The Dark History Of Gay Conversion Therapy


  1. like it or not, homosexuality,transgender are mental illnesses. if a pwrson thought he saw lions in his bedroom, why is that worse than a bou saying he os a girl?.

  2. Why is there no conversion therapy for someone who wants to be gay? I know why. Because conversion therapy is a form of bigotry and stems from stigma.

  3. Homophobia should be considered as a mental condition. Like seriously, what in the actual fuck bothers you so much about homosexuality? Does it tickle your fancy? Are the priests not giving it to you anymore?

  4. Yep, four years old, they did hypnosis tactics and physical abuse which involved the penetration of my rectum to scare me out of wanting to be a girl. Then years of parent physical and verbal abuse to man me up. Now I am thirty and about 6 months in my transition. Oh yea this happened in california the so called LGBT state. So in my opinion conversion therapy doesn't work, however if you want to impose depression and suicidal thoughts and attempts on someone for most of their life, conversion therapy is the best way to go.

  5. There are 2 different electro shock therapies:
    * Aversion Therapy with electro shock (could also be done with drugs like in Clockwork Orange) mild, but painful shocks mostly to hands or feets. This was the most used therapy. Used until 1980s.
    * Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). Higher Voltage and Ampere, used direct at the scull. Muscle Cramps and epileptical episodes. Mostly used for depressions. Also used for depression at homosexuals, like Lou Reed. (He wrote in his book it was for homosexuality, but his sister wrote in an article in the web it was for depressions.) It was rarley used only for homosexuality and no standard threatment for this. The picture in the film with the thing between the teeth and the electrode at the scull is ECT.

  6. I have few knowledge about the Bible since I studied at Christian school long time ago,according to the Bible in the 6th Day God created Adam (man) and Eve (woman),there's only 2 human beings has been created. You don't see Ricky Martin,Caithlyn Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres. When Adam and Eve went to the bush and eat the fruit of knowledge seduce by a snake,the SINS start. So, DON'T BLAME LGBT's as a root of sins! You all saint wannabes,false prophets,hypocrite pastors,hypocrite priest and ultra judgemental hypocrite religious men and woman started the sins NOT THE LGBT's! Remember both Adam and Eve are straight.

  7. as a minnesotan, I am deeply ashamed of michelle Bachmann and her husband and the shit they've done with conversion therapy

  8. Hey conservative christian homophobes who think GCT is moral and healthy. What EXACTLY did Jesus say about gays in the NT? Nevermind the OT, that "doesn't count", right? And none of this Paul shit either, what did JESUS say specifically about gays? Anything?
    Of course there's lots he said you ignore, but since this is SUCH an important, "corrosive" element of our little culture wars, you'd think Jesus should have said SOMETHING about them……right?

    (Trump: "Wrong.")

  9. I am so ashamed of the Church's role in persecuting LGBT people. The Bible gives laws about acceptable sexual behavior, but it also gives laws about how to treat others. The Church has been unkind, unloving, and downright cruel. Little by little, the Church is coming around, but there is still a lot of hate that needs to be purged from the Christian community.

  10. Hahaha my god! please someone show me SOME evidence that this video is NOT controlled by the LGBTI lobby. Ok, that was exaggerated, but this guy has clearly been indoctrinated into believing LGBTI is normal…

  11. If only people would bring up questions about left-handed discrimination and about the bad sides of converting left-handed people in to being right-handed in the same manner like this topic..

  12. The saddest part is that some people simply have no empathy, cannot deal with hypotheticals, and are not interested in anything that happens outside their selves, town or region.

    The only way to appeal to these people is via their self-interest.

  13. Hopefully we soon reach a point where gay 'conversion' therapy is nothing more than another horrid thing in the past.

  14. Isn't it unusal to see most states in United States that have banned gay conversion are mostly replublican states and those of liberals are still promoting the practise.

  15. i want to be heterosexual , people surround me have been discriminating me and hate me none of them want to be my friend , they keep calling me gayboy , it hurts a lot and lately i ve been thinking about suicide .life is though

  16. Homosexuality is ABNORMAL and UNNATURAL. The wisdom of NATURE is important. That is why we can not tolerate such aberrant practices as those that threaten the pillars of WESTERN CIVILIZATION, family, manhood, love between man and woman. Homosexuality is more abundant the more decadent the community is that the practice. Thus in the periods of decadence of the Greeks, during the collapse of the Empire Roman or, without going further, in our current sick society this perversion becomes more and more common and accepted.

  17. Praise God for therapy, but the best is the restorative work of the Holy Spirit, with many who come to Christ, loosing all interest in the opposite sex, and now living in accordance with God's design.

  18. Eww I can't stand homosexuals they have sex with people of their own gender, and don't cause any harm to the society whatsoever. Its as if they are normal citizens who pay their taxes and support the economy ewww…

  19. Newsflash to liberals. People have also done bad things in attempt to cure all kinds of diseases, that does not mean they are not result of environment and that you cannot prevent someone from acquiring it in the first place.

  20. Our World most certianly needs more breeders when every eco system is in decline, resources are becoming more and more scarce and our population is heading for 8 Billion now, bring on more breeders this is a big problem! Do humans have even a tiny shred of intelligence or reasoning skills?

  21. Ugh I hate humanity – just reading these comments makes me feel sick, why can't everyone just respect each other? We're not all that different really! Gender, sexuality, it doesn't effect what we're like as human beings!

  22. Needs to be banned for many reasons an those that are homophobic need to grow up and stop taking scriptures out of context to justify their ignorance and hatred. I am married to a female but support the rights for people to choose to be with the person they love. I am not 100 percent sure I am straight and I have some doubts that most people are. Stop the Hatred!

  23. It converts trans people into heterosexuals?
    Does anyone knows what transsexuality is? TRANSEXUALS CAN BE STRAIGHT. FUCKING IGNORANTS. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HOMOSEXUALITY. Get yourself an education.

  24. Here's the thing if we leave a side if it's ok 👌 or not to b an LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 individual what if someone doesn't want 2 b an LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 no more out of his own free will wouldn't we b restricting his freedom of conversation

  25. IMO It should be legal but it should be actually therapy and not punishment and only a 18 year old can take it only by his own will

  26. why are people so fucking scared over people who are gay? theirs nothing bad with two men loving each other.

  27. In the Bible it says Men should not sleep with BOYS, but 'boys' was interpreted as men apparently. This is unfair as it meant that older adult males may not sleep with young boys, not with other men

  28. One of my best friends is going to a conversion therapy camp in a week and I am really frustrated. It's not good no to work, nor should it, and I am just sad that her parents are doing this to her. Not only is it a waste of money and her time it's just terrible.

  29. Sadly I live in California and my catholic parents make me see this therapist because I'm not okay and "sick"

  30. When I think therapy, I think of something that will affect someone's life in a positive way. I think of someone in physical therapy being able to climb Mount Everest after they lost their leg, or someone standing up to bullies and helping people having a hard time after they went to psychotherapy for help with suicide and depression. What I don't think of when I think of therapy is someone who goes to therapy to help them be someone they aren't and be destroyed by being in therapy, because people are supposed to teach others to except their differences, and I can guarantee you that it is hard enough to except your differences, and it only makes it worse having to be destroyed after you were able to except your difference.

  31. If my parents ever tried anything like that on me, i'd kill myself the next chance i'd get. I know they wouldn't though.

  32. transgender isn't a sexuality tho 😂 so they need to back off these trans people… who hurt them?😂 leave people alone!!!

  33. Conversion Therapy being supported by some of the Avegelica Extremist and Hate Groups with money US.Secretary DeVos also the US. Global Women Representative also supports Groups who are labeled Hate Groups Anti Lgbt Hate groups according to Southern Poverty.

  34. A heterosexual donor? I've never heard that before. I hope the donors were deceased. Who would donate their testicles while alive?

  35. It should be illegal in all forms. Anybody who practices it should get a big fine and up to 5 years in prison. It should also be labelled as child abuse.

  36. Conversion Therapy's goal is not to change someones sexuality, no human can do that, only God can. The goal of conversion therapy is to spread the gospel to this community and outreach to them (just like people try to spread the gospel to addicts, depressed people, etc.).

  37. I believe that this absolutely isn’t true and that most of these stories of people being hurt r false facts or stories that have been twisted to seem more harmful then it actually is

  38. I have heard about this insanity on tv but I have only thought it was made up for C.S.I and Criminal Minds, I guess I was wrong.

  39. What a different world we live in now. The late 70s to early 90s. "God definitely wants us to use conversion therapy. He gave us this and showed us it works." Then in the late 90s it starts coming to light it wasn't working anywhere near what the religious thought and claimed. Now the great method god gave them before has fallen apart and was never good or very effective. When you are told all the methods they used, it becomes appearent that those would never work very well at all. Talk about putting blinders on. The heydays of conversion therapy clinics (their height in numbers) of the mid 80s to early 90s are long gone.

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