The Chokeables: How to save a choking baby – St John Ambulance

PEN LID: Excuse me. Could we have your attention please? JELLY BABY: Babies are choking on innocent looking things like us and we’ve had enough. I’m a baby that chokes babies, such a tragic irony. JELLY BABY STARTS CHOKING PRINCESS: If your baby is choking, lay them face down on your thigh. Then one gives up to five back blows. PEN LID: If that doesn’t work, turn them over and give them up to 5 chest thrusts. JELLY BABY COUGHS OUT A PEANUT JELLY: …until the airway is clear. PEANUT: And if that still doesn’t work, call an ambulance. PEN LID: Now please, share this film with your human friends. We’re just small, miscellaneous objects… that’s all. PRINCESS: Ugh Speak for yourself dear, I own a castle


  1. Every parent should take a first aid course. You never know when you'll need to use jt. My niece started choking and my sister literally threw her in my arms in a state of panic. If I'd not been there who knows what could have happened.

  2. Once when I was in Coles I tried to steal a grape and a worker saw me and I freaked out and tried to swallow the grape whole and I started choking and I stuck my finger down my throat and pushed it down and vomited and everyone was looking so I ran away

  3. Brilliant, short, clear, memorable information on what to do in a serious situation for anyone, any age to understand. Well done St John's Ambulance.

  4. It would be nice if the Department Of Fair Trading really got serious about nasty knock-off toys on sale in Australia which tend to have some pretty bad choking hazards toys

  5. Turn the child upside down, all the way – esophagus muscle are weak, they are designed to work with gravity, not against it.  This saved my grandmother's life.  Bang away like your child's life depends on it. 

  6. Cute video and great idea except they totally failed to explain what a chest thrust is! People watching this video to learn are probably not going to know how to do that.

  7. Did Johnny Vegas just cough out Sir John Hurt on David Walliam's lap under supervision from David Mitchell? 

  8. This is so effective! Thanks to Johnny Vegas, David Mitchell, David Walliams and John Hurt, more precious little lives will be saved. They've made the difference!

  9. I totally support this campaign as a parent who's 6 month old son nearly choked to death on a piece of paper he tore from his older sister's book. Thankfully due to other TV campaigns and because my husband is a First Aider we knew what to do My son celebrated his 5th Birthday the other day.

  10. Another option, if neither of these work, cut a small opening in their throat right above their ribb cage with a very sharp knifeand insert a tube. This will make it possible to breath.

  11. Главное – всё отлично видно! Титры закрывают полэкрана, что там за ними – дофантазируй, зритель! Можно было просто текст дать, над мультиком и не мучаться.

  12. If possible you should always get someone to CALL AN AMBULANCE FIRST not wait until you've failed. They'll still be taking details by the time you've finished.

  13. That thing that came out of the Jelly Babe's mouth, was that a peanut or a tablet? because it looked like a peanut but it was too small.

  14. They forgot to include lego and coins in this advert…..but I guess there are plenty of small things they could choke on 

  15. Прикольное видео! мне понравилось, молодец!) Вообще уважаю труд тех кто делает видео, и ведет свои каналы. Я сама веду канал и знаю, как это непросто – записывать ролики.
    Так держать!

  16. How To Help a Choking Baby : St John Ambulance The Chokeables advert: save a choking baby

  17. It's a great video, although it should be emphasized that there is a specific way you're supposed to hit their back.  it's not a slap.  You want to hit UPwards.

  18. 28 years ago our baby somehow removed part of a snap that was part of a pair of overalls that he was dressed in. Our first hint there was a problem was a strange metallic buzzing sound. He looked distressed but was not crying. Then his face started looking purple. My wife, in a panic, said call 9-1-1. I said there isn't time. She said, let's rush him to the hospital. I said, he won't be alive in the time take it takes to drive there. I had no idea what to do, but I had her hold him upside down by the ankles, and I reached into his mouth, and I could feel that the rim of the snap was caught in his larynx. I stretched his throat around the obstruction until the snap fell out. He survived. We got rid of all clothing with that style of snap.

  19. I think there's one point (and a few others) that really needs some elaboration though… a big public disservice from television is that if we all did CPR like on TV, a lot of people would be dead. In reality – for an adult – CPR needs to be done so hard to restart a stopped-heart, that you'll likely break the person's ribs. 
    Of course this isn't CPR, it's "Chest-Thrusts" – and it's done on a baby – so my question is: how hard should one do "chest-thrusts" on a baby to dislodge an asphyxiating object obstructing the airway?
    Also, if someone could please fill me (and anybody else) in:

    – Is it really done with a single finger as it looks-like in the video? 2 fingers perhaps?
    – Where exactly is the pressure being put? It looks like the Solar Plexus in the video, but I don't like referencing claymation when baby's lives hang in the balance.   
    – Is the pressure being put strait-down, or is it more of an "in-and-up" kind of deal?
    – If the chest-thrust phase is still unsuccessful and there's too precious-little time to just sit-there idly waiting for an ambulance, is there a name we could look-up for some type of procedure for removing an obstruction that's too-deep in the airway to simply grab (normally, with your fingers)?
    – Assuming every option has been exhausted, is it possible (in-theory, not necessarily recommended) to do a tracheotomy on an infant? Are there any special precautions, methods or considerations if one had to resort to this phase?

    And if anybody feels like volunteering some bonus-points for good-karma

    – If someone actually did need to do actual CPR on an infant, would it be done as proportionately-hard as you would with an adult? Does one dare so much as slightly-crack a baby's ribs if their life depends on it?
    – Would a baby's heart truly need to be Stopped to justify CPR, or it reason-enough if they're just not-breathing with an unobstructed airway?
    – Is it true that with standard/modern CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation has now been scrapped in-favour of simultaneously attending to the "cardio" and "pulmonary" resuscitation aspects solely with chest-compressions? If so, would the same apply to infants? And if so, does mouth-to-mouth still have a role in-and-of-itself?
    – What's the "Go vs Stop" pattern with CPR chest-compressions? Do you just keep it up for as long as it takes, or do you do something like "5 compressions, stop and wait [so-and-so many seconds], continue…"?

    Yes, I really am just that annoyingly detail-oriented.

  20. This is such a relevant video after the sad news of the little boy choking on the grape losing his fight yesterday.

  21. Why not yell at someone to call an ambulance as you administer the first attempt? I'm sure they won't be mad if you end up being successful.

  22. Had a pal lose his son due to a marble tossed and caught in his mouth..lodged in his throat,
    and would Not come out due to him panicking and the throat constricting even more..
    Had these simple moves been employed he May have lived..
    Marbles are So smooth they are Really hard to dislodge..Be careful!!

  23. Been on a 3 day First Aid course this week with SJA.  This advert has so far saved 47  lives…..Keep sharing!

  24. ok this is a pretty creative video but it's missing a lot of info. It's not very specific. It'd be good to know things like where to exactly do the back blows, how hard, and how many times. When should we switch over to the chest compressions? Then how hard do we do the compressions? How many times? How long should we wait before calling 911? I mean as someone who is not medically emergency trained and is completely ignorant to these things, more specific info would have been good. Ok as I'm saying this I see they made this video: it's a lot more specific, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks St. John!

  25. Another life saved by this video

  26. Ohhh….the Jelly baby turned blue because it was choking too much. I was about to ask why the Kelly baby turned blue

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