The Best Fantasy Shows You’re Still Not Watching


  1. Carnival Row was genuinely amazing. It's a great story and it's visually stunning. I'm not really a fantasy fan, but this blew me away.

  2. You left out MTV’s, The Magicians! What a wonderful show. If you don’t have MTV, all but the current season are on Netflix.

  3. I watched all of american gods, it promised and promised and it still ain't gone nowhere. sorry, love all the actors, love the idea, and the journey but this far in and we might as be at episode 1. american gods doesn't deserve to be on this list. my opinion, and I'm not just mad about sweeny. take care, love your channel looper ^_^

  4. Enjoy the first season of American Gods. Did not enjoy the liberal messaging bullshit (which was absent in the book) or the downtime between the first and second season so skipped it. I mean for Crying out loud Starz really showed themselves as not professional or competent. I think actually starz is to thank for a lack of a bigger viewership.

  5. I got out a pen and paper to write down the shows that "I've been missing," but I have seen them all. In fact, I think MANY people have seen all of these shows especially Outlander–hahaha.

  6. Ommgg I saw that ship after just rewatching the first episode of carnival row and immediately knew it!

  7. You did not bring anything new to the all these shows are already popular in India , you should talk about Siren which is still not being aired in India on any channel or even as a webseries

  8. Sad to say I’ve never heard of Discovery of Witches until now, but I’m intrigued thanks to this video😉

  9. I've seen all these. I was hoping for something missed. FYI: Outlander is for old ladies who read romance novels! It's my 80-year-old Mothers favorite show. I was bored after one episode. And no one should watch anything on the CW! try the new show "Devs"!

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