The BEST Cancer Fighting Foods

Do you know what the best cancer diet
for women is? Well let me show you! While there’s no specific diet that can treat cancer, there are specific nutrients found in specific foods with an
anti-cancer connection we’re going to explore a list of nutrients and the
foods that are rich in those cancer fighting nutrients then we’re gonna nail
down the best cancer diet for women now the best cancer diet prevention strategy
is to utilize nutritional strategies that have been shown to favorably affect
gene expression because it’s your DNA that gets mutated and becomes cancer so
whatever nutrients actually protect your DNA and help your DNA express health
rather than mutation that’s what we’re going for one of the simplest ways to
protect your DNA against cancer is to optimize your intake of vitamin D now
you get vitamin D from the Sun you make four thousand international units for
every 15 minutes spent in the Sun that’s about 80% of your body exposed to the
Sun without sunscreen basically it’s sunbathing in a bathing
suit if you cannot get that much sun exposure for whatever reason then you
can take vitamin D as a supplement but the food that has the most vitamin D in
it it’s not milk that vitamin D is d2 which is not the type of vitamin D that
human bodies need we need deep 3 the best source of vitamin D is stadi fish
actually the skin of fatty fish like salmon skin now I know a lot of people
don’t eat the skin of fish but it’s really good for you that’s where you get
the most vitamin D that’s where we get it to make supplements daddy fish or
from when consuming the right foods can really make a difference in preventing
at least 90% of cancers so let’s explore the other nutrients the second nutrient
is beta carotene beta carotene is the active plant form of vitamin A and it
plays a vital role in supporting your immune system and may prevent certain
types of cancer where you get the most carotene our bright orange vegetables
like carrots and bright orange squash the third nutrient is called B glue
great D glue great helps promote the healthy detoxification of estrogen and
carcinogens reducing the risk of cancer the foods that are rich in D click rate
are berries citrus and stone fruits like apricots and peaches they have the
little stones in them nuts and beans squash and melons and cruciferous
vegetables now remember cruciferous vegetables are the stinky ones like
broccoli cauliflower kale Brussels sprouts
we’re going to hear a lot more about those the fourth nutrient is folic acid
if you don’t get enough folic acid in your diet your cells genetic structure
becomes damaged and if the cells read damaged genetic information and then
reproduce that’s called a mutation and cancer can
develop your best sources of folic acid are beans and whole grains folic acid is
found in the outer fibrous surface of the grain not in the starchy inner part
of the grain so white flour and white rice they don’t count
number five is polyphenols polyphenols are plant-based antioxidants that
possess anti-cancer and tumor fighting properties by far the richest source of
polyphenols are in spices like cloves peppermint and star anise cloves have a
whopping 15 thousand milligrams per 100 gram of spice now of course you’re not
going to eat that red spice but using the spice in your diet can be an
excellent way of getting that extra polyphenols that you need and cocoa
comes in second place with 3,500 milligrams for a hundred grams of cocoa
powder which is fantastic news for us dark chocolate lovers you’re probably
not going to eat that much cocoa either but adding dark chocolate and cocoa into
your diet has protective effects against cancer and third are our purple berries
blueberries blackberries purple grapes pomegranates
rich in polyphenols and black chokeberries they are by far the richest
in polyphenols polyphenols can be found in non berry foods as well like nuts and
beans including soy beans but black beans have more vegetables and black and
green tea not herb tea and red wine the six nutrient is ligands ligands are
phytoestrogens that function like antioxidants a study found that in
premenopausal women whose diets contain the most ligands they were 34 percent
less likely to get breast cancer than women whose diets have the least amount
of ligands the super star of ligands are flaxseed they are the richest source by
far other good sources include other seeds like pumpkin and sunflower poppy
sesame whole grains like rye oats barley bran beans and fruits particularly
berries and some vegetables now here are some superfoods that have been studied
to prevent and treat cancer fatty fish fatty fish includes salmon mackerel
anchovies and they’re rich in essential nutrients and B vitamins potassium and a
mega 3 fatty acids which help to protect yourself one study found that people
whose diets were high and fish had a 53% lower risk of colorectal cancer than
those who had very little fish in their diet
legumes legumes are beans peas lentils and they’re so high in fiber that they
help to protect you against developing colon cancer plus legumes are also rich
in other nutrients and heaven anti-cancer properties
now nuts nuts all nuts exhibit cancer preventing properties but scientists
have studied walnuts more than any other type of nut walnuts contain a substance
which the body metabolizes into something called urine lithium they bind
to ester and may play a role in preventing breast
cancer cruciferous vegetables here they are again the stinky vegetables contain
a beneficial compound called solo frame which inhibits cancer cell growth plus
cruciferous vegetables are rich in ic3 indels that help your body metabolize
estrogen safely to protect you against breast cancer and of course we talked
about flax seed ground flax seeds contains soluble fiber the rich and
alpha linoleic acid which is a form of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and are the
richest source of ligands in 2000 the very first human flaxseed breast cancer
study showed that women with breast cancer when they added 25 grams of
buxley to their diet for about 38 days they had to reduce tumor growth it was
similar to the benefits seen with the drug tomasa
did you know we have conversations about the best foods to eat about your
particular hormonal issues and our hormone support group join us by signing
up for your free hormone review training now that we’ve explored the best cancer
fighting foods and new trans what does the best cancer diet for women look like
let’s take all the facts that we put together and create a diet that’s doable
first you’re going to aim for nine to ten servings about a half cup each of
colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day do you eat that
much now if not it’s time to start try to include a cup of dark green
vegetables and a cup of orange vegetables and always include a cup of
berries daily plus three to five servings of cruciferous vegetables per
week have the best cancer preventive second eat fished two to three times a
week as a source of growth rich source of self protective omega-3 fatty acid
and great protein third eat theme including soybean products three times a
week to take the place of red meat and as a rich source of folic acid fiber and
assorted beneficial phytonutrients and fourth eat nuts especially walnuts daily
a serving is about a quarter of a cup of pence fifth unless you’re trying to lose
body fat to lower get your cancer risk which is really important then eat two
to four servings of whole grain foods each day five food groups
that’s all this diet is pretty simple to follow and what you’re gonna notice
about it it’s not white or beige it’s really colorful you’re going for color
and try not to eat the same foods all the time
and try to eat organic foods and as fresh as possible I’ll see you in the
next video


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