The BENEFITS of CBD Oil For Anxiety! | 6 Months On CBD! Side Effects?

hey guys I am so happy to finally be making this video today because it's been a long time coming I have been consistently taking CBD oil for the last six months I'm always posting it on my Instagram people are always messaging me asking questions about it so I thought it's finally time to make a video and share my personal experience the benefits that I have experienced myself using CBD oil I'm just also going to share all of the knowledge that I've acquired myself over the last several years because even though I've been taking it for six months I have done a lot of personal research on CBD and you know just medical marijuana in general before you get scared off by by that that right there CBD oil is not something that gets you high it is part of the plant the hemp plant all of that but CBD itself is the non psychoactive component meaning no it will not get you high which is one of the main questions I've always asked no CBD does not get you high it is THC in that plant that gets you high the CBD is completely non psychoactive actually the brand Seoul CBD oil the one that I've been using for six months now has no THC however many CBD oils do contain THC this one however Seoul CBD does not have any THC before I get into my like official testimonial I had been wanting to try out CBD for years like I said I've done a lot of personal research myself but when Seoul CBD came out I knew personally that that one was for me specifically because the founders mike lee and angie lee they are brother and sister i had been following them well particularly angie lee for all of you who messaged me saying how much I've inspired you and helped you with your life angie is who does that for me angie is who I go to and listen to a podcast for inspiration and I have been listening to her for about a year now so as soon as she announced that her brother Mike and her were coming out with their own line of CBD that's when I was like okay I'm supporting them I love everything that they're about they're honest shoutout to my candy you guys are so cool I like how this is supposed to be about CBD but I'm just like going off about Angie and Mike I love you guys but they're just awesome so I had to support them Mike himself is a professional like world-class boxer and he started getting into CBD for pain and the fact that he is a world-class boxer like like I said you you won't fail a drug test because there's no THC in it so him being a professional athlete completely fine for him to take so he takes it for pain Angie like myself we both deal with anxiety so she started taking it for anxiety so yeah it worked for them both for different reasons so they came together brother and sister power team and they created seoul CBD and like i said i just really wanted to support them and so as soon as they came out with it i bought it i started out with the 500 milligram orange tincture right now I have the 1500 milligram CBD peppermint zero THC as it says right there this is probably I don't know my fourth or fifth bottle of it and I love it actually I haven't had my dosage today so I will actually show you right now before I get into my whole you know experience with how it's helped my anxiety so you can see how I take it I'll take this every day just take a dropper of it I'd put it under my tongue I hold it for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds I won't make you sit here for that long so we'll cut to Annette times over good to go so Mike and Angie are both very aware of how much I love them in their company and they had noticed how much I was always sharing about this on Instagram so they have offered me a 10% off code which I'm really happy about I just got that the other week finally after like talking about so much so if you want to try out their CBD you can use the coat an e 10 all caps an e 10 app checkout just enter the code in you'll get 10% off your purchase I will link the website down below I highly recommend taking that offer up so my personal experience with CBD like I said anxiety is something that has just been something that I've dealt with pretty much my whole life and I know so many people can say the same thing like I think it's just like a human condition thing well I actually have a DD or ADHD or whatever you want to call it and anxiety is something that just kind of goes with having that so that is why I wanted to start using CBD oil so that's what I did I got the CBD oil and I think I started out with the orange 500 milligrams shout-out to the orange flavor that is my favorite so I would take that before bed and I did notice when I wake up in the morning I felt like way more rested like I got really good sleep quality compared to before that and I was like okay this is great still feeling it out and that first whole month of taking CBD I was like I'm honestly not sure if it's the CBD that's working or if I'm just having a really good month emotionally because that first month I felt really good and productive and calm and and driven like honestly I was like is this just a really good month I'm having or is it the CBD because I'm not quite sure at all after that month when I had ran out within a week noticed all of a sudden I was feeling super anxious again just like I had always been feeling before that and then I was like wait maybe my month felt so good because the CBD oil was actually working like shocker so of course right away I went and ordered more and started taking it again and guess what once I started taking it again I felt chilled out and the anxiety like dissipated actually during that second month I had an issue where my Adsense and YouTube were hacked I didn't tell you guys this but I had $2,000 stolen from me from my YouTube I normally would have been freaking out and panicking and like falling apart I swear because I felt leveled out and that my anxiety levels were lowered in that situation I was able to think calmly and rationally and instead of freaking out like oh my gosh this sucks I was able to think rationally and think okay it's Google Google's not just going to let this happen they're going to reimburse me and they did reimburse me obviously regardless if I freaked out or not they would have reimbursed me but it saved me the pain and the anxiety of freaking out from that whole ordeal so that was able to help me in that high-stress situation which was awesome also just in general whenever I don't take my CBD or I run out or you know there's a gap in between when I have it to when I get the next order of it I've noticed the anxiety once again creepin on in so that's how I know it's working for me I have had other situations where I've had pain and it's helped me with my pain like for example I don't get a lot of headaches but I got a really bad like migraine headache and I took the CBD and it took the headache away pretty quickly I've also had situations where I've had friends who've had headaches or my sister-in-law she had a migraine which I guess she gets all the time gave her CBD and for my friend and my sister-in-law they both experienced that headache pain migraine pain go away there's also been situations where my friends have had like panic attack or hard life situations and they're like a ball of stress and I'm like hey have some CBD they take it and then within like 15 minutes or so they're like wow I think I think that's working I'm doing a lot more calm and for myself in general just a few weeks ago this is one of the biggest coolest things that I can say about the CBD oil for me I woke up in the middle of the night like three or four in the morning with a full-blown anxiety attack I took a full dropper of my 1500 milligram CBD oil and within ten minutes no jokes not even ten minutes I would say probably five minutes personally I was calm I was just sitting there and all of a sudden I was like wait I I can breathe again I feel good I'm okay and that was the coolest thing for just in honestly five minutes for it to take away an anxiety attack that was the coolest CBD moment just moment in general that I had personally experienced like wow this stuff is freaking powerful of course CBD is not going to change your life circumstances it's not going to change your thought patterns necessarily but it is going to take away that extra edge of pressure and you know that that tense feeling that you get when you have anxiety it's gonna take that away which makes it way easier to think more clearly like I said it's not it's not just like a magic thing that it's gonna fix your entire life like you still have to clearly work on things in your life if you you're having a tough time but that tense anxiety feeling it's going to like really heat lessen that and make you feel much more at ease actually here's a little bit of scientific studies about CBD like I said I've done a lot of research so these studies have not been going on very long actually a lot of doctors didn't even study this in school because it's such a new thing but in the 90s they discovered that all mammals have an endo cannabinoid system that's really hard to say all males have an endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors well CBD is a cannabinoid meaning our bodies have these receptors that are perfectly like made and compatible with CBD like there are so many natural foods and minerals and vitamins that are compatible with our bodies and our bodies need those well CBD is a cannabinoid and our bodies happen to have cannabinoid receptors meaning when you take the CBD you know it comes in contact with that and it just like fits together like a puzzle and levels you out like it's made for our bodies and for so long science and doctors and all that world they weren't giving any thought into this whole thing when our bodies literally have something that is meant to connect with cannabinoids isn't that crazy does that make any sense to you I highly recommend you research your endocannabinoid system and how it it works with the CBD oil actually on the website for the sole CBD they have a ton of articles and so much information on it so I highly recommend reading up through them because that's like a great resource I'm trying to think of other questions like it people ask how much you should take I read that there's no set amount for each person but Mike and Angie suggest starting lower and just working your way up and see what feels best for your body you can't overdose on it but obviously you also don't want to be wasteful I personally started by taking one dropper full of the 500 milligram CBD oil but I now use the 1500 milligram I discovered that this is actually a much better deal to do the 1500 milligram even though the price is more this bottle actually has 90 servings because in the 500 milligrams where you use a full dropper for one serving a serving size of this is a third of a dropper so if you only use a third of this dropper you'll get the same potency as a full dropper of the 500 milligrams so if you want to dose it like that there are technically 90 servings in this meaning this will last three months whereas the 500 milligrams lasts one month but you want to dose it based off of how it feels to use sometimes I will take half a dropper or a full dropper depending on my anxiety levels that day or like when I was having a full-on anxiety attack like I thought I should take more because you know the feelings were more intense one cool thing about seoul CBD because there's zero THC in it they can ship to any state in the United States so if you live in the u.s. you can get it you can order it you can go to their website they can send it to you however if you live in a different country I'm sorry that is just not possible at the moment because there are so many different laws around that plant it's so crazy it's this plant that can do so much good for so many different reasons yet there's so much controversy in different places for it when it does so many good things of course there might be a difference in the THC part even though there are plenty of medical uses for that as well but the fact that CBD doesn't get you high if there's still issues around it in different places that blows my mind and that's really sad oh people were asking how it tastes soeul CBD their flavors taste like pure like the orange taste like citrusy orange lemon lime taste like citrusy 11 lime the peppermint just tastes like peppermint so all those flavors are good it doesn't taste humpy or anything like that okay some of the other questions is this a sponsorship or did you discover it on your own like I said I discovered this on my own but they did give me a discount code because they appreciate how much I love their products and how much I share it so you're welcome 10% off an e 10 do you have to take it every single day for it to be as effective I would say yes you should be taking it every day just like different supplements and and vitamins you're supposed to take every day to keep things level and regulated same with CBD you should yeah if you want it to have the full effects you should be taking it every day how do you know about it and what time do you use it I already told you how I know about it I started out using it before bed and I did notice it was giving me really good sleep however I now use it right before I start my day like after I work out but before I start working just to keep me level in the middle of the day some people will take half a dose at night and half a dose in the morning though it just depends just as long as you're taking it every day someone asked can it help with long-term pain I have only used it for like headaches which is a pain and yes it work for that but I have heard other people who do use it for pain who have great things to say and that it works for them but with that being said I think that is the main pointers that I want to get across to you I really hope that this video was helpful and I really hope it opened up some of your eyes to maybe trying it out if you deal with pain or anxiety if you live in the u.s. definitely give Sola CBD a shot I love the product I love CBD in general but I love their brand their company like it I honestly feel like passionate about the subject it gets gives me like goose bumps and and tingles just thinking of how great it's been for me and the fact that it might help some of you if you feel inclined to give it a shot as well I will link soul CBDs website down below make sure to enter the code Annie 10 all caps Annie 10 when you check out and you can get 10% off highly recommend the orange 1500 milligram tinctures they also have other CBD products like CBD for your pets or joint pain cream just different things bath bombs with CBD in them check it all out if you have any questions at all leave them down below I will do my best to answer them with the knowledge that I have and through my experience but yeah that's all thank you so much for watching and huge thanks to Mike and Angie like your product has helped me so much and I just hope that it can help more people and we can all benefit from this and you know live a little more stress and anxiety and pain free wouldn't that be great but that's all I have for you guys today I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you soon with anyone bye guys


  1. There are so many other things that CBD is used for such as depression, bone health, seizures, glaucoma and much more! Also, you can’t overdose on it… you could drink a whole bottle of it and it would not hurt you, yet you can overdose on Tylenol and most other over the counter/prescription drugs… isn’t that insane?!

  2. just've been on their site and read the ingredients, first, it doesn't say the percentage of actual CBD, it could be 4% or 10% so people can choose, second their CBD is isolate and not the full spectrum, what MCT oil they use, then I couldn't find any information how the CBD oil was extracted, the process is important. I am glad you like it but i wouldn't buy it.

  3. I got into a bad car accident that tore both my legs off. Luckily I had some CBD oil in the car with me. I didn't go to the hospital, instead I put a few drops on my leg stumps then reconnected my legs. Everyday I'd put a few drops of CBD oil on my injured legs and within 2 weeks I was back up and walking again totally pain free.

  4. I think CBD is snake oil, here's my evidence why….I used to smoke and grow high quality hydroponic weed- G13, white window, high yield indica strains,make hash, etc…..It obviously has both high THC and CBD in it. Weed does very little to me to ease any type of major pain…Funny thing is, many people claiming weed & CBD oil helps their pain also take kratom for pain..If weed and CBD oil worked so great on their pain why do they need the kratom? Me I take kratom for pain problems because like I said, weed don't do shit for my pain.. Same with alcohol you/I'd have to be super stoned or super drunk for it to take the edge off the pain and by then you're way too stoned or drunk to function…I ingested both CBD and THC at the same time when smoking quality weed=little to nothing for pain….
    Next experiment, wild hemp grows everywhere around here, low to 0 THC but all the other CBD chemicals …It does nothing for my pain either, I can pick full grown mature hemp buds in the fall full of mature seeds on them and eat 4 ounces of it, in a hemp salad plus smoke a bunch and it won't do shit for my pain…So I have a very hard time believing all this hype about CBD oil.. Also notice when someone says it didn't work for them, people instantly say,"Oh you didn't try the right kind and got some cheap low quality stuff"….Also notice these videos are mostly advertisement videos with links saying buy this type of CBD and use my CODE for 10% off….
    The only possible way I feel I could be wrong is if they're concentrating the CBD of say, 50 full grown hemp plants into one little vial. So you're getting a HUGE dose of CBD that you wouldn't get from eating a 1/4 pound of fresh hemp…But if they're using 50 hemp plants to make one vial then it wouldn't be profitable…If I buy a vial and say it doesn't work everyone will say, "I didn't buy the right kind and there are many rip off CBD oils out there"….lol

  5. I just started using SOUL cbd oil about a month ago and it has been amazing! Thank you for sharing this video! 💕


  7. Can anyone actually using THC free CBD oil, is there a way to test the oil at home to make 100% sure it's not mislabeled or contaminated?

  8. Very interesting! YES – do not follow free CBD on Line .. They will ask for credit card to pay $5. postage to ship tiny bottle – Then soak your card for $ dolar each month..So u cancel but they got $85. of your money ..probable for crap. So my health store small bottle CBD cost be $38. ..used 3 times under tongue and it hurt my gut for gut pain Do not use maybe there CBD is least it had that marijuana smell to it? So next i will buy a cheap vaborizor ? try in haling it or buy medical grass and smoking it..must try getting in me thru lungs..IF it real is a pain killer for me guts..ha ha or waste of $$$$$$$$

  9. Is it water based or oily? My husband has a cbd oil that is oily and hates it. I am using one that is water based and I love it. Curious to try this one.

  10. It's really aggravating when you are trying to check a product out & they make you put your email address in before you can see anything. I'm not putting it in so I won't be considering buying this product.

  11. I am much more comfortable doing daily activities after adding adding this to my morning routine

  12. CBD oil is the best for anxiety ! If anyone is ready to try organic CBD oil I would highly recommend this product, you honestly will not regret it ! 🙂

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