The 21 day mucusless diet . Be disease free.

yeah greetings in the name of the Most High the creator of the heavens and earth yeah no this video is put into the 21-day new process type that we said they were doing go on for 21 days and lots of people who are the total people said yes so no let's see how disciplined you are to embark on this program back for restart if you have any rope attic thrombocytopenic purpura a condition of the platelets when to drop it and you don't have good platelet count talk to your doctor before going back on the program what you want to listen now if you have kidney disease or kidney failure do not embark on the program unless you speak to your doctor or you contact me alright my email is natural healer of the body 75 at or you could Skype me or miss the dev that for Skype need mr. – or for seventy three four one six two three one zero and could talk and watch up you understand if you have newbies make sure that before you're back on the program you talk to me right high dry pressure diabetes you want to tell you what to do follow me no no a new process that is significant because you are getting rid of mucus and excessive amount of acid from the blood and the organs and the tissues and the glands see so remember that you can never ever heal your body if there is toxins later on in your service never you can never ever he when you're sleeping if you have foods lingering in your stomach and in your intestines can never take eat and that's the reason why we have to keep the ovens at rest when we are fixing period so when you take your car to a mechanic you can't drive it you have to leave it there for him to fix it and where it is repairing your car or your boss or your truck you can't drive it same principle in your body you have to rest your organs in order for your organs to respond to what you are doing and in all of you to eat right if you have high blood pressure you cannot take your pill but there are three herbs you can use to in the program and some juices mother's worked harder berry leave and flow yummy and another hook on mistletoe if you have hypertension if you have their penis you want to use a purple Jamieson vestra Jenny blueberry and another purple are a cinema if you have their bitches notice that I want to program them see there we have all the right foods don't use them you can use them on a token no milk no cheese no eggs no white flour no brown sugar no white sugar no Ike salt no bread no rice brown rice white rice black rice wine rice done you can use none left no oatmeal no spaghetti no eggs no tomatoes no bananas and no split peas no greens at all when you on the program don't forget them because you have to be juicing everything green like in the Garden of Eden don't forget them now when you are a program now you're using everything green see masti the c-more should be taking a patina and sure to use them now CMOS or everything green altering a blood everything green everything yellow everything Rare teas and a skin juicier ginger you got the juice turmeric you have to use jab the juice ginger after juice them and garlic and on the ends if you can what so let's start a program now everything green when you want to program everything is green green green green woman who have mentor second I have heavy bleeding should include beads and black grapes to juice them no juicer or blender juice them and one Apple to choose them to be the blood and some sovereignty Oracle hibiscus women who ask suffering from low blood should drink that particular juice regularly while you on the program so I'm giving you a line now the first night of the program now you are going to take 3 TSP of Epsom salts in a small amount of hot water and you're going to drink that half an hour before you go to bed followed by a glass of pink grapefruit juice and a tablespoon of olive oil don't forget now in the morning when you get up same principle should you repeat it 3 TSP of epsom salts it is small amount of hot water and followed by a glass of pink grapefruit juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil to relax your mind up right you're going to start to go to the bathroom now when you watch a bathroom now you if you don't have an enema bag because you have to do enemas every day for 23 days if you don't have an enema bag you have to do the XS or the 2 the 3 the 3 tip tea is full of epsom salts in this what about the hot water every 5 days to keep the system flushed if you don't want to use an enema bag and if it will use your inner bag you should have warm water boil the water then get back to body temperature and put some catnip or squeeze a lemon in the water to clean your intestines up because you won't be working your labs don't forget that now if you're not using the enema bag every 5 days you are going to take 2-3 tsp of epsom salts in this small amount of hot water half ago before you with a better game with one glass of reproduce and one tablespoon of olive oil to forget that now follow the video properly now when you start to go to the bathroom the next day lots of water lots of juices green green green and more green juices so all these things see I see them over here come on bring it oh let me push them onto your house don't leave them in the hole to be tempted leave push them up turn on the garbage or either but before you what a program because you don't be tempted right on the first day of the Pens co-teacher whatever that's what i do i do cinnamon tea and ginger root CMOS i do lemon lemon grass and tumeric peppermint or the other said problem eaten hydrate I know what I'm talking about I do some so making my loans he might do you might do some Ella Campion for your loans or you might do some garlic for your lungs or you might do some casts some cascara or you might do some dandelion root for the skin red clover for the skin Bora good for the skin and another purple violet leaf or echinacea for your lymphatic system because remember that when you are on the program you are cleaning your organs and you are draining the lymphatic system you are making food you come tin so your lymph system or lymph fluid could flow well and prevent lymphedema only our lymph limb format cancer of the lymphatic system right these things does that lots of teas as much as you want lots of juices lots of purified water alkaline water that I will talk alkaline water alum water for one you drinking alkaline water w tennis elephants every day she is an alkyl see this program for 21 days the member says that remain compatible so if you have any disease in your body there was a disappear if you have any tumor in your body it was at the disappeared it was see if you have high blood pressure it was a drug if you have the ability to show – if you have lupus you will see a drastic increase in the fortune – all eyes on the 21-day Miller says that no on the second deter and on the fourth day is the hardest days I'm just telling you what will happen to you now you are going to get headaches you're going to get bad breath your wedding a chocolate is skin you will see rashes on your skin you're going to get troubles with thinking you better get troubles with pain in your joints you will see lots of centers you're going to get very hungry but doors are a Center telling you that your body is releasing the amount of toxins that you retain over the years don't give up now you have to communicate together but on the fifth day on the sixth day I'm going to seven day you know what Bo food my moon you will feel what we know more because know your hands and your gland the nerve the brain they all function with C and you set the field great you set it feels strong and you find it there two months at the war when you fight it sugar let aside drop it you find out your pressure start dropping so what you have to do for me if you have high blood pressure when you on the program every day twice per day I want you to block your pressure now first thing in the morning last thing at night not get up if you want to program and you have diabetes I want you to lock the your sugar levels three times per day morning afternoon evening and you won't see your sugar level stop dropping because the pancreas which is the most active online in your digestive system Scott they respond to what you're doing they extra cream part of it because why because you're feeding your pancreas enzymes live enzymes to help you dominate the function of that particular game where you on the program your pituitary gland in your brain was not functional they're receiving from the hypothalamus gland to have the woman's ovaries to produce for natural homes so PCOS with status of care your period pain will start to disappear your bad circulation will go away you're gonna run a tea with doesn't disappear why because you're going on a new bus less back don't forget you on the 21st day on the program take a little razor and this gaseous kid and you can see your blood clot properly or if you have Caucasian skin you may see something like a green stuff that's telling that there were a lot of mucus in yourselves and mucus in your tissues so don't forget I got a program after the program reduces the family every six months I want you to take 21 days or 10 days and you go on a new process that and you will bankrupt the pharmaceutical companies and you will man who robbed the hospital because each one teach one you part the messenger blessed them give channel group every single day


  1. This man looks VERY UNHEALTHY, his Skin and Eyes look sickly.
    He is correct about cutting out white processed foods but he doesn't give any real list of fruits vegetable to use.

  2. Does anybody knows the ingredients for this amazing treatment please?
    If you need to help us all out could you kindly print the ingredients so that we can utilize your wisdom?
    Thank you and may God bless you.

  3. I adore your energy, and your honesty,that you are sharing with us all this knowlog without benefits, You are such great men, My Allah bless you and guide you to the right path πŸ™‚πŸ€²

  4. I suffered from an AVM deep in my brain and the doctors say that there is no Cure for it. Can you please create a Cure for this Disease Dr ?? A video will help They said my Blood Vessels were entagled when i was born from development. I just need help!

  5. Hope they don't try to get rid of him like they did to Dr Sebi and Nippsey… I wanna start this but idk where to start so help me out πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

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