Temple Day, MD – General Internal Medicine – Wake Forest Baptist Health


  1. I was a patient of Gigi McDonald , WOW , great Doctor , moved to Wilmington n.c.  to practice. I will miss her as my Doctor, 
    I was Referred to Dr. Day . or Dr Holmes , they both seem like great doctors. I picked Dr Day , because she seems very grounded and She really takes her time to explain how important health is , treats you like she would want to treated . I look forward to having you as my doctor. Reminds me of Dr Gigi McDonald . doctors like this care , game plan they do there job , but patients must do our homework too. follow the game plan ,, Dr, Orders .. cool doctors , THE BEST

  2. I, too, was a patient of Dr. Gigi MacDonald.  I didn't think anyone else could be better than Gigi, but I have found an even better doctor in Dr. Day!  Her bedside manner is very grounded and sincere without seeming clinical.  She has a very grounded approach and seems to be a very thoughtful, caring person deep rooted in concern for the well-being of others.  This is a big win for Wake Health.

  3. Anyone who gets Dr. Temple Day as their Doctor is very lucky, I had her as my primary when she was in Huntersville, NC.  It would almost be worth the move to go to Winston Salem to have her again as my Doctor.  She is the Best you will ever get.

  4. I've always resisted going to the doctor and never really had a family physician. My wife and I moved from California to Huntersville NC 19 years ago. About 16 or 17 years ago my wife was treated by Dr. Day and came home ranting and raving about this wonderful doctor she had just seen. On the next occasion that I needed to see a doctor, I had my wife make an appointment for me. I was very skeptical (always) but I met this pleasant, knowledgeable, and sincere young lady that genuinely was interested in my health issues and not the almighty dollar. This doctor is precious and I fully intended to travel to Winston Salem for my medical needs, had she continued to be a family physician there. Wake Forest Baptist has just received one of the best and I hope they appreciate her as much as many of her patients in Huntersville did. Dr. Day, you are sorely missed and I wish you and your family the best for many years to come!

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