The Dangerous Side Of Vegan Health Coaching

the following program is rated tv-ma and OC it contains a big pair of nuts directly on your chin it is intended only for mature audiences viewer discretion advised what's going on fam it's your boy pop a solo back with some Oh nuts on a yo chin now you've been following my channel for a while probably if not hit the subscribe button come on follow the beard follow the sick fucking games follow the nuts on the Chin's this video is not about fat acceptance it's not about people glorifying obesity it's about the opposite now it goes both directions and both extremes are extremely dangerous you don't wanna be extremely obese and you don't want to be extremely skinny being anorexic is a serious issue and a lot of people suffer from it maybe you suffer from it yourself this video is not to be insensitive to those that suffer from eating disorders however this point needs to be made that an eating disorder with either direction is a severe severe health issue and this is what happens with fitness especially fitness modeling getting on stage a lot of pro bodybuilders figure open bodybuilding men and women have a terrible relationship with food because you have to get to such extreme dieted conditions to get on stage and it destroys your relationship with food binge eating extremes both directions extreme restriction and then extreme binging and excess after competition this Instagrammer in particular I've gotten several messages about and I looked at her profile I am extremely worried for this person now this video is not a knock against her I just want to bring attention to people that are in the health industry that promote being a health coach that are putting out information and guidance and are extremely extremely unhealthy this person goes by the screen name Christina glows and in her profile it says she's a speaker a health coach a certified raw dessert chef an essential oil enthusiast by all accounts she's vegan like she's vegan she's raw vegan I don't see much of anything that's cooked I see her call things vegan hashtag vegan hashtag vegan everywhere and it seems like everything is vegan if not raw vegan okay this video is not anti vegan you know if you want to be a vegan if that's your moral stance if that's what you believe in fine go do it but don't be amazed you got to eat food this girl again I'm not making fun of her but this is scary shit she is scary skinny she is skin and bones and Cristina if you're watching this feel free to message me I would love to give you some assistance some guidance I would love to help point you in the right direction and just to call yourself a health coach if nothing else of course at any point I would look at this and be like this girl needs to eat some food I feel for her I don't want her to be in this situation but when you throw in health coach on top of it it's like alright now I'm gonna step in you should not be getting anyone health advice anyone look at you you need to get your eating under control from the neck up you look full because you're putting things in your face but the rest of your body is am a shade is just overly skinny there's no muscle tone there's no health whatsoever and in every picture that she's eating food it looks like a snack she's a raw dessert chef a certified raw dessert chef whatever the fuck that is raw dessert you mean like berries and shit it's all these little treats and stuff that don't have any animal products in it so she's a vegan but she makes junk food vegan stuff I don't know I don't see this girl eating a cheeseburger she needs calories she needs like seven cheat meals every day for months but look whether it's fat acceptance whether it's obesity whether it's promoting body positivity and healthier any size which is bullshit – this is any size just like obesity is any size this is any size when we're talking about body positivity and acceptance and fat acceptance we gotta talk about all types of acceptance we got to talk about all types of health this is not health she should not be a health coach she should not be giving advice to anyone she needs help I don't want to see anyone have any health issues that are preventable what she's going through is preventable and her extreme caloric restriction whatever she is or is not doing as we all know Instagram is very very sketchy you just post whatever you want to show so of course every picture is nice as White has good lighting is like a modeling picture but she is extremely unhealthy she's extremely underweight she has skin and bones she needs proper exercise she's proper nutrition and this whole vegan and raw vegan crap this is what it's doing to a lot of people now you know don't get your panties all up in a bunch not every vegan looks like this of course but this is what it looks like when you're not only devoid of micronutrients you're devoid of just calories just macronutrients so please let's bring the conversation back to health let's put the health back in health and fitness just because you have an Instagram profile does not make you a health coach just because you can make foods that don't have animal products does not make you a health coach you gotta play the role you gotta walk the walk if you're gonna talk it so ladies gentlemen eat real food and fucking eat enough of it take in the Bears I said she wanna be friends I said all right yeah well my soul is stuck between dark in the lights I playing some musical chairs they kick me out so I started like May the bad guys bigger than theirs I win they're not losing I win it


  1. Dieses Video ist wirklich super! Mach so weiter! Aber vielleicht wäre eine Rasur eine gute Idee 😉

  2. ORTHOREXIA – obsessive behavior in pursuit of a healthy diet. Sufferers often display signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders that frequently co-occur with anorexia nervosa or other eating disorders.

  3. The dangerous side of vegan health coaching?? You know that this is an attack on veganism, please don’t try and claim it isn’t 😂 yes, she is severely disordered – I also never heard of her before this video. I follow pretty much all the ‘popular’ vegans on IG/YT and you yourself know they are (99%) healthy, so why pull out one that obviously has mental illness and less than 10k followers?? Now please discuss the disordered/thin and sick/overweight influencers that eat meat at every meal 🙄🙄. This def isn’t your best swoley

  4. Raw vegan is bollocks. And its not a vegan issue. The issue is that people with eating disorders hide behind veganism.

  5. If that cover isn't click bait I don't know what is. Also your really funny and videos kick ass

  6. Ok, she obviously needs psychotherapy. I'm new here and can't stop staring at you. Why are you shirtless, teasing the female species? 😋

  7. What's even sadder is that her followers adore her, I scrolled through her page to see what kind of feedback she gets on her photos and people are actually encouraging her to continue down this unhealthy path. It made me feel so bad for her, nobody is offering her any help and she clearly has a lot of issues. I can't imagine someone with a healthy mindset actually seeking her out for health coaching. very very sad and I hope she gets the help she desperately needs!

  8. Don't blame veganism for her eating disorder.
    Her disordered eating was there before the Vegan lifestyle

  9. There are plenty of great vegan coaches & nutritionists out there that not only offer expert nutritional advice but also advocate a healthy relationship with food. For reference to an amazing transformation on a plant-based diet check this out😉👉

  10. This is an important topic because some vegans like to hide behind their raw nutrient deficient diets, and blame veganism for their eating disorders.

  11. I don't care what anyone says, a healthy RAW vegan diet almost never exists. All of the food that's required for a vegan diet to be healthy (lentils, beans, tempeh, dark leafy greens) either need to be cooked or should be cooked for digestibility. I've never seen a raw vegan eat enough nuts, seeds, etc. to get all of the macro and micronutrients you need. Plus it makes veganism overall seem super unenjoyable, unappetizing, unattainable, and CRAZY.

  12. OMG! That isn’t what vegans look like! She is anorexic! I am vegan. I am fat!!! (Working on the fat part though………)

  13. Thanks for this video! I struggle so much with my body just because everyone else would love to have it. I was anorexic for about a decade it was difficult for people to accept that I hated myself and needed help or something. Now I’m a vegetarian and fixed my posture and my health and they think I’m anorexic now and I’m not. My weight didn’t even change just my hip posture and I look way skinnier now.

  14. She’s close to worse than Eugenia Cooney… she should not be a health coach and she gives us vegans a bad name 🤦🏼‍♀️ she needs to stop eating just grass and start eating the right amount of carbs and calories she freaking needs.

  15. Veganism causes things like this without real anorexia. There are vegans which can somehow manage to become fat or stay fat but it's natural to lose muscle and fat because humans can barely digest plants if not highly processed. Eating (raw) vegan is like fasting, it just takes a little longer till you die from it.

  16. I am vegan. I am use to disgusting rips and it is okay. I love how you went with this story. Totally agree. She is too skinny. Did a great job with this story.

  17. Amen Swolenormous !! Been Vegan for 1.5 years and the most dangerous switch I found was not getting enough calories. Eat to live ! More pasta, rice, beans, bread… people take their health too seriously… keep it balanced

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