1. I can't reply to some comments below, so for those who are saying that Canada or Europe have great healthcare, watch Part 2 of the series. In part 2 he explains why government takeovers of private industries initially works quite well. For roughly a generation or so, things are fairly good, and then things fairly rapidly descend into the crapper.

    True News 47: Health Care Part 2:

  2. There was also a Denzel Washington movie called John Q, where he takes a bunch of hostages to get his son treatment. It was portrayed as heroic, and I think there was a scene where most of the hostages are in the room, all the men say he's being a dick and all the women think he's actually being heroic and bla bla bla. Double whammy of leftist propaganda.

  3. Socialism reminds me of that scene on The Simpsons when the novice substitute teachers were hired during a strike, and the old guy with the long beard gets his beard caught in the pencil sharpener, and Grandpa tries to loosen his beard by turning it over.  Of course, it only catches more of his beard, so what does he do?  He tries cranking it over a second time.  Then after realizing he's only getting more of the beard caught in it, continues to try it yet again and again, — "Well, how about if I….(does it again).."Well what if I…(does it again)  "do this?…" (does it again)…  He keeps getting more of the beard caught in the sharpener, yet although he is able to keep on cranking it in the same fashion, little does he have the intelligence and the sense to realize that he's running out of beard.  Ladies and gentlemen this is socialism.

  4. the sad thing is that you are actually the moron, thus making yourself also a liar. The references listed and on his site. What do you object to? The healthcare claims? I'm 1st generation American. I have a lot of family in New Brunswick. They are not in love with their healthcare as a whole….

  5. And you would also have private companies who would do unbiased clinical trials and report their findings to the public. His whole premise is that using the violence of the state to make things better has the opposite effect and it has in fact led to cronyism, corruption and has not made people healthier.
    Some unknowledgable people would use magic elixirs but most people still would not, which happens today anyways. Look at hydroxycut etc

  6. I know lots of people who don't have insurance or the money to pay for it and when they get sick they go to a free clinic we have here in town. In 1910 people were able to go to their community and find doctors who would come to their house and see them.
    There is no way to prove or disprove whether free market health care would or wouldn't work because it's never been tried in modern history, Europe and Canada are both socialized medicine and crushed by bureaucracy which is expensive in taxation

  7. The poor can't afford it anymore because the government takeover of 90% of the market caused the costs to multiply by 24…not to mention the inflation…enforced by the government

  8. 1. how many people were able to access healthcare in the US in 1910? Because before Obamacare recently 30 million people were not able to access basic healthcare without getting into severe financial trouble. So it may very well be that the proportion of state hospitals has gone up, but that is likely due to state hospitals actually servicing EVERYONE not just rich people. That needs clarification.
    2. Secondly, you cant call something run for the people and by the people a "monopoly".

  9. I disagree with you completely, on this whole video. But you really lost me when you were saying "it hurts when i pee, oh look ecoli here's some anti-biotics" as if that summed up a doctor's working life. What qualifies you to make such a reductionist, over simplified statement?

  10. Except the FDA has screwed up in the past and helped keep off life saving medicine off the market for so long that it has claimed the lives of millions.
    Aside from this nuisance, on the face of it the claim that any business-including pharmaceutical companies-would willingly harm their own customers that are keeping them in business in the firstplace is silly. Either they are the greedy money grubbing rats that libs claim that they are, or they aren't. Can't have it both ways.

  11. Studies done by the Lancet Oncology, and by other peer reviewed journals show a different picture. I dunno where you get your stats from, but as far as efficiency and quality, the US outdoes any European country.

  12. He slams the FDA but doesn't mention that without them you'd have pharmaceuticals out there being sold everyday that would kill you. You'd have Mr. Haney selling snake oil saying it cures cancer.

  13. I'd sure like to know where you get your facts because every study and ranking on the planet rate the European state run healthcare far more efficient than the US. Canada is the weaker of the state run systems and it still ranks higher than ours. It's actually funny that the private insurance smear campaign has so many people fighting intensely to keep getting screwed. Especially with information being so easy to obtain these day's.

  14. This guy skews facts to support hid ideology like most people who think everything can be made to work with one ideological system.

  15. @ThaIllestBro

    While European government run healthcare isn't mandated by insurance companies, the healthcare outcomes are far better in the US than they are in many European countries, or even in Canda. So while it's true that the overly subsedies corporatism healthcare in the US has downsides, to say that it has no upsides, when it fares better than many European countries, is odious.

  16. All products have risk factors including drugs. And that means that a number of people are killed each year by using drugs. If a new drug is harmful then news will spread and business is in trouble. Government regulation only stifles innovation that could lower the risk factor of drugs(hence, saving lives). Government does not need to regulate. You are not guilty until you have committed a crime.

  17. The phrase 'Free market dogmatism' is the type of pejoratives and propaganda that the state relies on. 'Free market' is just the summary of individual wishes in a society and being for the free market means allowing for voluntary exchange of private property rights. Calling it dogmatic is a naive and brainwashed view.

  18. I do not care if you receive quality health care in Europe because government can provide quality equal to that provided by the free market but ten times the cost. So the quality of your health care just means that other parts of the economy are compromised. Moreover, keynesian economics and fiat money permits the accumulation of large debts that gives socialism the illusion of working. But it will be a disaster in the future. Its not even about 'what works' its about moral principles.

  19. sorry but i have not got far into this vid b4 i feel to stop watching. as a European citizen,public health service is AMAZING, stop people dying for a start,making life healthier for the poor who otherwise wouldn't afford healthcare, thus making life healthier for the rich aswell. i have lived nearly 26 years with free public healthcare and would not swap it for anything. People against it need to stop being snobs and see the bigger situation, free health care,help poor people;help everyone!!!!

  20. I am as well!!!!

    I am familiar with much of the info but it is put together well for facts few KNOW but need to know to change the racketeering AMA,or ABA or several other "licensing groups"…lowering the quality of care several times over in 100 yrs…people need to stop believing the lies.

  21. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work Stefan. Your message is an inspiration. Striking at the root as always*

  22. this guy is full of crap! he rambles on and on never once tring to back his claims just expects us to take what he says as fact.

    he is a liar and a moron

  23. You said that in Canada that it is illegal to rate the doctors. I checked the links but it doesn't seem to be there. What are you using to support this?

  24. You must have been locked into a bad medical plan. The US has an abundance of specialists, and it is easy to get quicker appointments. In a totally socialized system everyone is locked into one giant program with no alternatives.
    I haven't seen the data on Sweden; perhaps that very small country matches the US in waiting times, unknown without seeing comparisons. But it's better to compare a big system like Canada: see Part 2 in this series.

  25. The wait in the USA to see a specialist is as long as Sweden, or worse. My wife waited 8 months to see a neurologist, he did a few tests, and swore at her after the tests were inconclusive, because he could not continue and receive a huge grant for the study of the rare disease (SPS) at the Univ. Of Rochester. She still has no answers, and the charges were $16,423.00 for a 1/2 hour test. If she could have seen the doctor in a timely manner, he could have seen the blood platelet counts…1000's

  26. True monopolies can't exist unless aggression is used to shut out competition. True monopolies did not exist until Big Business lobbied the State to aggressively shut out such competition with licenses, inspection agencies, and even anti-trust (to break up competitors). There's no such thing as a free market monopoly.

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