Texarkana residents clean out medicine cabinets for National Drug Take Back Day

Dalby, (R) Texarkana) this is giving the judge, judges the options, some options to look at alternative sentencing (Heather Wright, reporting) DALBY HOPES THE MOVE WILL EVENUTALLY LOWER THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN IN DETENTION FACILITIES.HEATHER WRIGHT NBC6 NEWS 3 ((ALEX))SAFETY MATTERS… AND PEOPLE IN OUR AREA ARE DOING SOME SPRING CLEANING … IN THEIR MEDICINE CABINETS. (Jerry Wormington/Participant) “They just get stuck back in the cabinets, you know, and you forget about ’em and one day you wanna clean up so you get 3 it all out and throw it away.” (Joe Norwood/Participant)”My wife just never throws anything away. Until today” “Been ever since we’ve been married. 72 years.”DROP BOXES WERE OUTSIDE THE TEXARKANA IT’S A SAFE WAY TO GET RID OF MEDICINE NO LONGER NEEDED.. AND HELP REDUCE THE RISK OF DRUG ABUSE. 3 (Dr. William Kelley/Texarkana Emergency Center)”If we could get rid of the unwanted drugs then that’s taking a proactive stance on trying to help prevent this and maybe, you know, I see one less person, one less kid affected by this” ((ALEX))IF YOU MISSED TODAY,THE SECURE DROP BOX IS IN PLACE YEAR-ROUND.MORE THAN 450 √°TONS√° OF DRUGS WERE COLLECTED NATIONWIDE DURING LAST FALL’S TAKE BACK DAY. 3

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