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[MUSIC PLAYING] How you been, girly? Hi. I’m fine. So the family’s getting
together at therapy. I really feel like
it’s some things that we all need to discuss. Hi, [INAUDIBLE]. Hi, everybody. How y’all doing? SHAVONNE: The last time we were
all together was at the pool. And it was a little tense. I know that Naomi
was the most annoyed. So if it’s anybody I’m going
to have tension with today, it’s Naomi. I have never been
to group therapy. I do think a lot
of good can come from it, if everyone comes with
an open mind and an open heart. I know a couple of you
have regained some weight. This is about how to help
you to get back on track. And it’s also about how
to help you, Shavonne, in terms of what to expect. I’m not here to read
any of you the riot act, or anything like that. I’m here as best as I
can to have your backs, and get you to the place
that you want to get. So if you think about
things over the past year, what would you say have been
the circumstances that have kept you from being as
successful as you would like with your weight loss? So we’ll start
with you, Chitoka. I’m not eating
the wrong foods. I’m just eating a lot of foods. I find myself
mindlessly grazing. But also, procrastination. What do you mean? Can you provide a specific
example of something that you’ve done that you
know that you’ve put it off? Being more active
in my home, knowing– having noticed I’m able to
do more, and not doing more. Mine is what I’m
eating is not healthy. Mindless is just
the perfect word. Like, it was just not thinking. We’re learning. We’re at a point
where if we want to lose weight, everything we
do, we have to be more mindful. And my issue is
what I was eating. It was what I was eating. DR. STEPHEN RITZ: And what
Dr. Proctor was saying is your life just doesn’t
depend on this surgery. Your life depends on what
you do with the surgery.


  1. The long term odds of success for those who’ve had weight loss surgery is very slim. This is something they’re gonna need to battle all of their lives. I wish them the best of luck.

  2. Dam she's FAT yeah a model for fat close moo moos or for food or even paint supplies like spray guns and paint because it probably takes a gallon or so to put her makeup on

  3. They are a wonderful family and I hope their lose weight and live life. I'm trying to lose pounds too

  4. Как можно себя довести до такого состояния????? 😳

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