The BEST EDIBLE PLANTS GUIDE- Free Food and Medicine Worldwide guide

if you walk outside your door right now and look at the plants around your house do you have any clue which plants are edible after a lifetime of research in over three years of putting this together I have created what I believe to be one of the most foundational books for living on planet Earth most human beings have lost touch with nature so much they have no clue anymore how to survive on their own did you know wild plants are some of the most powerful food in medicine you could ever have every living thing on earth has a purpose even the toxic plants you just need to know which purpose they serve in an emergency you need to know this if you want to seriously improve your health you need to know this if you have no more money for food or medicine you need to know this this is a book no household should be without this isn’t just about plants you might see in a forest somewhere I’m talking about the begonias in your window the grass in your yard the tree on the corner and the weeds coming through the cracks let’s take common grass did you know you can make tea out of it that’s right grass tea is used as a diuretic for kidney stone prevention urinary inflammation and continence expelling worms hemorrhoids skin conditions like rash it’s also used for lung conditions like bronchitis colds fever infections the roots can be chewed as a licorice tasting food or made into a flower and are used for digestive and stomach issues that’s right yeah grass it’s insane what people don’t know this weed is one of the most nutritious delicious greens there is even better than spinach it was used a long time ago by farmers to fatten up their livestock you probably have ten different things growing within walking distance of your house right now that are great healthy non caffeine coffee substitutes plants that help you quit smoking plants that help you lose your desire for alcohol and detox your body while they’re at it what plants are a good substitute for milk or beer or even root beer what plants make a good perfume which ones are good repellents for ants moths and mosquitoes what common weed makes an awesome shampoo and so which plant makes a soap for delicate fabrics that normally can’t be washed with harsh chemicals what’s a good plan for bed bugs this is not just a book for recognizing wild and unknown plants it’s also a dictionary and a health reference guide to all those revolutionary healing herbs you’ve been hearing so much about and what they’re used for this plant for example boo your sex life so much it’s been outlawed in several states you might not be able to buy it but it might be growing right there in your neighborhood every drug that medicine uses out there was originally made from a plant plants can feed you help heal your health conditions you can make clothing with them and you can build your home with them they can power your electricity and fuel your car plants can even protect your home from break-ins find out which ones are good for that it’s all in this book which plan is good for arguing couples this plant has wax to make candles with which plant has a bubblegum flavor what plants are good stickers for soups and food what common household flowers are edible it’s time we put everything in one book all the plants garden plants wild plants potted plants trees landscaping everything what nuts tastes like cheddar cheese when steamed what common worldwide plan is eaten in India where people have the lowest cancer rates sure wheatgrass is great but what about crabgrass what about those amazing and powerful herbs you’ve heard so much about from South America did you know people are growing them in their homes all over the world when I say edible plants I mean all plants because you now have access to all of them everywhere geographic region doesn’t matter anymore either because the world is becoming one people are growing pineapples and goji berries in their own homes even up north where it’s cold did you know you can grow Kiwis that can handle 30 below zero I’m about to open up a whole new world for you of unlimited possibilities and put you in charge of having access to any free food and medicine you could ever want including the most famous healing herbs in the world I’m empowering you here you’re not just at the mercy of what’s randomly growing near you you now have the power to grow almost anything you want any plant from anywhere in the world on your property no matter where you live it’s your life start grabbing it by the reins and start doing what you want that’s what I’m here for is to show you how why did I include normal grocery store fruits and vegetables in this book because there’s lots of wild carrots and grapes and asparagus and stuff growing out there and most people have no clue what a wild carrot even looks like if they saw one or mustard if you saw this growing would you eat it you know what this is it’s celery this on the other hand is poison hemlock you got to know the difference most people have no clue we need to start from scratch when I say edible plants I mean all edible plants what are peeling nuts and jackfruit good for which super powerful plants are good for fighting sexual diseases what plant will not burn and makes a great fire barrier around your home I didn’t just create this for you I created it for me too why buy it when you can grow it for free and have an endless supply of free food and medicine for the rest of your life this amazing power pack book covers over 1,000 plants found all over the world it shows you which ones are edible which ones are poisonous what they’re used for over two and a half thousand full-color images this is the ultimate plant and health reference guide just as important is the second part of the book a complete in-depth cross reference of every health condition you can imagine and what plants have been historically used for those conditions what plant do you take for nervousness what plant repairs DNA what plants are good for anxiety insomnia which ones are good probiotic food what plants can you make your own soap and toothpaste and shampoo with what are the best healthy low glycemic sugar substitutes other than stevia which ones increased nutrient absorption and athletic performance how about the performance in the bedroom even if you don’t want to pick your own plants at least know what to look for when you go to the health store this section alone is worth the whole book once you start looking at this thing you’re not going to be able to put it down you’ll be amazed at what’s out there growing right outside your door there’s nothing else like this out there this is a book every person every household should have the free food and medicine world edible plant guide get at free food and medicine calm


  1. If you pull a plant out of the ground, brush it off and eat it like nature intended, there is B12 in the microscopic soil organisms, but if you buy commercial stuff that's been washed a dozen times, then you need it from something else, like supplements. On the other hand, the natural bacteria in your gut also produce B12, so if you feed them and take care of them, they will keep you happy. Candida kills good gut bacteria, so stop eating bread, pasta, sugar etc that feeds candida (yeast).

  2. So I'm guessing that means don't drink alcoholic beverages also? Could you point me towards information on how to cultivate the B12 in my gut? Thank you! BTW I ordered your edible plants book, looking forward to it.

  3. Push it to preppers. They are crazy bunch and will benefit from it more than from rifle-talk 🙂 And most will get their health too, since some are out of whack.

    Maybe it will elp them to get out of constant fears of lack of food 🙂

  4. Hey Markus, what about other uses of wild plants? I bought your free food and medicine book and the free living 101

    But i was wonder how do you make your own warm clothing and other things out of wild plants. Is there a way to use wild plants to help yourself become almost free from modern day money expenses?

  5. this guy gives one so much free wisdom, he's definately not your everyday–hey, buy my dvd's!, he's about empowering people whether they can afford to spend money and support him or not, he's REAL. not many vids on youtube give as much free widsom as he does..

  6. Stop eating bread, pasta, sugar, and anything made with flour. Read and follow the book "Heal Yourself 101" and also the Bowel/Colon ebook found at MarkusEbooks com

  7. Just got my book today I love It never really been so excited to use a book in my life, well since I was a kid . The picture are so beautiful and nice it like I'm back in elementary when they use to have those school book fairs and I use to go crazy and what all the pop up book and the ones that move…sorry got a little to happy there.. but this book is a must buy just for all the reason Markus has explain Get It

  8. Cotton ! There are people growing it around here in the desert for just that reason. It grows almost anywhere

  9. I bought this book Markus. It's a good guide. I have others and this one has already taught me some new uses.

  10. Hi Markus, I have a question about your new book. In the health condition section, I noticed an asterisk by certain plants. Does this mean those are the best? I do not see any notations describing what the asterisk is for.

  11. This book is well worth the money. I bought a copy for myself, my parents, my two sisters and some friends. Markus has put a lot of studying and hard work into it and it shows. Thanks Markus for making this book!

  12. I was working the other day, I looked down and saw some dandelion leaves, I reached down to eat them, kind of freaked out the people with me, ha!

  13. Si pudiéramos establecer una relación profunda y duradera con la naturaleza, jamás mataríamos a un animal para satisfacer nuestro apetito, jamás haríamos daño a un mono, a un perro, a un conejillo de indias practicando en ellos la vivisección para nuestro propio beneficio. Encontraríamos otros medios para curar nuestras heridas, nuestros cuerpos. Pero la curación de la mente es algo por completo distinto".

  14. Since becoming a vegan/ raw foodist I believe this book would be the best one to own 1st. I remember working in a medical facility and seeing a lady learning how to become a certified Chinese herbalist and she told me that Chinese is needed to be learned first to learn herbal medicine. When becoming a vegan  or a raw food eater education of the plant based foods is so important. 

  15. Is pissing me off how people at the gym are constantly telling me how nuts, avocados and plant based fats are bad for you and get you fat. They are constantly trying to tell me how to eat. I tell them that plant food based fats are good fats and they destroy the bad fats from your body. Then when they try to debunk me I tell them. I lost 5 lbs. last week and I did not even come to the gym. No meat eater that is big like me can make such a claim.

  16. Are you a public speaker Marcus? Your videos are very interesting and I would like to attend one if you are ever around here. You are inspiring and I wish I knew you.

  17. Just wanted to say thanks Markus- this book will be a wonderful companion for anyone, trust me. It's one of the best investments I've ever made. I work at a health-food store, so this comes in quite handy when trying to pick the best herbs to recommend. It brings peace of mind knowing the abundance living right outside. 🙂  You are dah bomb-digity, yo!

  18. One thing i wanted to let you know about my brother from another mother is in your PDF heal yourself under best milk alternatives, Hemp milk i think should be there bro, just putting it out there check it out see what you think maybe in your update or something you can add hemp milk its great tasting and very good for the body.. peace and great job man really hit a home run on all your studies, i cant say enough good about it, why dont more people know about this stuff? its life saving life altering brain stimulating over the top good………….

  19. Well, this is it. Watched the video about 5 times…going to buy it right now. Will get your heal your face book too. Want them all. Watched your world leader germany solar, wind and health…being german, and having been gone from there soo long, thanks Markus for taking me back to my childhood. Yes I was brought up with nature, my mom made the best juices, teas, salads, etc. from all we picked there, – also I was not happy when I was little and my parents made me pick berries and such every free time we had. Again thanks…you are awesome!!!

  20. Bought your book and thankyou for getting me back in touch with my pharmacy in the backyard. 💝💝💝💝💝🌲😘🌵💝

  21. all makes sense. we are made from the organic compounds of this earth so plants heal us and feed us 🙂

  22. Fuckin way too awesomel. I just wish Markus didn't use the cheesy info-mercial voice.. definitely no need for that lol

  23. Bought this book yesterday, ready to polish this 15 year body. Probably the best decision I will have ever made. Money well spent

  24. Hey Markus, I accidentaly mistaken the yew tree to a pine tree a few months ago. I made a bunch of tee out of those leaves and have still been taking it on my shakes. But I just came across the yew tree on the book and found out it's actually the toxic yew tree needles I have been drinking this whole time. The very first time I drank the tea of the yew tree I felt somewhat better, I was having a bad sneezes from the pollen and thought it would be a good idea to make a tree out of it. I did felt better the next day. But I will stop taking it just to be safe. I do have some real pine tree needles I've been drying out and I'm sure those are pine needles!

  25. Good business idea or not?

    This is a service business to help both you AND parks to generate revenue to maintain wild plant biodiversity in parks – something that you can do to help wildlife AND make a lot of money with. It is transplanting business and a lot of parks and land are poorly maintained and some lands are lacking biodiversity in both plants and animals. So theres a need here…

    Heres the ideas: with proper licencing

    Charge a service to the park for transplanting SOME of a wild plant to another location in the park

    Parks sell a wild plant, you dig SOME of it up, and then you transplant them to another park near by.

    Parks sell you SOME of the seeds, you spread them around in another place in park/parks.

  26. Thank you, Markus! My great grandmother had lots of notes pertaining to this, unfortunately so many notes were destroyed and lost over the decades, and now I have absolutely nothing left of this knowledge. Now, because of you, I can obtain this knowledge once again!!!! Bless you!

  27. I just got your book. "Frre Food and Medicine" I have many other wild edible books. It has been a hobby of mine for decades. Ten seconds into the book I knew it was a great one. Nice production. I know you met some of my fellow like minded people here in Colorado. Katrina Blair at Turtle Lake refuge. Her book is nice identify plant families around the world.? Thomas Ellplel also is good at identifying plant families around the world. I can spend a whole afternoon walking through the wild and studying nature. It also fun to see so many
    edibles plant in the most unlikely places, parking lots, side walks, ect. Do you know the wild food girl from Breckinridge Colorado? She lives for this stuff. They still spray the trails for weeds here in Vail. It's almost funny. It doesn't help solve their misguided agenda at all.
    Again thanks for all the effort and caring. Do you have any ideas on Multiple sclerosis?

  28. Thanks a plenty sir!!! I found wild chives down the street and was so excited…..I reached down and plucked one. Did a quick litmus paper test to determine the alkalinity. It was sure tasty….I gotta get my paws on that book. It is still for sale (29.99)?

  29. This is probably a silly question but I hate giving my dogs "poison" tick medicine. Do you have suggestions for a plant solution to keep ticks off my dogs? We have lived at our home for 25 years and every year we have noticed that the are getting worse! We don't spray our lawn either. It has gotten bad–not sure why!

  30. Markus as I said before you are the voice of the future. So much chaos in the world right now but you have brought a light in the darkness, you spread knowledge and the joy of being self-sustainable!

  31. I wasn't diagnosed with an STD, but do you know of anything Markus to help with Bacterial Vaginosis. I have been suffering for a while now and took antibiotics which are so bad for you and they didn't even help me. I have looked online for any information and people have their ideas. I did the peroxide douche which temporarily helped, but even doing that is really not good for the body.  Please help!!!

  32. Got it! Today, one of my friends tried to persuade me not to forage as some local folks might think I'm dotty. I'm raw vegan/fruitarian so I'll just have to hope more are enlightened as I find my truest friends.

  33. Would this book be ideal for survival purposes? I live in Texas and would like to know if I will be able to easily locate plants native to my area before I buy it.

  34. Markus, is the book the same as the Food and Medicine DVD set with the recipe book? I'm confused as to whether to buy one or the other or both.  Please reply!!!

  35. Hello Markus. I am studying herbs and wild edible plants to end up being an herbalist. I got this book and I love it 🙂 I was wondering of you have any book recommendations that I can study to learn the pharmacology of herbs and the chemistry? Thank you 🙂

  36. This is the most valuable information anyone can own. In an ideal world, everyone would know this stuff already. You're doing an amazing service to this planet and its people Markus. Thank you

  37. Awesome but I'm in north Georgia not Timbuktu. Wish it was more "localized." i'd buy it in a heartbeat!!

  38. What if you use pesticides all over your front or back yard????…How long after you stop using pesticides can you eat them??? 💐🌸💞🙏

  39. I am going to get this book. One thi g I might note, there are dandelions outside of my apartment building but I am pretty sure that the fertilizer on the grass around my house and thus the weeds is questionable and it has probably been sprayed with pesticide. I might grow some dandelions in my window. Thanks for all the info.

  40. Thank you so much dearest sweeties💐
    You're such an inspiration 🙏😇
    Stay Blessings always 🕉💖

  41. been ill most my life very little money would love to buy the book but costs way over what i could afford need see if find some other way to change my life for the better looks like a brilliant book well done

  42. I li🌺love your Free Food and Medicine edible plant guide book. It is truly my most used book I have if yours. I was wondering what the footnotes are from the asterisks you use after a plant, i.e., aloe vera*, onion*? I can’t find it anywhere in the book. Please and thank you.🌸♥️🌱

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