1. You could survive in pattaya on 300 dollars a month if you had to, small apartment, no A/C, eat home cooked meals, no booze, no entertainment, nada. 600 dollars a month will afford you a better life but you still have a strict budget. 1,000 is comfortable but simple, more is better.
    The first time you apply for the retirement you have to get your "O" visa for retirement for 3 months first, the 800,000 needs to be in the bank 2 months prior and for the duration of that "O" visa, which is 3 months. After that your one year retirement extension kicks in giving you a total of 15 months the first time around, 3 months plus 12 months. At least 400,000 must remain at all times but 3 months before you renew your retirement extension for the next year you need to bring the bank account up to 800,000 and that must remain for 3 months before and 3 months after. After that you can once again draw it down to 400,000 for the remainder of the year. Marriage visas have about half of the money involved but the application process is more complicated. I am leaving, maybe Mexico, maybe Equador maybe Columbia.

  2. Please remind me not to ask you two guys for advice!! Unclear on the Visa costs…foolish not to have Health Insurance, in fact stupid …blood test every 6 months just does not cut it!

  3. Cheap Charlie every thing has changed from July this year !!!!! Whey do you put you idiot mate Sean on this vlog ??? I understand he has been in Thailand for a long time ..but he don no nothing about the new laws .. you should have done this solo …for your viewers

  4. I remember Sean mentioned in one of video that he lived somewhere in Latin America, it would be an interesting video comparing that country and Thailand for living expenses, health care, safety and dating?

  5. Back away from the camera. You should be casted in a horror movie. You look like Saddam Hussein. Lol

  6. When I'm ready to retire Thailand will be just like the west. So I will probably retire in Vietnam or Cambodia.

  7. Thai Immigrations is proposing a requirement of insurance for a retirement visa. Generally, a person over 70 can't get insurance. Immigrations is considering accepting a certain amount of money for a person of this age. This would be above the 800,000 baht that some use.

  8. you speak than millionaire out of normal life, bangkok-pattaya hospitla uh,no newer, world expensives hospital same than usa all hospital have thief only you money lot.

  9. if you live thailand only 3.6 month/year, rent apaprtement have cheap 100-200$/month, but if stay riteree and live alltim here buy condo, lot better option. and easy, not waste newer money to rent lot. if marry thai wife and has live together ower 5 year buy corporation name land and build 600 000B big house, 3 bgedroom,2 bathroom,kitchen and livingroom can build 600 000B easy. cheap. 1 million if want pool too.

  10. Thailand spiritual Buddhism is a real way to happiness, learn meditation, tech English a local volunteer to the community. Bar girls, drugs, alcohols will get you in trouble. It is a fake life for losers, not reality you will be a victim. Remember that the new requirement benefits the bankers, politicians and the elites, nothing changes for the bar girls and the poor.

  11. The new rules based on the corruption of the officials, greedy and partial of developments. Thailand has enough problems with its local people. Foreigners increasing in the jails with the taxpayer expenses. Just like the US, rich people never pay tax.
    Men can pay everything for sex, alcohol and stupid stuff and never complains but bitch about insurance. Thailand and poor country have many losers, so handle it. Quality people welcome but the losers Pattaya and sex tour must stop.

  12. I am just wondering how you put the money into a Thai bank account ( 800000 baht) before you apply for the retirement visa back in your home country , I am assuming you need to make a trip to Thailand on tourist visa and set up bank account, but that also can have problems as some bank won’t let you apply for bank account on tourist visa !

  13. Hospital costs in Thailand has gone way up not so affordable as it once was. But still much cheaper then the west.

  14. Sean is currently correct on the health insurance requirement. You do require health insurance on a 10 year visa (OX). The requirement for health insurance on a Non-Immigrant O-A Visa has been passed by the cabinet but is yet to become law. Nation news published a week ago stating that it will come into effect from July 2019. But this is not definite and could quite easily change. If it does become law from July then all NEW applicants of a Non-Immigrant O-A Visa and O-A renewals will require health insurance of 40k baht outpatient cover and 400k baht inpatient cover. For information: a Non-Immigrant O-A VISA can only be applied for in your country of residence. That is either NEW or RENEWAL. The requirement for health insurance on this visa is because there is no requirement to have money tied up in a Thai bank account. I hope this info helps. Cheers ianezy0. I have a video uploaded on this subject 😎

  15. You are pretty spot on Sean with your figures. US$1,000 per month gives you a reasonable life in Thailand.

  16. Your facts are wrong about retirement financial requirements, 800,000 TB 2 months prior to visa extension, 800,000 for 3 months after extension, 400,000 for the remainder of the year.
    These are the new requirements.

  17. My God Sean, you are such an idiot. You started out this video with telling us about investment and health care, then luckily Charlie or whomever is videoing you interrupts you because you wonder off about how you are set. You started to say how health care is resonable for us old retirey's. Then you go off on a tangent about how you are already wealthy.

  18. I can agree with everything but I wonder if you know what it cost to drink a beer at a nice restaurant in the US. It is not uncommon here to be charged $7 for a beer. Is it that much there?

  19. No disrespect Shaun, but you are not up to date on current visa rules , PEOPLE, please be careful about the source of information as this video contains out of date info

  20. Tell me this : I want a retirement non O visa but need to put 800000 baht in bank , if I am first time visa application ( applying from overseas) how do I open a Thai bank account to deposit this money and hold there for several months when I have not yet been granted the visa ?

  21. Thanks, Sean I've been hoping to find out some basic info on retirement and now I know what I need. Time to start saving. Chok dee krup

  22. One thing you don't do in Pattaya! What is that? Select the best target and do not use to many bullet in the same target ;–)

  23. @7:30 I love cooking so I guess I'll be saving lots of money in Thailand except for those days when I vlog about food and travel. I'll probably run into you at some point since I will be everywhere.

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