The 1975 – Medicine (Lyrics)


  1. It doesn’t matter what the writer’s meaning behind it is , it’s what you feel about it and it could be about a lot of things

  2. This is the song that Michael and Crystal had their first kiss to and now he proposed with this playing my heart, I can't

  3. Michael Clifford proposed to Crystal when this was playing at the place it all began for them!

  4. who else is here because of michael and crystal🤭💘(btw i love this song and im shook he that proposed with it)

  5. Guys dont be sad about what he said….for me it will always be for the person i loved and i had to let go….This is the beautiful thing about music, everyone gives each song a different meaning 😊

  6. I’m very sad knowing Matty was on heroine I mean cocaine I get it cause he was always on tour and stuff but heroine really? It’s like most of his live performances were high and not realizing the impact of those on ours, his fans. Though I fell happy he spoke about those things and now living with out that shit.

  7. Those 3 unlikes are those who just knew it's a PERSONIFICATION OF DRUGS. SORRY SWEETIE it's actually what it is

  8. Hearing this after matty's explanation makes me sad but also like it was right there?? How didn't anyone notice?

  9. Who else is here after the tweets matty posted about the actual meaning of this song? I’m feeling strangely sad about it but I’m glad he got it off his chest

  10. so matty just confirmed that this song isn't actually about a person, its a personification of drugs and i dont think i've ever felt this shook before

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