THE ADDICTION BEGINS! | Fortnite (Battle Royale) #1

morning Jiminy's my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to what's probably gonna be a very bad idea welcome to fortnight which I have played very very little of and any of the parts that I have played I have died very very fast I played five matches and I have gotten two shotgun eliminations that's about all I've done in this whole game so for herself I'm not very good at it but I want to get good at it because I see a lot of other people playing it and I see a lot of streamers playing I see a lot of these people who are very very good at it and I want to be one of those I want to get better at the game and I want to I want to learn the mechanics so there's a lot but I still don't know so if you're very good at this game my gameplay skills are probably gonna piss you off so if you want to train me and teach me I'm ready coach oh my girl she's so buff and ready to go I'm excited so I don't really know like the ins and outs of all the mechanics yet because well even coming from something like pop G which everyone compares the games to I was even very good at that so trying to learn trying to do the same type of game but having a few more things in it like crafting and building and destroying of buildings all that stuff over my head every time I'm getting shot at I forget that I can build stuff and then I die I've gotten some six shots after what happens if a jump-off eh boy can ha man you won't even let me kill myself Oh everybody else has really cool shit that realist looks like Knights Templars have their own pickaxe and everything I'm I'm Johnny normal bones over here all right from what I know going into these areas is probably going to be a very bad idea for me maybe so I don't want to go into any of them I want to go to a place that's on my own first and work my way into the fight rather than fighting right from the get-go cuz let's face it I'm gonna die and that's not fun imma go over here at the wailing woods I don't think anyone's gonna follow me over here cuz this is a bad place to go but at least then I can get my bearings and some weapons and everything but at least let me loot before you kill me let me loot before you shoot that's my motto for this game ah crap there's a dead dude just laughter there oh man now we gonna run away he's gonna kill me fucking he landed faster than I did how are you doing that oh god am I even going towards buildings Oh shite oh boy shark whatever okay at least they have a gun the fucking vest please I have something to help myself oh that's what that does I was wondering what the the circle showing up on things actually did it makes you do more damage and get more items right yeah I'm learning friend did you die on your own that'll be real neat oh okay at least I'm in the storms not gonna kill me Oh got myself a shield nice nice nice hey I'm in the top forty two players so not doing that badly ooh your chest oh I want a build to get up to it that's the wrong button hmm yeah fuck oh yeah baby oh hell yeah I've never had one of these oh I hope we get to use it couple go down in a blaze of glory Oh Blair Blair Blair Blair Blair Blair Blair okay fuck you dude come back here yeah dude I can't believe that worked holy crap okay what the fuck do you even have um I'm stuffing out a bunch of shit today don't even know fuck you cozy fire Oh dread let's pumping at least I got a kill I don't want to push him too quick I'm gonna shaft it from behind me I usually do I don't like it I don't like people bringing up the rear that's scary at least I'm in the top 20 of players I'm gonna take all my small victories that I can oh there's a guy up there fuck Chinna done that what is that sound don't know anything about this game you don't know where that shot came from do you boy good good god don't follow look at him look at him trained the sneak see what you're up to I see what you're up to I should partly be fortifying my own little area as well but I don't want you Oh keep taking your shots actually no don't if you could stop that would be fantastic okay don't get corporate the circle I've gotten caught by the circle many times in this game already in all of the rounds that I've played I think I've died to it twice and it's very embarrassing Oh holy balls oh I wish that that took him down that would have been amazing oh man I don't know what to do in these scenarios should I just fire a rocket at him bye-bye cover yeah made him run fun okay circle is way away hit'em fucking tree what these sounds are the fuck is a circle or man oh that's what that is is that a drop that's making that sound god it's suddenly such a noob I mean I am oh is that our friend oh fuck did I hit the tree okay whatever dude circles coming in I'm gonna have to oh shit oh shit didn't know what to do fucking drop some barriers dumbass oh I shouldn't give a shotgun I place 9th that's not too bad I'm gonna take that okay use my rocket well dude I hope you in well I guess not listen dude I was shooting it okay dude take my rocket I hope you win ha ha ha oh yeah I forgot that when you kill people in this it'll cut down I'm so used to watching people play squads and duo's see see smart that's what I should have been doing I'm just gonna spectate you guys have my own fun pressures off me now I don't have to win do at any Leon you got this nice I will say I do like that the game has movable cover and stuff like you're putting down your own cover like that such a neat mechanic it really just changes the whole battlefield by the end like everyone's in their own little forts based right to left that's that's the final guy over there are you gonna be able to do it Leon yeah yeah yeah I know a lot of you want to watch me play the game but I'm having a great time watching Leon right now oh the fights getting closer Sgt Leon gears up heels up and shields up Oh his opponent is down near the tree can he pull off an epic sniper shot that was very close he goes in for the pepper shots can he get any of them off no he's gonna he's gonna reload his right foot he's gonna get ready the other guy he's pushing in pushing into the circle TT Leon is gonna have to push in real soon right now Oh smart move by the other guy you know he's inside the circle and TT Leon has to come to him but we have faith and TT Leon cuz even spectating him for quite a while and we don't even know who the other guy is 15 seconds and TT Leon's gonna have to make a move inside Oh Leon Leon it's all falling apart man you keep trying to build but it's not gonna work he's shooting through your Cobra no problem they can move time TT Leon is down for the count that's fun oooh night time time whoa alright where are we dropping in I have no idea I don't know where the good places are I think over here is like good places that's usually where everyone's gonna drop yeah that's a lot of people please don't let anyone be near me where's the triangular hedges down there I picked a good spot is a very good spot so we are dropping faster than I'm not aware of oh oh oh okay you get the guns I'll just hit you here we go here we go what the shit they kill me like one shot oh man I think I'm on my own here maybe I could be wrong those two guys landed near me but not right next to me oh here just shits upstairs okay I don't know the fastest way up there would it be here yeah shit hey what are you giving me what do you give me whoa full shield nice there's a full shield isn't it drink drink up my boy okay no it's a 50% shield but so good another chest what the latest pickup I don't know what that is what do you do choke dog critical hit damage critical hit chance ooh range 3,000 okay full shield baby I got some good items out of this area okay wanna I want to stock up on this shit cuz I too want to be able to put down cool cover when people are shooting at me and cower in fear no I see you I see in through the window oh crap now I don't know what to do this is just on top of this as well my god this is a great area to land in yes fuck fuck run no no no oh Christ yeah bitch oh oh oh that scared the crap out of me I was I was full sure I was dead I should have died there whoa hurt want Barone's right what the hell does this do does this just bring me back up um yes oh my god you would Rockettes but you didn't actually have a rocket launcher okay oh I really want this thing can I can i haz okay nice nice so let me get rid of this okay well I'm just happy I'm getting kills okay I was worried that when they started playing this I wouldn't get any kills and it would just be me dying over and over again okay learning I'm learning as I go circles coming in now though so I'm gonna try and see if anybody comes in from that direction oh my god shots what am i doing fucking hit anything I feel like some of those shots should have landed oh yeah I fucking made up for it in the end that was a horrible display by me but I'll take it well yeah oh you've one of those fucking sugar bugs can't get rid of this shotgun and while I'm here let me get rid of this we don't have far to travel so I'm not going to lose that much health oh okay two kills okay how far do we have to go Oh molasses well we're running it through here what do we like it or not yeah people people fall in here already Oh people had a real good time in here Oh fire fights oh there's a guy up there okay I am I am piecing out over here seems very precisely that reason clowns to the left of me Joker's to the right Here I am stuck in the middle reviews ow ow ow ow I cannot hit anything with these guns oh-oh-oh drink up my friend drink up that magic juicy potion fuck he's stealing the circle up there really wait tomorrow City God look at this fucking dudes defenses Jesus okay I don't care about y'all I'm I'm getting the hell out of here because you guys are all gonna destroy me just like that oh stop stop oh my god they're everywhere there's someone else over there I don't know where but I need to get all the way over to the wailing woods use cover use cover look at me go well that fucking minigun what the fuck shit okay i'ma just take this now cuz I don't think I'm gonna get a chance any other time and I want to be maxed out before people get to me let's face it circles getting pretty small top six though it was fun only 20 shots in it so I wanted to want a scare these are rifle those oh shit Oh still like an idiot ah man top six stupid dumbass wait dude I could have at least made top five use my gear well my friend oh it was so good if I put down the trap you just walked straight in on the trap oh you got destroyed I mean so today but that king smiley is going for it he is building an absolute fortress right now but you mean he might as well he's in the circle so it was a good idea it's a good tactic it's all his strategy ha ha ha baited them now he knows the dudes over there ah smart we can I be like this I have you destroys the wall the whole thing comes down right yep they're dogs ah cool walking smiley oh baby what a shot oh he got shot out from below Oh King smiley wins the day ah good job dude huh everybody else jumps out at Chilton towers and greasy Grove and snobby shores where is the real players wait till the very end like pussy and get out at the whaling woods that's me by the way in case you haven't figured that out by now Oh Oh someone shooting at me oh stop okay where are you going I see you I see you I don't know what your don't your game plan is here bucko sixty five damage at once silenced pistol shot really all crap oh my god this thing is amazing shit fuck yes okay okay what do I want to get rid of yo yo yo yo yo okay we have a kill we're on the board we're ready to go we're not messing around that's a big ol circle change okay even round this oh god fine man I have not seen anybody for a while Oh circles close-knit oh go go go no shit don't get caught at the water that's stupid can you actually swim I can wait a little bit all right ouch that hurt I really should be using this one but it's gonna make me stand still for a while all right I want to get up a bit higher I'm gonna check the sitch and see what's going on anybody up here don't spook me nobody up here I'm all alone oh fuck oh God Oh from where and how and who always a big towered over there was it you mr. man did you shoot at me the tension man it's like a freakin horror game ow ow ow ow okay he's much better at that than I am I also have a bigger surface area to hit than he does I think this might to you or Finkel my boy whoa oh I think it can be a trap embarrassing hang me out to dry Hey came fifth these teabag me really wait what year is it dad's 2018 teabagging still a thing apparently whoa cigar mageddon holy fuck that's awesome okay maybe the guy in the tower won't win because everybody's out to kill here oh that's good oh you so dead bro oh are you so dead bro okay stupid student stupid student oh I saw him do the guys behind you at a rock back there that rock back there you didn't see him though did you oh you're gonna die dude one of them's up there and do the ones back to your left you can't hear me are you guys can risky moves Jesus Christ men whoa you were spotted fucking hell this dudes a beast stupid student stupid student we believe in you dude if only if he could hear me and I was just yelling at him all the time whoa whoa if you could hear me don't die oh he ran into it I am fate 2.0 with the rocket kill okay well I'm gonna leave this episode here that was fun I can definitely see how addictive this game can get and because it has a way faster pace and you get in and out of rounds really quickly and I don't know it's very very fun I like it a lot I think I'm gonna play a lot more of it just in my spare time so I can get better I didn't do too badly for a guy that's only played how many rounds ie I don't even know I like 10 rounds I was doing okay I got top 5 even though most of it was just hiding around and trying to figure out but I'm just hiding a kills man I did I never really got kills before I got like a couple and that was it but getting kills is fun so if any of you played this game a lot and you have any like tips or tricks for me in the comments I would love to read some of them because I do want to get better I need to get better at my my like barrier management whenever people start shooting at me I just figure oh I just start shooting back at them and eventually I kill them instead of thinking like ten steps ahead or I'm like okay build your lil fort and then shoot some kind of thing and some of the items I don't know what they do so I need to I need to get a little bit better on that but fun game for now thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face like ubers and hazel Road Shh [Applause] [Applause] you know it's called fortnight cuz they take me a fortnight to get decent done it


  1. Guys, I know the game is all over youtube right now. I know lots and lots of youtubers are playing it right now. I don't intend on uploading Fortnite content all the time and spamming it out. It's a game that's popular and I thought I'd try it out, I had fun and will likely play a bit more of it.
    It's incredibly disappointing to see so many people complaining about me doing ONE video on it just because lots of other youtubers are only uploading Fortnite content. I'm just trying to have fun

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