Tape Face Auditions & Performances | America’s Got Talent 2016 Finalist


  1. That last horse race was easily the most splendid thing I ever saw in my life! Even a sourpuss Mel B couldn't ruin it!

  2. 面白すぎやしませんか?笑

  3. Who can relate



  4. Нахуй вы это рекомендованые суете с 2016 года уебища ебаные

  5. have you had a dream that you have tape on your mouth for your rest of you life that meens no food no breath through mouth THATS SAD

  6. 日本人コメ欄コミュニティ開設しましたよーー!!!


  7. Neked megvan az eredeti Scrap Mechanic, vagy az ingyen letölthető verziót használod?
    A válaszodat írd le kommentbe és reagálj a kártyára! 😄

  8. BUSTER KEATON, you don't know who is this guy ? He was one of the first who made people smile search for it (same time has Charlie Chaplin but different form of genius)

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