The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone

– Yes. That’s where it is. Jack, did you do it? How deep was it? What’s up guys, Lew here,
back with another video. Today, I’ve got something
I’m very excited for, And I know you are very excited for too, because this is probably the most, the single most requested item in Unboxed Therapy history. This is the four dollar smartphone. Android smartphone, it’s running android, it has a touch screen, it’s four dollars. Alright? Let that sink in for a minute. When this thing got announced, I had my Twitter blowing up, it’s probably still blowing up. People are saying “Lew
get the four dollar phone! “We wanna see the four dollar phone, “is it real? Is it fake? “Does it exist?” This four dollar phone situation
is a little bit complicated because it turns out,
that the group selling the four dollar phone was
actually just rebranding a phone from somebody else and in some cases, reportedly, using Wite-Out
to switch the brand name. Are you kidding me? This is the original. This is, the knock off,
that got knocked off. Anyways, these things
are fresh in from India, and we’re about to find out what the hell a four dollar phone does. I have two of them, maybe win of these, I
guess I’ll give one away, I don’t know. Twitter, follow me on Twitter,
I’ll let you know more there. ADCOM, more than expect. Not expected. Expect. And it starts with an X. Do not accept it. The rest of the sticker is covered. I assume it says “if it’s
damaged” or something. Well, anyhow. Advantage Computers India, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, New Delhi. Well done. Runs Android 5.1 Lollipop. Four inch touchscreen , gig of ram, five megapixel rear camera. It all seems too good to be true. Dual SIM card slot. Alright, enough about the box. Let’s do the damn thing. Oh, I don’t even know how you get a box, like a box like this on
its own for four dollars. Here is the phone. OK, I mean it kind of feels like a toy. It kind of feels like
a small iPhone sort of? One thing I kind of like right now is the texture on the back of the device. Let’s see if it has any battery life. Or is the battery even
inside of it, hold-up. You probably have to install it. You do, ships with no battery inside. Look at this! Extra screen protector. Some headphones, micro USB. European power brick. How about the accessories. So the battery, not huge. 1500 milliamp hours. There we go, OK. The dual SIM card trays. Now you’re probably wondering, why would there be dual SIM card trays? I’m not complaining about it, but in certain places,
typically emerging markets this is a feature that’s in high demand for various reasons. You can actually keep two
phone numbers in here, so that’s a feature we don’t even see on a lot of premium phones. Also, microSD card slot
for storage expansion. Pretty surprising. (gentle music) That was abrupt. So, I’m guessing this is
not a fingerprint scanner down here, I think this is a pen mark. Like somebody drew with
pen on the inside of there. Look at that! Fairly quick. It’s got a bit of an iOS
type of vibe, skin to it. The browser looks like a Safari logo. The touchscreen, it’s got this weird vibe where it’s recessed quite a bit from the actual surface. Therapy, good. Wow, you know what, pretty snappy? Dare I say, for something
that is the cost of a toy. – [Lew] Did I switch to the creaky chair? What’s up guys, Lew here
back with another video – I mean I heard probably
worse speakers on phones that cost one hundred
times more than this. If it’s true, if you can find
this thing for four dollars, I just don’t understand
how you can compare it to what else is out there because, I mean you could drop this thing in a lake and not even be bothered. I mean, you pay more for your lunch. But, could I ask for more? I don’t know. It’s not a Galaxy S7 screen,
that’s for damn sure. But it’s getting the job done, I’m watching Unboxed Therapy right now. This is where things are going to get a little sketchy though, in the camera. Probably I’ll say once again,
better than I expected. So that looks more like a
painting than a photograph. I know it’s more complicated, because you got this wacko,
re-branding, Wite-Out on the name ADCOM for the company that’s selling this exact
phone for four dollars. So, who knows what kind
of sketchy business is going on. I mean I’m not saying that there is, but I’m not saying that there’s not. How they’re able to actually offer something like this for four dollars, because Jack can’t even have
a good time for four dollars. Trust me, he’s tried. I gotta say, if you need a phone and you’re short for cash,
I’m going to recommend it. Go get yourself a four dollar phone. It’s amazing, you’re on your phone and you’re shooting 4K. I remember when 4K was just a dream, and I used to read, word up magazine.


  1. Interesting. Where can you buy this now?
    interwebz says it's not available, and that it was a scandal and no one who purchased it actually got the phone, yet we see this video with someone who has the phone

  2. so that 4 dollar android smartphone suck when you play games that phone is great for bible and texting messaging and uploading i love that phone because it's only 4 dollars the other phone is 15 dollar they are not working perfectly i'm so lucky i see that in amazon and i buy it thank you unbox theraphy

  3. This phone shows what is wrong with the smartphone industry. All jokes aside, why does a f**ken 4 dollar phone have features 1000 dollar phones dont like actual dual sim not esim crap, sd card slot, removable battery, A HEADPHONE JACK.
    Its sad seeing Samsung also going down like with the Note 10 (they removed headphone jack).

  4. I would buy 100 units of this smartphone, go to a 3rd world country and give it to people who need it and cant afford a smartphone.

  5. I had this phone for two years and just got an iPhone 7.

    The phone wasn’t bad, the only thing that happened over time was the battery died faster and the system was slower by the first 1 1/2 I had it

  6. I might get one for my 8yr old sister I mean it’s small it has a nice design so I’m sure my sister won’t mind she thinks it’s an iPhone wonder if I can get a case for it

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