The Anxiety Sandwich | Jaltoid Animation Teardown

hey guys today we are doing a deep dive of our animation a struggle of anxiety I keep calling it subway because it's subway alright y'all I got a quick disclaimer about this video and the origins of its secretion okay so I have a diagnosed anxiety and social anxiety and this was based on an actual issue I had before I couldn't order anything I couldn't order anything from myself my anxiety was so bad I couldn't order anything for myself and and my anxiety was so bad I was like cry sometimes because I just couldn't do it and I was so scared of being judged and everything and so there was one time we went to Subway I was doing a little bit better it wasn't that much better clearly and I was just trying to order myself and I'm always really quiet and they have to ask me to repeat myself they kept putting the wrong things on my sandwich and I just let it happen because I'm not gonna correct him I'm just gonna fucking deal with it I'm just gonna have a shitty sandwich and I'm it's all my fault because they wouldn't correct it and some people were like you're just trying to making Jaheim quirky you don't actually haven't IV that is called being shy as a form of entertainment now everyone does it blastmon he got hold on I want to pause for a moment okay we got so much shit for what is just normal in the animation community now like lazily telling stories doing basic ass character designs we would do that sometimes and most of the times we'd over complicate things because anytime we would simplify the process we get yelled at we should have just fucking stuck with yeah I just wanted to tell my my tale of how anxiety did not let me order the sandwich I want it and it didn't have to be a big serious subject you know I just anxiety just fucked over my sandwich now was it okay so yes this is my tale of woe if you haven't seen this video click the annotation on screen now we are about to ascend into the deep dive or decent actually oh my god that's my regular subway order yeah can I get a BM we ordered our actual sandwiches yeah I think we did and this was based off of the subway at you know like this is specifically the subway by our house if you looked out the window this is a bank this is the Little Caesars is the post office that's next no there there's like this weird shop next to the Little Caesars there's yeah boy I didn't get all the details obviously but there's a strip mall over here the Little Caesars the store next to it yeah I mean obviously there's some details missing there's this subway a pretty sure I actually traced this parking lot you might have and I just missed some of the details cuz like you can tell like it's like this crop right here now also I want to look at the items yes the buffet you could say okay we got your ham we got your turkey you pointed to all the wrong ones but that's okay we got ours but ham and turkey ok ham is the more pink one turkey is this either that one or the one by me no that's that's provolone there's holes in it oh that's yeah it's supposed to be cheese yeah you couldn't talk about all this goddamn detail that we put in for no fucking reason I feel like you were doing a lot of stuff and there wasn't much that we needed to you so I just went all out on detail for no reason because I just had the time like look at the flowers and shit look at the fucking background the fucking people are complaining that we like reuse character assets but that was really hard it wasn't as easy as people thought it was this was an incredibly detailed animation yeah after a while our storyboards were very graceful as are you saying I'd like a BMT yeah why would do we write that story part it's like it's super important why do you okay are you ready to order oh my bro we basically just like make this guy like really like uncomfortable to work with this guy was just supposed to be awkward it's kind of like a dad it's got pens how detail that's more detail than you probably need the green like subway this is how I used to do character animation I just put one character into a symbol and just made it swap between the scenes and since like everything was all streamlined into this one section all I did was anytime you shown up on screen I would puff the symbol up at the right keyframe I really did repeat shit and my head to be sure that I ordered the right thing I I don't take subway that seriously I just remember what I have to say and I just really yeah I don't have to repeat shit in my head and I still do hey look look we didn't animate the elbow the pelvis mean any word I think that's like really funny so many people don't really notice about some animation is that they don't always finish it off screen so what you see I mean you're not gonna know you know yeah you'll never know that this is a floating arm by watching the video but this is totally just a floating on no elbow this guy don't need it this guy can't be viewed from this angle essentially okay going to that bread I worked very hard got all the circles I use and Oh pets item oh my god would you like that toasted oh no thank you isn't for the toaster it goes oh fuck that fucking fuck that listen I said no thank you and the fucker put it in the toaster yeah that was real that really happened I said no and it got toasted oh my god that one hand isn't even visible like nobody would have ever seen those hands why did we make those hands I don't know I remember this scene specifically because we were being approached home cut by yatta to do some animations and they wanted to charge us way more for this little scene here than we could afford afford like we're at least is justify for a YouTube animation so we just like did it ourselves looks fine I mean it kind of doesn't fit in the style that well no but it's quick it's fine I mean it plays like literally just for this is how the poster it goes like nobody really knows my fucking face I remember always just like I always get kind of like frustrated with you you purposefully let the sandwich get matte messed up then you get mad all day like just say so I wouldn't really get mad all night I remember getting mad on that I think you just made that up no it didn't you get so upset about it ah you cry oh not a single moment in this video is there a sandwich in front of this guy we didn't leave space he just like fucking making up a sandwich just out of nowhere he's pulling anything else on that can I get some light onion and lettuce please tomatoes got it fucking sandwich is it fucking tomato are you two together look it's a youtube animator you're a super YouTube man you said this before that's why we don't have the last seat oh this is incomplete this file I don't think I have a finished file I always have this problem where I would have the dr. calamitous issue where I could only finish the file and then export it and I'd forget to save it but I have a nearly complete file but I never said that we just included that for this video ok turn back holy shit oh yeah the shadows I forgot our shadows like I don't think anyone ever mentioned in the history of our channel the shadow work we used to do I think that's cuz it blend into the blended into the scene so well this is one of those things in flash that most people don't really know how easy it is to do so the shadowing work is probably one of our most overlooked details and I will show you guys how like it's like it's probably the easiest part of the whole assembly so you see this guy here he's just talking but I mean like look we have the shadow angled with everything and I'm telling you it's easy the most important thing to mention first is your character animation has to be in its own symbol for this to work if it's not its own symbol it's either harder to do or like impossible so the first thing you do is you take this frame and you just duplicate it to the shadow layer and then after that you put this new graphic about where you're gonna want it you want to shrink it down just I know it look stupid at first but shrink it down a little bit because the shadow is casting I'm sort of trying to line it up with the bottom of the counter here like this section so once you have that it'll look kind of goofy like this but it's about to get way more interesting so if you hit this button here you can edit multiple frames lock literally all the other layers but that one with the shadow then you highlight this section press f6 and now you have all these key frames and now what you do with the edit multiple frames on you drag it out to your sequence where all the shadows are press ctrl a to highlight all those frames your computer might lag here then after that press control B a couple times or a bunch of times control B that breaks the graphics apart again this will lag your computer alright now that everything is broken apart simply set it to black or an off black color I'm gonna go with like a really dark red and then set the op the up oh yeah set the Alpha of the new color down to 25 now we're pretty much done with the shadow part post you can see that now there's a shadow behind on that it moves with the character oh you're probably wondering how the fuck do you get the angle now that again is like super super easy so all you do is you put that edit multiple frames back on highlight the character animation around where the angle starts so I highlight half of it and I just skew this part down like this and now there's the angle and then what I want to do now is I can bring this back up and do that for this section so now he just looks like he's tall I can cast a height a high shadow or a low shadow I can do whatever I want here so I can control the shadow like that and then bang that's it today I learned super simple flash to Tokyo's look at your sandwich compared to mine beauty and beauty of the bees you know a lot of people said that they got that sandwich after this video and it tasted good I bet it wasn't a bad sandwich you just didn't taste wasn't what I fucking ordered anyway guys if you want to see more videos just like this one click on-screen now we have some really cool content like this we dive into a lot of our ol animations yeehaw also you should check out chopped Telecom slash shop we're gonna be revamping everything getting new designs retiring old designs make sure you check it out and see if you want anything and we'll see you in the next video


  1. I have all my regular orders for restaurants in an app I installed for notes so I can pull it up and they read it and make my stuff

  2. I deeply relate to that scenario. I for some reason receiving an order from a waiter, could NOT ask for ketchup with my fries and tenders.

  3. It’s interesting how views on certain animation techniques are more appreciated now compared to how they used to be.

  4. It's strange to hear how much shit you got for your animations in the past. I always thought they were one of the best things I've ever found.

  5. When I was in high school a few years back I was going to use that video for my "anxiety" presentation in psychology. Overall as someone with anxiety I enjoyed the animation. I found it accurate and funny :3 People tend to put mental illness in a serious dark tone (although necessary at times) but sometimes what actually helps us deal with it is light hearted, quirky humor, it makes our illnesses feel less scary and dominating.

  6. I remember when i was in kfc and i had the exact same moment, and i asked for a cookie but they thought i said coffee…i did correct them though in the end-

  7. Fun fact though- this animation made me realised that I may have anxiety and now I'm diagnosed with it 😂

  8. I feel like people are just mean to animators period. Its not fair, so sorry you guys got treated badly. ;-;
    And don't worry I feel the same way as you do.

    Funny thing when I first saw this animation I didn't really much know what anxiety was at the time until finding out way later I had it, so that's my story about that.

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