Targeted Puppy Therapy | Puppy Days

dog trainer Patricia is watching Danielle interact
with Spaniel mix Phoebe. OK, so just a little bit
of what’s going on right here though is Phoebe’s
wanting to climb on Danny. Phoebe wanted to play with
Danny like she was a littermate. And so she was jumping on
her and climbing on her head and biting at her hair. I’m so glad you
said that because this happens so frequently. And then she gets very growly. So Danny, what
you need to do, when you start getting
that growling, is to make yourself look bigger. So you can sit up and
have more [inaudible]. Yeah, especially if you want
her to be a therapy dog. Right, we want to train her. I don’t want her
to be a therapy dog! Well, maybe one day you will. If you could see what
she could do for you, I think you would
maybe change your mind. Right, for all of us. That’s true. So now what I’m going
to do, we’re going to give Phoebe a little bitty break. And I will bring
out another dog. All right, this is Katie. Look how she stays. This is my dog. What’s so wonderful about
having a therapy dog is, hey! What are you doing? Katie can get excited
and you can play. And yay, good girl, very nice! And then as soon as
I start acting calm, can find her to calm
down and match my mood. I was amazed at
how Katie could just be playful and
rambunctious one second and literally calm
down another second. All right, and
then you want to try just sitting down, and
seeing if she’ll come over and lay down with you. So say Katie, down. Katie, down. Oh my God. Aw. Oh, gosh. She was just so sweet and
laying in Danielle’s lap, and I can see how it just
even calmed Danielle so much. So if you pet her
really calmly and slowly and rub her tummy, then she’s
going to just match your mood. Oh my gosh. That dog is so good. How much for your dog? [laughs] NARRATOR: But when
Phoebe’s back in the room, Danielle’s taunting
starts again. Yeah, Dan, Dan? Danielle, are you listening? Yes. So what we probably
should do is get up and not do that
because she’s looking at you like another dog. Like a littermate. But Phoebe is tired. So it’s like
moments like this, if can encourage both
of them to do this for as long as they will. NARRATOR: And the family get
a glimpse of what could happen with targeted therapy training. Anytime we find Phoebe
in the mood to do this, we need to go with it and
we need to encourage it. And we need to stop
what we’re doing and have them have
these moments. That does wonders. DANIELLE: It would
be really nice when I was angry if Phoebe would
come over and I could pet her. It made me calm
when she was calm. JEFF: So I think the
future is bright as far as the training with Phoebe. And I think that we
can get to that place where Phoebe can be
like Katie because I’d go buy Katie right now and
just get that dog to our house.

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