Tarek’s Story | First Aid for the Tired Soul

the story about Tariq is hard to hear but it’s neither unique nor without how darks for young children will commend his wife playfully demanding their breakfast he sat down with his family for their morning meal in the quiet town of Mars a lemon with no idea how quickly his word will be shattered burst of noise and intense heat Engels and Tariq and three of his children could do nothing as is why their mother burned to death alongside their brother he managed to pull his other three children to safety but their home was turned to rubble and weave Mundi they fled for a friend to find a shelter darks family need help he has no means to provide food for the family no milk for his six-month-old child and the psychological wounds from that last family breakfast will not heal as easily as their physical wounds it’s you who can bring the hub to Taric story with your support in sign we reach out to Tareq and other suffering like them providing them with basic supplies they desperately need we’ll provide counseling for Tareq and his children also the urgent psychological and psychosocial aid they need so they can stand on their own feet and connecting them with other families who have been through similar trauma in order to offer support if people like touring the tools to cope with the ramifications of our trauma mental health is often overlooked in crisis situations but it’s the basis of survival and resilience remember we cannot change the past we can help them all to prosper in the future yes we can [Music] you you you [Music]


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