The Anxiety of Celeste and its Music | Game Score Fanfare


  1. Overall great video! To be honest, I always associated stressed with distress. It was neat learning about eustress and it’s relationship with distress and with video games.

  2. I have never heard anyone mention Eustress before so you definitely taught me the existence of a whole another term on top of your wonderful analysis

  3. This is a neat video and I'm really enjoying it so far, but just wanted to share some constructive criticism: in the audio you have a pretty high amount of "wet mouth noises". There are a number of "home remedies" and advice online for reducing this, which would likely improve the quality of the listening experience.

  4. This game looks amazing, and I think I'd like it because it of it's art style too, similar to Terraria and Starbound

  5. I have never played Celeste before. I have a major anatomy test tomorrow. It is currently 1 AM. I definitely just watched this whole thing.

  6. this game is my favorite game so far, absolutely no other game is better for me now lol, so worth to play it

  7. “Gentle steady drum beat”
    It’s just the vapor toxicity currently popularized.
    And flow is only capable for highly challenging activity by highly skilled individuals. The people of the world, the majority, those who listen to these chill beats, these are the “mummies”. Not very good at anything yet with a burdening task at hand and needing to cope. Aka the numbing of true growth.

  8. This vid is almost a year old, I first watched it when I had just heard about Celeste and it introduced me to the game's music. I'm playing the game today and enjoying it w/ my brother. 🙂

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