Tell Me a Story: Music Therapy Helps 12-year-old Leukemia Patient

[Critter Smith] “I’m Christopher Critter Smith.” [Brian Schreck, music therapist] “And I’m Brian Schreck.” “I’m one of the music therapists here at the hospital.” [Critter] “When I pick up a guitar and start playing, it like, clears my mind.” “When I play, I think–I think I’m famous when I play, I don’t know why.” “It just like, erases everything and just helps me get through it.” [music playing] [Critter] “Brian has been the most awesomest music therapist ever.” [Brian] “Haha well and I feel the same way about you Critter, you’ve taught me a lot about music,” “about being an awesome person too.”


  1. He wasnt just A lukemia patient. He was SO much more. He was A great person. And he should Rest In Peacee <3

  2. Miss you so much Critter! </3 I know you're in a better place… Love you. You were like my brother and told me you would always be there for me . I talk to you all the time. love you and miss you like crazyy bub. <3 iKnowYou'reInAbetterPlace… Forever and Always my brother at heart.

  3. I miss you so much cuz </3 there have been times when i needed you and i just knew you were there even if i couldnt see you i miss you and i love you i hope to see you again someday and i know youre in a better pleace you will forever will be my cousin, brother and bestfriend. R.I.P Critter

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