Texila American University – School of Clinical Research. Online Masters & PhD in Clinical Research

you clinical research training allows you to be part of various drug development processes designed for improving the health of the society the study facilitates a perfect balance of self growth as well as service towards the society tau school of clinical research offers courses in PG certificates and PG Diploma level in an area of subjects from pharmacovigilance to clinical data management from research and regulatory affairs to good clinical practice or good laboratory practice based on international conference of harmonization eg certificate clinical research and pharmacovigilance duration six months clinical research in GCP GL p IC h duration six months PG Diploma clinical research and regulatory affairs duration vanya clinical research and clinical data management duration vanya master's degree MA seen clinical research duration two years MSC in clinical research lateral entry duration vanya eligibility PG ug in medicine life science pharmaceutical nursing allied clinical research PhD PhD in clinical research we ensure that our students will gain the best and quality education that they need in preparation for their pre clinical this saw is being done by giving them rigorous and intensive hands-on trainings in all their lectures and practical classes a master's degree is covered in four semesters the core learning methodology includes article reviews publication and the search world the ph.d program is covered in six semesters and the curriculum is mostly research article reviews and publication based the course has been designed to professionally trained you in pharmacology pharmacovigilance biostatistics and clinical trials through a rigorous and comprehensive approach you get full time access to the online digital library and discussion forums where in application and competitive skills are developed the clinical research industry across the world is an ever-growing one the past few years have witnessed new avenues of employment in this sector the fact that the clinical trials market worldwide is worth over 45 billion US dollars justifies why the industry has employed and estimated two million people in the US and over seventy thousand people in the UK the average nominal annual salary growth across all the positions is 4% as against less than 1% for other segments ta use online clinical research programs are designed for you to qualify as a clinical research professional with lucrative career opportunities so we are most likely to benefit in quality treaty industry until syllabus taught by an experienced faculty flexible etutoring training options practical internship at clinical research sites complete placement assistance on successful completion of the training are you considering the choice of career in this lucrative field ta use online course on clinical research is the perfect option for you do you offer us all the online programs in tuition partnership with University of central Makara – I'd rather follow transcripts and degrees offered by university of central nicaragua enroll now at www.ge.com RT

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