The Case for Even More Universal Health Care | September 19, 2018 Act 2 Part 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Democrats don't let Fox get you down in fact most of the arguments against single-payer easily debunked bullshit number one is single-payer too expensive the question in terms of giving all this stuff away free health care free education how do you pay for it I heard you say you wanted single-payer what's your idea on how to pay for it single-payer health care only works with a printing press unlimited dollars just keep printing the money I said a a printing press this thing on tests tests you know how I know this is full of shit because I have fully zero clips to show you of Lindsey Graham I'm stressing out about how to pay for that fucking space force all they want but it just doesn't make sense the u.s. currently spends nearly three point five trillion dollars every year on health care the average American family spends almost three times as much on health care including premiums out-of-pocket cost co-pays deductibles and employer contributions as a Canadian family pays in health care Texas Plus Canadians don't live in fear that if they develop a serious health problem they'll go bankrupt and have their moose repossessed wastes more money than Nicolas Cage at a store that only sells wigs and maps the u.s. spends twice as much on health care as other wealthy countries but has the lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality rates and while that does get us one step closer to becoming a hot teen nation one nation all teens it's a pretty shitty deal a single-payer system would give the government better bargaining power and reduce administrative costs which if every other first world country is anything to go by would save us money or you know we could just keep paying fifteen dollars for a single Tylenol in the hospital because that's the American Way besides Americans already have a socialized health care system they love it's called GoFundMe one of three GoFundMe campaigns are for health care the other two are legal funds for the world's biggest idiot and a webseries that let's be real should not be happening shout out to all my fans at wiki feet so really medical bills are all GoFundMe is good for just sum up between Texas crappy private insurance out-of-pocket costs and donations to strangers we are paying way too much for health care and if you calculate the costs like that single-payer health care might actually be cheaper okay next argument it will decrease innovation single-payer systems don't innovate yeah and the problem with socialized medicine is that yes everybody gets coverage but everybody gets a pretty poor level of coverage and you don't get the kind of innovation that you need these rogue donkeys want to turf any private insurance for some single-payer scam which of course invites not only corruption and price fixing it naturally brings innovation to a grinding halt okay first of all kennedy rogue donkeys that is actually a much better slogan for democrats treatment to make people live longer and better yes the united states is a leading medical innovator we even have the world's most advanced selection of fake medicines but those pharmaceutical companies that make all those great innovations here charge americans more for the same drugs sometimes as much as two to five times more than what they charge in europe which means we're subsidizing dirty european socialist healthcare anyway thanks a lot big pharma you've given our annoying trust-fund friends another reason to tell us why europe is just like better besides a lot of americans are already on a single-payer system it's called medicare and it drives plenty of innovation if the billions of catheter commercials i've seen are any indication and not for nothing babe but you know who does a lot of great medical innovation on non profitable diseases colleges and universities and I don't see conservatives fighting to support those ok next point it will increase wait times we saw in Canada what happens with single-payer if somebody having to wait a number of months for something that he or she needs the average waiting time 20 weeks waiting times I don't know it likes us I don't I I you know I've got Canadian friends and they don't like it oh really is that the same Canadian friend you said you were taking to prom but never showed up but I want why the wait for an elective surgery there can suck but critics cherry-pick hip replacements in Canada because those have particularly long wait times wait times vary across and within single-payer systems but there isn't a single average Canadian who would fucking trade health care with Americans by the way single average Canadian is the hit sitcom I've started on CTV for 15 years that Canadian who waited six months to get a hip replacement because he had socialized health care in America without health care he'd just be waiting forever because he would never get the surgery now that is long wait times and in Canada after your free surgery you get a complimentary bag of milk shorter wait times let's build an American system with shorter wait times we are America we have invisible planes and though Rock shame on Fox News for thinking America can't do better than Canada look Democrats I know you're scared but give the people what they want it's time you stopped being Charlie Brown missing the football and finally just fucking dunk on Lucy instead [Applause] you you


  1. In response to the piece, I’m with Samantha Bee on this one. A single payer system would be more effective than what we have now. Even though our current system of the ACA is functional, it has more holes in it than a house made of swiss cheese. The average American ends up paying way too much for healthcare in out-of-pocket costs, copays, premiums and deductibles and even GoFundMe donations and more. That’s one of the worst things about living here, that people worry about going bankrupt because of their healthcare. The US should take a page out of Canada’s book when it comes to healthcare. And it’s not just Canada, also remember Taiwan, South Korea, Scandinavia, and the UK to name a few. Every time a single-payer system was adopted by a country for healthcare, it works. Hopefully the US will wise up and follow suit.

  2. look here, what democrats need is to start waving around the american flag ALOT MORE. im talking hundreds. they should be going "why dont we have healthcare? were the greatest country on earth!"

  3. I feel like argument 2 wasn't properly addressed. By government intervention corporations would make way less money overcharging Americans. So the profit they make per invented drug over its lifetime dramatically decreases. And with less money made per pill the amount of money that is profitable to spend to develop a pill correspondingly decreases. So R&D spending would go down, and so medical innovation would slow. We are totally funding the world's health care research, and barring a major multinational agreement to reward drug companies for new developed drugs/treatments, America switching to single payer would decrease innovation.

  4. Fact is that we in Canada spend about 10% of our GDP on health care, or about $5,800 per person. The US spends almost 17%, or about $12,000 per person. Outcome do differ between the two countries. Canadians live longer (by about 2.5 years), have lower infant mortality rates. Canada ranks 30th in the world in overall system performance; the US ranks 37th. Every Canadian has access to health care; not so in the US. The best US health care – for those who can afford it – is second to none. I know because I have experienced the health care systems in both countries. For all sorts of reasons I, and the vast majority of Canadians, would never exchange our system for the American one. Just some facts to inform the discussion.

  5. I am a dual citizen of Canada and the US. Grew up in Canada, lived in the UK and now live in the US. And I 100% agree with Sam Bee. If every American had the opportunity to experience single-layer healthcare, they would be outraged that it doesn't exist in the US. It just makes sense.

  6. Im canadian i hate universal health care it ruins the economy and makes employment nearly impossible

  7. To paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr., we already have socialism for the rich in this country. Why shouldn't we have it for everyone else?

  8. I'm British. The NHS isn't without problems, but every time I visit the hospital or my doctor I am so goddamned happy and grateful for it.

  9. hi sport fans ever watch a collage football game and see an ad for Aflic or state farm.??? those are for profit health care dollars. MetLife stadium millions of for profit health care dollars spent to name a stadium. Look how much big. pharmaceutical and big insurance. pays in bribery(lobbying). cut thosse activity and look at the money we save to have universal health care

  10. I’m Canadian and I can tell you, when my brother was in the ICU for almost 3 months straight, he received amazing care and the one thing we never had to worry about is how to pay for it. No one should ever have to wonder if they can afford treatment when they’re already worrying if their loved one is going to survive.

  11. I mean for real. I'm Australian, a few weeks ago I went to the ER with my wife because she needed an asthma inhaler, it was 6pm on a Saturday and we were hundreds of km from the nearest big city with a pharmacy that would be open. We just walked in, told them what we needed, waited 15 minutes, and they just gave it to us. In America we probably would have walked out with an inhaler and a bill for $8000.

  12. As another Canadian, Our healthcare system is not perfect and is becoming a political mess with each new year bringing more nurses and doctors being cut, hospitals being run like private business, massively overpaying hospital administrators. Its a public system, not a private for profit hospital.

    I am thankful that I won't go bankrupt getting a boo boo checked out, but if we keep allowing our politicians to run wild with out of control spending, universal healthcare would the first to go.

  13. … ya, but now Trump is sabotaging Canadian drug prices with that USMCA deal … great *eyeroll*

    If you can’t beat them – Bully them till they become more like you.

  14. There was one GLARING ommision in Sam's story. A study funded by the Koch brothers that set out to prove how expensive a single payer system would be actually found it would save the U.S. $2 trillion over a 10 year period.

  15. stop calling it "socialized medicine" and you'll have a better shot convincing the normal.

    Single payer isn't socialism. Nothing to do with it. Public finance, private sector delivery. Federal spending doesn't equal socialism.

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