Thankful for Clinical Trials

I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age five that's a mouthful the common term is a ll I was treated for a ll for three and a half years I didn't fully grasp the concept of cancer oh I knew was that I was a sick little boy I wanted to play just like all the other kids in the neighborhood I certainly had to desire to be out there with him I just didn't have the ability to do so so I just remember being sick lethargic no energy not understanding what was happening to me to this day I still remember the distinct vividness of the serious of the situation because of the way my parents were reacting to it so they were prepared for the worst unfortunately I was in the right place at the right time when I was eight they took a biopsy and it showed no form of cancer I was still monitored pretty closely for a couple more years after that and when I was 11 I was officially declared cancer-free at that point there was no turning back that was over 35 years ago cancer has always been a part of my life it's been very prevalent in my family however it has not had any long impacts directly on me I love to play I love to travel I love to swim bike and run go on adventures I'm actually training right now for my fourth iron man I like to think that cancer made me the person that I am today and I often reflect on that so not only am i proud to say that I'm a cancer survivor but significant part of my life was as a caregiver to my wife my wife Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37 we were in shock we had so much going for us at the time we had great careers wonderful friends a wonderful wonderful marriage most importantly we were blessed with two beautiful children my kids were three and five at the time of her diagnose and we were very very close-knit family Monica's journey was a difficult one it was hard on all of us and especially me as a caregiver I'm proud to say that I was right there at her side throughout her journey she was a warrior she had a tremendous spirit and refused to give up and I was proud to say that I was a lead as her support crew it was tough we were told it was a matter of time the Monica would not accept that she wanted to be there to watch her kids grow up she sought out clinical trials and I am so thankful for the clinical trials that were made available to her without those clinical trials I feel cancer would have taken her much sooner so it was a very difficult journey we never gave up hope that's her time was approaching it was difficult I had to tell my kids that today was the day they were going to lose her mom is quite a journey on me and and impacted my life but I'm thankful for everything that we had and I'm thankful for the trials that she was a part of and I think that we made an impact I am so thankful that I was in the right place at the right time when I was diagnosed with cancer my wife was able to extend her battle for several years because of the clinical trials that she was able to get into we need to do whatever it takes for the people that are battling cancer today but it's the researchers that are going to make the difference for you your spouse your children so it's important that we fund fund fund because it's those researchers that are really going to make a difference if we can fund and give them the tools that they need to do their jobs I'm confident that the medical minds can take it there I don't want her efforts to go in vain I don't want her somebody else like her to to their children to have to grow up without a mom or dad or someone like me to have to face the rest of their life without their soulmate at their side my hope is that we will continue to see progress throughout our lifetimes we've made a lot of progress I mean sure with their statistics after statistics that will show our survival rates are getting better for my children I would love for them to speak to their children as cancer as a word of the past and it all starts with funding we have the tools and the minds at our disposal to come up with treatments to get ahead of the game I mean come on if this was your spouse's this was your children wouldn't you want the best for them let's raise money and continue to make progress and ultimately win nor

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