1. @victimoftemptation Glad u liked the vid ,it's quite an old one of mine as I dont use that programme anymore! I love Vampires/paranormal !!!

  2. nice video though this band remarkably has so many similar songs but this one sounds excellent with the apt song name It seems strange why humans are averse to Ghosts. Anyways keep bringing the shivers

  3. There's a 90's movie by this title starring Lili Taylor and Christopher Walken who both play vampires. Really good. Just a heads up to anybody who likes vampire movies but hasn't seen it.

  4. oh for any vampire and ballet lovers make sure you go and see Dracula The Ballet its AMAZING i saw it last week and i fell in love with it 🙂 awesome song by an amazing band and beautiful vocalist

  5. After all this time i still come back to this video for this version
    and I still Love it!!!
    Great Job

  6. Thanx u so much ,it's one of my older videos so I don't think it's very good but I'm glad u like it xxx

  7. Thank you,I've a letter from Sarah Jezebel Deva,she's really nice,I wish more people were aware of this band x

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