Teens not getting the mental health treatment they need. Penn State Health

[MUSIC PLAYING] I think what’s disappointing
with this study that’s referenced in JAMA pediatrics,
is that we’re still not getting them to care about the fact
that half of these children aren’t interacting with a
medical professional or mental health professional at
all in the last year. That’s the disappointing part. Sadly, that’s not new, either. We’ve known that for years. We had hoped that
would start to improve. And if I remember, this
is survey data from 2016. So it’s fairly recent, but
a focus over the last decade has been, hey, we needed
to detect this better and we need to get
care in front of people and reduce barriers to care. Studies like this
suggest that we still have a long ways to go. Pennsylvania funds
a program called TIPS, which is all about
supporting pediatricians in the minute when they have
a child in front of them with an emotional concern, and
they’re not sure what to do. They can live access a
child psychiatrist like me for help with
making a diagnosis, help with selecting a
treatment, whether it’s counseling or therapy
and that same service can help connect parents to
services in their area. You can get access and we
are getting better at it, but as that study shows, it’s
more than just creating access. It’s helping people
to feel comfortable engaging in care for
mental health issues. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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