conditioning piranhas in the video a graph over in the table full of Athena I'm gonna gotta let the Korea government carnage it up or over say I want to cut off aid of the chase when there was never a cut off Coon dragon and Universal dr+ Athena bottom on the year-end the government meteorologist in eternity road team or on an idea so ESA said there so in there were some on the car would collect additional hour and so leading aha government blah so other on they were resolved Darla but here in the heart of course a lotta fortune or three was over matrix colleges was Madras medical colleges for the rain BC keep Athena Hynek theatres and the minimum our numbers are impossible BCG MPC DNC G minimum not at Arizona in the I needed through the Torah Butch's PC Emperor named Athena of the Empire and the max know anything but human today Maria was seeking Athena I need inoperable and they are antenna pattern Oliver a pooch maximum he's seeking out at the ng London I need to UM but injury he's sick but in a moonlit in a pod and alertness not a literary pooch a sticky mucky attendant on the team but moon looking up with unerring butcher okay in there was a cut-off phenomena meters Murray religious poor doriga Medina bc NB C AB ROM bzm OC in the knowledge nobody now look for the person is no mark on the increase our the percentage of the Nina in the Versa minimum patina over a cutoff on the metas College is rendering it – hey Brina Norma path you know Ryan eaten by the plastic marijuana another b c in b c d bc m io seaman Oliver chance Kirikou he sees stick number 13 on the hippies see everything now and then again oh no he's seeking my buddy now and order now the temple o bc NB C the busy m mo signal button on the minimum up Athena BC Bertoni Oh fine ATM but the plus Sigma linear economy are they marrying b c d in c Wadena anytime mother Kuno so we seem come but you know what I anything but man I hear another word safety cutoff in dorsum and I know some poor or Saturn or son or mother of Marco Donna Sienna presentation edema Anna Marie is CC h TQ in the patina or non of t empathic Milano I mean no no no temple Damara he s CH stick buddy nod none other than a photo so he does not meet us when he addressed Craig Anna my children so Ali come from Medina Stanley Stanley Pasadena now the third of the moon Oh J maximum I literally BCE in BCD and Sigma Z non-intuitive an Ontario trend so BC important in order to 100 North in a pattern was seeking out Timothy are a maximum body an identity now fat humble he is seeking the moon Luther would ingest sonar te rendering poach it so he is seeing a pattern on the moon uttanapada Rinpoche stickier him but not on the moon to put him butch so the car that killed pop Medical College put the rim be seeking northern amputated and then our theme but enjoy Rinpoche implicitly in C canonical and then on the patella Rinpoche BCM 90 emboldened how did he pass nanak hosi and an oddity of Anna anything geophysical he is seeking nothing about the little knob patellar tendon unity he looked at him very good is see a community home Boland immunity here another gauge to get a button or it up very good seed pattern and become me tanjo or meteorologist for thorium sorry II the mother River here at this portal in order to put in modern 1940 alien ABCD and segi momentito at London Ontario trundle BCM for the remedy known only to return and an origin a putana whole signal atiim Bertrand London or tuna today he is seeking money group and in order to patina London I need to repeat our array Medina is a very good HT and ER with eleven very good okay Tanja or Mary Rogers further MBC not a true with not and I didn't I wasn't she MBC DNC a monetary with the engine and another teen are very very good how the car debris about a niobium Graham monitor mother in London now bother America more singing out at the hospital on the island butter America is sick moment but the new patron are in very good he is cak our Nutella on the yellow door America so he still had an operative or America so hard to be a single but not at the bottom on and on Athena Patil NBC be NC community Lutheran London are dirty paws another an empiric ABC important lutetium but in our lavender go to the moon or America was he on the budino not a three-putt until under I need humble but he I'm on the theatre london I'm not in a patella you see better get his see a condom Athena I have nothing about that Levant Roberto bolli hter with the drew attention there's not really not a teen are learned minimum not a turn the maximum on to Donna turned it may be CDN see Bettina 'unity impassive and patandjill and Ireland serenity are returned or American BCM to not injure and not eat on the table or in very grave not the car top area but Nina host again are now but on London Ontario to mother in Vidigal are the car the body is see community pollen or American so we are not gonna get sick big HTI meteorologist periodical tabria quieter quieter be seeking out at the bottom on the NIT hard tear and wear some NBC Athena unit eternity in order Ron tlou tubular Imperial BC important in Medina not a tip página 11 de not in particular in very good I gotta be a patina not at the um but T non-latin death now it's a doozy I'm but no Natalie so we see community with mother not even a death he's seeking everything but Angela not even engine it's sticky every time but you know okay Morgan kumara Mangalam Medical Colleges per diem be sick in order to put the maximum botany now in determine a minimum no need to go to maximum height with the moon in BCD MC g mu nu t lord mallanna on the territory maybe a bitch cm was nobody nor omeruo signal pattern on the NIT am button or hamburger he is sick e put your mother in very good anybody is sick on the patina our Nutella well and they aren't am but not Imperial HT k are not the arrow to Milan did what every so the character very activity that K KB government are you gonna just for the rabies in order to more the max Northy come but you're not America in pcdna bordering on the terror London our Latino pattern of America ABC a movement eaten a doughnut hole scene are their pattern are it not potentia so he's siggy auntie Toni Taylor and until whatever hamburger is see guarantee Ambala near a tailored rendering very sticky nothing up a team born in Peru I got a buddy r2d2 two very important Bettina teen women but in London on attempt at enjoyed mbc's burger I am busy bee and save per tonne iam not even but even Monty I'm but he only got a tabria be gonna be see him when the patina busy important iam I'm gonna turn them hosting our droupati melanda so maximum me but I'm not a Munna is ck on or America is see again I wrote oh no they haven't eaten Boromir gay I don't dip at notorious Teaberry Kanyakumari unity empathy a maximum BCS at a minimum basic and immunity but did it max were not avatar in be C B and C monitor America BCM Telos Nala very very good Oh singing our little pattern or America he's sicker than they aren t I wrote a modern day and Tony Taylor America yes she again the Rotunda aren t you what and um very HTM dependent or ebay they'll bail it over 30 MB CK not even on the non attend a putter a very good he in BCD and seem not a ruthian London unity rotatory America BCM Nutella Nutella that were very good Oh singing on the new person an order to Napa Taylor American yes see Mukhtar London let the pan and or imperious is he a gay at the Napa to London I already know Appetit torneo very good the car to phtt have until patio mode sorry I'm a gambit render I got a teeny teeny aboard or immunity cannot tell and the minimum maximum be seen on tomatillo MBC BNC monitoring avatar monitored on Atari I gotta Bria BCM VC Emporium minimum I'm meet Emma today max immunity you know tomorrow sea and the sea tart monetary media garages ray is CJ are not the embodiment immunity Pamela I've gotta be a CEO but the neruneru tell you another it sticky or not you know putting on wall of it till anomaly Munna TM 109 at the lmperial minimum/maximum bck in PCB and scheme the denominator of the BCM bottom unit arizona was he and the sita at monitor alarm Leila is see guarantee my hollandaise and Tony to Mona is see a guarantee wrote a linear Newton Paulo Rio a sticky on the button in our new teapot to London okay our data pattinathar Mowbray Dharma prepatory MBC a unity in bottom wall and then on a panel Nadia in BCD in siggy unity ambolyn de una telethon j bc immunity ottoman and immunity are vetted cozy and the Cielo is Tec yonder and Timbaland I'm not the arverni oh he's seeing my are not you know potential and a routine but um was very sticky mouthing I already know Pollyanna diagraph so we gotta Berea Billy Purim will put on Bertram BC luteum battered London or theater America in bitch DNC a roti naan battle and under T number two more America's the Carter tabria buddy now BC embattled really embarrassing and the cinema is siggy and I'm LaVon bottom or indemnity yellow repair gay is C again nothing no patty Mullin day a new patellar America htk dip a dinar ok taro taro al meriya garages Bardonia material that London not impose R&B cbourgin BCD NCM naturopathic Moulin de NT a monarchy I'm a demon are America BCM PLO very very go sing and the sweetener is C key Nutella new team but the door do you see again I wrote a linear theory today East again the path to Aaron Berger Savannah Medical Colleges posed to him VC community Ottoman a nonzero very very good in BCD immunity Rose don't wanna monetary tell America BCM you know Tina battered lanthanum but immunity of eternal aria I was he and the children are table is CGI matter with you mother and I aren't but the donor is see a gay aren't the no potable and they are not in a pattern the STG are not available almond or estate normal colleges channel Erica Cunha anybody in a Michigan or activity Nolan they are t9t I wrote another area in bikini and Semenuk team at that London on the engine so busy important Madonna Tamura not at the end a very very good Oct not a new party at London or the temper two more every he's seeking the body not eaten up at the yellow area his CAK incumbent on it not H together they are oh don't bother I caught the prey is a crime at all the vehicle is Martina BC community don't know London or attend Patil a him BCD and simulating Patil an immunity elevated BC Emperor him not even a moonlit yellow tinge a host again the citta not male is C key we are not the embodiment upon and a yes he got into potential and a routine op otário HT anything on bowl put the quarter like a government garages for thorium BC came until eternal and a non-jew very empirical BM b c d and c community in with in London only time but even bother empirical BCM only thing about that learned immunity alert the hardware America Ock at the seat on our Piniella is C key and care what TL and they are not the aim but they won't bother SC again we are not here at Norland you're not the new pitarrio is stickier at the mall and they are not even bothering ok I got a channel yes a Caganer Jenny Medina and ecologist poor Tony immunity must be seeking minima Maxima not at Madonna MPC DNC key only totalitarian America busy immunity ambit randori America whole psyche not a department in order to know put it he on duty what the Ireland a is CG and Tim Burton your America you see again Tirupati Linda I don't deal with moon very very good hte a deep part lavender I are not the father is am wearing maximum okay in the video but you know maybe explain the video anymore IDI katha to go in there was some ninja expert panel Korea cut off on the Goldman colleges were Tori I wanna get a control on a solely upon the bc NB c DN c bc m OC in the now on a community portray medina no percentage from the increase on or sayin Saldana and i'ma cut off on the poor or substance identity Margo and I most of the repeaters on the patina and also participate funny tomorrow near gap order three Bonita pirahã Gordon medina in bosnia bracelet Panaji preston darling is a calmer Tamura Presley Susan I'm a good MVP see to Nobunaga pun is personal India Kota 85 percentage in the pnina State Cordell ro power Anthony on the madras small they may transfer de colleges fourth oreo we are on the focus our cheering yeah I want to give on a cutoff for now our laboratory and be singing here to the Kadena might trust many garages further here I need the embody plus Sigma lamb in American on in BCD and ck IE naught plus Sigma are gonna be CM guy inner plastic ocid thermal plastic monogamy is seeking out a theme of the plus Sigma Larkin or is CAK or an out of the reckoning is Tiki or moon look the embody even the China met trust buddy you're gonna get a seat Carrigan an amide to delegate okay II the character body appeared in a Stanley kill Parker moderate and javis angle putter then I'll require thermo kumara Mangalam Tillich e2 to good in America colleges such to continue happening now Ethernet our colleges and ago the may trust them I know energy you know cut off edema may know it lucky like medical colleges LA and again the college is so now may know ethanol okay a government cannot Sorokin model really thing you know BC given the oricon na plus the camara even they say at our College gone model the curvature of minimum result right Miriam BCD it's in on the embody so BCM occur none of the embody BOC key no no not at the am band or I know Sigma you know he's seeking door now no plus Sigma I do know is see a condo patina or removed the humble are in there even the Chicano as Emery htk moon or so in the Ranger school I here in the China candy by another government medicate garages so I'm gonna get character so in the video window or Gandhi power idea wonder core in the video of a Parker on Juanita P Regina already expert her cut off her under the name or Aquila common lapa deepening uh thanks for watching total drama channel arch preterius subscribe monomer and Ronnie


  1. 2018 la 500 meelaiye 300 students than eduthirukanga…!! out of 1,20,000 sudents..!!neenga solratha vachu paatha… 3000 peera 500 mela edupanga entha varsham..!! meela pooga pooga mark edukurathu kashtam bro…!! visharikaama… theriyaama video poodathinga bro..!!

  2. Your predictions again incorrect, don't spread wrong data again and again, you are the only person told that 500 is required for BC category, don't spread such nonsense things with NEET community, also explain where is your source of information.

    Few weeks ago told that 450 for BC, now 500, do you think you have enough information to confirm this.

  3. 150+100+95 seat increased its official so cut off may vary don't put down the students by giving like dis in first neet expected cut off you gave 440+ for bc category ..lets pls wait for the results all the students had put their effort ….friends relax wait for results don't lose your hope friends

  4. Sila video il 350sheet increase aagum so cutt off um kuraium entu solluraanga, neeinga koodumnu solringa

  5. Anna I'm scoring around 400 from BCM…..enakku self financing la MBBS kidaikuma Anna????Pls reply Anna….

  6. Sir,Everyone can apply to ESIC Chennai and Coimbatore Govt MC of TamilNadu Native? Or any specific rules and regulations to get a admission to ESIC.. Reply please… And also very good effort..

  7. Tirunelveli m clg last year selected stu.. 479 Thirumamagal , near by home sir . poor fmly . Brahmin.. but very talent girl.

  8. anna ennoda cutoff 171 bc government college la paramedical course kedaikuma except nursing ……. plz anna sollunga …… iam asking this question so many times…….. plz anna help pannunga

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