1. oke first tasty debut in china, next papa woollim jebaaal WOOLLIM GIRL 🙁 it's been a long time to waiting them 🙁

  2. I wish infinite has their own channel aswell.
    Woollim x( wae?? Make a variety show for them! It'll be awsome to get to know them if we watch them in shows just like Infinite's sesame player

  3. Am I the only one who is kinda disappointed? Tasty are either never promoted properly or the songs are not that good. I hope they get a proper comeback with new, good songs in the future. Tasty2wins fighting!

  4. If i'am not wring , and i'am not I see the live for this song in THE SHOW I thought it's some spacial stage because I can't believe that they had a comeback and live before MV or even any teaser
    I love tasty song but I feel I will not like this one I heard it once may I will Chang my thought after hear it more or after the MV
    They are so talented and I love both of twins daeryong & sooyoung and as Twings and as fan of wooliment I wish them good Luky with this comeback

  5. finally woolliment are promoting more Tasty !!!!! 
    i really wanna see one reality show with Tasty <3

  6. i must say i'm kinda disappointed with woollim right now :/ i thought these guys are gonna have some proper comeback finally and there we got old song … seriously? =_= woollim you're wasting their talent… give these boys more attention please ㅠㅠ
    anyway, they're looking really good & i can't wait for the MV! 🙂

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