The Death of White Guilt | Stefan Molyneux in Perth, Australia

You know the longer you stand the less chance
I have to speak, so thank you. Thank you very much. Great to be here in Perth. Great to see all of you. Thank you so much for coming out. It’s been a wonderful time here in Australia. Thank you for fighting your way through the
noodled armed protestors out there. I think you were okay getting through. You seem like a pretty burly and strengthy
lot so I appreciate that. Thank you so much. So, I’m going to talk about Australia and
I’m going to use the research, the information that I gathered together about the relationship
between the Europeans, 17th century onwards and the Aborigines to talk about the West,
philosophy, post modernism, the end of guilt and the survival of everything we have worked
so hard to achieve as a civilization, as a culture, throughout the millennia really at
this point. I may toss about a little bit of back and
forth, because I’m available on YouTube. I want it to be a little bit more interactive,
participative and so on. So feel free to chime in as you see fit or
as I ask, I would appreciate that too. So let’s get started. Now, I believe and I’ve said openly many,
many times, the West is the best. Now, as a philosopher that has to be, for
me, more than just yay my team. Yay my magic soil. Yay my flag, my song, my mode of dress. As a philosopher, the reason why the West
is the best, is doubt. Doubt. How do we get to the truth of the world? Well we have to recognize that the truth is
not currently where we are. That’s the only way we can get there. There’s a story in Ancient Athens. It was Aristotle. There was this amazing immense question that
we know from being children back in Ancient Athens, which is what is going on with these
tides? They literally could not figure it out. Aristotle used to stand down at the beach
and he actually would fall to his knees and scream in frustration because he could not
figure out what was going on with the tides. Now every other culture in the world, they
had this answer that they were certain about. We know what’s going on with the tides. It’s magic. Now magic may be a satisfying answer in the
moment, but it doesn’t really get you very far. The sea gods are doing something. What? Magic. But Aristotle had to sit with that annoying,
we’ve all had that, you know like a question that you have in your brain. It’s bugging you and it’s bugging you and
we all want to do this magic answer and the West is the best because we don’t accept magic,
fundamentally, as the answer to things. We doubt. Where is our position in the Universe? Well there’s an old story that says, I can’t
remember, I think it’s India or something, some cosmology which was where’s the world’s
position in the Universe? Well it’s on the back of an elephant. I’m sure it was an elephant with 50 arms and
swords. It’s India, right? Then the next question of course, well what’s
the elephant on? Well you see the elephant is on the back of
a tiger. What’s the tiger on? The tiger is on the back of a turtle? What’s the turtle on? No, no. It’s turtles all the way down. Magic. Right? So we’ve got these annoying questions and
we’re willing to say, we don’t know. Now when you say you don’t know, that’s the
possibility that you have to figure out a methodology that can have you actually know
something. Do you know how recent it is in the history
of humanity that we’ve actually had a methodology that gives us the chance to know something
for real? Humanity, what? 150,000 years old. 300,000 if you look at it in 4K. Sorry, that’s an internet joke about age. But anyways. 150,000 years, you could say ancient Athens,
Aristotle was very good with science but really Francis Bacon, 16th, 17th century onwards,
150,000 years. We’ve had a couple hundred years where we
can actually know something and know that we know it and know that all the other explanations
are false and that this is true and it’s really, really, really recent. And it took thousands of years to get to that
place where we could know something and be certain of it, and it only happened because
of doubt. The agony of doubt that leads to the, not
just the peace of certainty but the productivity of certainty. You know the old saying. The old statement. Nature, we know this one. Nature to be commanded must be obeyed. That’s how you gain power over the universe. It’s crossing the canyon, the chasm of doubt. And that’s the West. Nobody else has even come close. Even with the example of the West, nobody
has come close. You know, they say it costs 20 bucks to make
some pill. No, no, no. It costs like $10 billion to make the first
pill. The second pill, that’s a whole lot easier. It’s the same thing with figuring out what
works in society. What works in society? Free markets. Free speech. Equality under the law. Freedom. You know we can’t erode it down. It’s not copyrighted. Other civilizations, other cultures, we’re
not going to sue you. Do it. Be free. No. Because we’re certain and we’re wrong. That’s really frustrating. Do you ever have people in your life that
are absolutely certain and they are totally wrong and this happens all the time. And I look at the world, at cultures. There are cultures that are absolutely certain
and totally wrong. Now, one of those cultures, I found out. I knew I wanted to talk about Australia. So I sort of said, let’s start at the beginning. So you go back 40,000 years and you can skip
a bit. I’m sorry. It’s true. 40,000 years all right. A lot of history here. No written language. No wheel. No two story buildings. No pants. That’s the one part I like. And you just keep going and going, right? And there is not a lot. It’s like Groundhog Day in hell. Do you guys have groundhogs in Australia? I don’t even know if that goes over as a comment. But you know the movie, right? I’m looking for one guy to stick his head
up in the back, we have groundhogs. Go back down again. If you don’t know groundhogs that joke doesn’t
work either. All right. That’s zero for two. All right. No more jokes. So, I did want to look into the Aborigine
culture. Whew. Because I don’t know, did you guys grow up
with this noble savage stuff? It’s all over the media, right? Dances with Wolves and all that. It’s all these … we live at one with nature. We use every part of the buffalo, which is
not true, even remotely. But we live at one with nature. It’s like camping forever with no technology
at all. So I grew up with this noble savage, like
everyone else, where you say wow. I’ve got a lot of taxes to do. Man, that noble savagery stuff is starting
to look good right about now. I don’t like that other guy. Noble savage. I could something right there. Boy, it’s pretty nerve wracking to ask that
girl out. Noble savage. We’re married. So, yeah, so I started to look into it. So this is going to be a bit of an aggregation
so there is some regional differences, but actually not as many as I was thinking. So I started to look into, and one of the
first things I found was a myth, right? Which is a polite word for false. So, do you remember when you were a kid? The first time you saw stars or the first
time you noticed that there was this big giant … these lights, this big giant ball in the
sky? And you’re like wow, I wonder what that is? And we have a lot of these questions and all
cultures have these answers to these questions but only one culture has the right answer
or the right methodology. So, they look at the sun and they say, well
what is the sun? And I found that there is this fairly common
myth in the Aborigine culture. Does anyone know it? Just out of curiosity. You? All right good. Don’t spoil the ending. It’s magic. That’s the ending. It’s wrong and they still believe it and they
won’t change. So the story is, that there was a crane and
an emu and they were fighting over an egg. And the crane took the emu egg. Threw it into the sky where it exploded into
fire and stayed as fire and everyone was like wow, this is cool. Because before we had to live by the light
of the moon. See there’s your first clue. The moon has no light. So without the sun, no moonlight. And then the gods saw the ancient ones, the
up there guys. They were like wow, that’s really cool. We should do this every day. So they decided they would gather their wood
in heaven or up in the sky. They’d gather their wood and set fire to it
and light it and then you’d get the sun. They would do that because they saw the morning
star. Now the problem is, if it’s cloudy apparently,
the gods can’t see the morning star. So, what happened was, the kookaburra bird
had to call out. Now, just out of curiosity is there anyone
in the audience here who’s really good at imitating the kookaburra bird? I won’t do it because I’m amplified and you’ve
got ear drums to protect. Anyone? That sounded like the death scene of the kookaburra
bird. Mama. I’m seeing the light. Anybody else? Give me a vivid energetic Kookaburra bird. Oh now that’s good. That’s commitment. Anyone else? Oh. I actually feel like mating with that. So the kookaburra bird would remind the gods,
wake them up. So then you see the Aborigines said it’s now
forbidden to imitate the call of the kookaburra bird, you’re in trouble. I just drew you into a blasphemy because you
see, if you imitate the call of the kookaburra bird, the kookaburra bird will become offended. Will not call out and then it’s eternal darkness
forever and ever and ever. So, no free speech as far as that goes. Now that obviously is a belief and a wrong
belief and a false belief but they are certain of it. I was talking to a local. I don’t know if this story is true or apocryphal
but camels not native to Australia except the cigarettes and camels were brought to
carry water, some mining town I assume. And then the mining town ran out. The gold ran out so they just kicked the camels
loose. Within 10 to 20 years, the indigenous population
had a whole crazy backstory about why the camels were there. Two guys merged together. The gods did this and that and the other. And they were certain of it. By golly. The ancient ones had told them that the camel
was whatever. Right. And then people came and said no, they were
brought across in ships and here’s the … no. All right. Stay with your certainty. So you have a culture, the West, which has
doubt which we’ll not be satisfied with the answer or socialism … well actually no socialism. Well we’ll get to that. All right. So we have a culture which is doubtful and
a culture which has certainty 150% no doubt. That, according to the Aborigines, the world
was created from a giant vast feature less plain, like the literacy of a leftist. And then the ancient ones fell asleep and
they live under the rocks and mountains and there is totemism and animism right? So animism is everything has a soul. Everything is alive. Everything has a presence and a being and
so on. And the ancient ones gave the Aborigines … was
that a heckle? I’m never sure if the voices are coming from
there or here or who knows what. See? That’s doubt. Which hopefully will lead to certainty. So the ancient ones gave the rules. A ban on incest and some other … don’t blaspheme. No kookaburra bird thing. And they gave these rules and one foundational
aspect of this whole world view of the Aborigines is called the dreaming of the dream time is
it can’t ever be changed. It can’t ever, ever, ever be changed. It is certain. It is written. It’s absolute and doubt is not allowed, which
is why free speech is not allowed. Now, I have no doubt that over the 40,000
plus years that the Aborigines lived in Australia that they had erupting from time to time as
happens in all societies I believe throughout the world, throughout history, you have the
geniuses. Up they come. Like the aforementioned gophers. And, every culture has a different relationship
to the people who ask uncomfortable questions, right? I guarantee everyone of you in this room is
one of those people, so we all know what I’m talking about. What is the cultural relationship to people
who ask uncomfortable questions to people who have doubts? In Japan, there is sayings. It’s the tall poppy that gets cut down. It’s the nail that sticks up that gets hammered
down. Like if you step out of the conformity line,
right? In the Aborigine culture these people would
pop up and they’d say, I don’t know man. Why can’t the gods see the morning star? They are gods. I mean can they really be gods if they can’t
see through a cloud? Go on ask one more question. They probably didn’t even get that far, right? So the people who had doubts about how things
should be. There were punishments for breaking these
rules, these laws. And they were severe. If a woman was accused of breaking the law
in some Aborigine cultures, she was offered a choice. You can be killed or the eldest can drag you
out into the bush and you will have to submit to mass rape. It’s harsh and ugly and unpleasant and vicious. If a man was found to be in breach of some
rule, then he would have to stand there and he would throw spears at him and if he dodged
them he was innocent. Still better than the probe of Trump in Russia. At least they have a chance to dodge them. People would lose their legs. They would die. And this is similar to in the Middle Ages
in Europe. There was this trial by fire. I don’t know if you know where this trial
by fire comes from. You would have to pick up a red hot piece
of metal and you would have to walk three paces, drop it obviously and if your wound
healed then you were innocent of whatever charge it was. Eventually they figured out that was wrong,
destructive, immoral and so on and they came up with all the modern systems of jurisprudence. So these people would emerge from time to
time in the Aborigine culture, as they do all over the world, and they would have questions
and they would have doubts and they would say how do we know? I feel uneasy because this certainty does
not rest with me. I can’t just stick it on me like a tattoo
and pretend that it’s all true. What happened to these people? Now in the West, we’ve had an uneasy relationship
with those who ask uncomfortable questions. Me, you, everyone here. A lot of your friends. We’ve had some people outside of course who
are probably believe in the noble savage because they are inhabiting the myth while exhibiting
the reality, which is brutality. So the people who ask the uncomfortable questions
in the Aborigine culture, were probably killed. They would be killed either physically or
genetically, right? How do you kill someone genetically? You can answer that if you want. Sorry? No sex. No sex. All right. No sex. You ostracize. Women don’t sleep with whatever. Right? So that’s how you deal with people who ask
uncomfortable questions. So what you get out of that process, well
we have lies that are considered to be physics of reality and anybody who questions those
lies, gets killed. You get certainty. And you get stasis. Stagnation. Nothing changes. Nothing grows. Nothing evolves. Anybody who steps out of line gets killed. So the line never changes direction. Never grows. Never alters. The price of certainty is stagnation. And we all have this in our lives, right? We all fight this certainty. Oh I’m certain about this. I can’t even tell you the number of things
I’ve been absolutely certain about and then next thing you know, facts damn. It’s painful right? Until you get used to that methodology and
you say truth is not something you get to. Truth is something that you continue to pursue. Truth is not a conclusion. Truth is the process of and this is why free
speech and conversation. No one has a monopoly. We’ve all got to discuss and reason and test
everything that we believe so we can get closer and closer to truth which is a continual process. And it takes a certain amount of maturity
and a certain amount of deferral of gratification, right? It’s painful to question your deepest assumptions,
even your middle deepest assumptions. But we know that on the other side of that
questioning is truth and it’s worth it. It sucks but it’s worth it. So that’s what we do. Now, in the 18th century in Australia, you
have the collision of these two cultures. You have a culture that is indigenous to Australia
that is certain and is wrong. And has lived with that certainty and that
wrongness for tens of thousands of years and you have another culture that has an uneasy
relationship with its questioners, with it’s Platos, with its Socrates, with its Spinozas,
with it’s St. Augustine’s. You name it. With its Francis Bacons. With its Copernicus’s and so on. It doesn’t always kill them. A lot. But not always and that’s a huge difference. That’s a huge difference. A lot. Yes. Okay. Who can tell me? Give me some names of free thinkers, men and
women, history. Socrates. Galileo. He was tortured. Did he die? He was tortured. Was he killed by the church? He was tortured but not killed. Imprisoned. Jesus Christ. Amen. Sorry? Tony Abbott? I don’t know that wish fulfillment is where
we want to go at the moment. Anybody else? Come on you guys …
Sorry. Archimedes? Yup. Who else? Toby Robinson. Wow. That’s hanging by a thread right. Anyone who’s pissed off the Clintons. I can’t confirm or deny that I’m afraid. So we do have this uneasy relationship and
you can see this mob at the moment. This mob on the internet. This mob on Twitter. This mob right, just smash, smash, smash people
who ask uncomfortable questions. You can see this in the media that’s going
on. Lauren was talking about this earlier and
I’d hate that guy they are writing about in the media. It’s projection, right? So you have this collision. These two cultures. One that allows doubt. One that does not allow doubt. And it is important to look at the Aborigines
culture, I think. Learn from it. Respect the lessons that is has for us. Because there is this odd synchronicity between
the left and this noble savage stuff. There are two interesting things that struck
me when looking at the Aborigine culture. The first is that they basically had a welfare
state which is you had to share everything. You got extra food. Someone is hungry. You have to share. No matter what. Now, that’s interesting because that also
retards the development of increased intelligence. So as you know, and sort of where we all come
from, Europe and so on, there were these horrible winters. And I’m not talking about every five minute
in Perth it seems. Like ones that last for quite a long time. You know the crab about winter is that if
you don’t plan you don’t make it. If you’re greedy. If you’ve got enough food to last you through
March, in November and you eat it all in January, or by January, you’re not going to do well. You might starve to death. And so those who could not defer gratification,
those who would not plan, those who could not do the calculus and so on, well they didn’t
make it. And that meant of course there’s a slow increase
in intelligence over time. If you don’t have private property, it’s very
hard to progress as a society because those who plan more, those who are better, those
who hunt more, who hunt better, they just don’t get more resources to have more kids
and so, you just end up with this continual stagnation. So number one, they were socialists. Number two, the dreaming, this metaphysical
relationship that they had with reality, it forbade the alteration of their environment. That’s part of the animism as well. Like the everything has a soul. Everything has a spirit, which meant no agriculture. Who here has a little farm or a plot of land? You grow stuff in your environment. Okay, given where the economy is going, you
might want to look into it a little bit. Just a little bit. But, there’s a story of … this is more recorded
in history that there was an Aborigine who came up to a Fijian missionary who was tending
the garden, right? It’s incredible. I’ve got a 12 x 13 patch at home. It’s insane how much food you can grow. We eat a lot of vegetables. We can’t eat them all, we’ve got to hand them
out like Aborigines. The Aborigine comes up to the Fijian missionary
and says what are you doing all this crazy work for? We don’t have to do all this stupid stuff? The nature, the ancient ones, they are just
handing out this stuff like candy. We don’t have to do … what are you stupid? Ridiculous. I don’t know. You’re naked. Nothing has changed in 40,000 years. You spent five hours a day to try to get 2000
calories. You’re so malnourished that according to the
skeletons that have been unearthed, up to 80% of children had two to three stall lines
in their growth, which means severe malnutrition. The majority of the Aborigines bands, there’s
bands, tribes, chieftains, and then finally nation states. 30 to 50% of the Aborigines children were
killed, infanticide. 30 to 50%. Abortion was very common. They would eat herbs. They would tie ropes or whatever they used
around their bellies, the women that were pregnant and slowly tightened them. They would pound their bellies with rocks. And how would the babies be killed? Well they would be left behind when they moved
camp therefore slowly starvation, exposure, thirst or dingoes I suppose. I’m not going to say the line. You’ve heard it too many times. Oh, I want to though. No. No. Should I? Oh come on. Dark side. Light side. This side of the room is so nice and you’re
like do it. Do it. Dingo ate my baby. Thank you. Thank you. That’s still acting less over than Meryl. Or they would beat the baby’s head against
the rock or they would fill the baby’s mouth with sand. So that it would asphyxiate of course. 30 to 50%. So I’ve got to tell you, if I’m in a culture
where anybody who asks any questions, gets killed, I’m wandering around naked. Up to half my babies are being killed. There are lots of abortions going on. Women regularly getting raped for disobeying
orders. Then some incredible group of human beings
sail up in this giant ship and they have bang sticks and food and they can see, because
vision problems huge in the Aborigines community and they can hear because significant numbers
even now of Aborigine children, through neglect, through bad hygiene, through endless second
hand smoke, huge hearing problems. These people come along, I’m not sure I’d
be lecturing them on how stupid they were. You know? Like if some spaceship landed right here,
right now, people came down. They could moon walk through time and do all
kinds of amazing stuff. I wouldn’t be, I got a cellphone. You guys are idiots. Just have some humility. Maybe you’ve got something to learn, but you’ve
got nothing to learn because you’re perfect and you’re wrong. Now, philosophically speaking, it doesn’t
matter to me who is killing the Aboriginal children, because I’m not racist. So, can you imagine if the Europeans were
killing 30 to 50% of the Aborigine children? Not that infant mortality was oh accident. No killing. If 30 to 50% of the Aborigine children were
being killed by the Europeans everybody would go crazy and rightly so because it’s wrong. But if the Aborigines are doing it to themselves,
that’s a culture you must respect. That is insane. And it takes severely demented post modernism
to hang these two opposite thoughts together. The stolen generation, is that the phrase? Right? What is it? 6% of the kids were taken out and it was under
the same rules as they would be taken out of white families because of abuse and neglect
and sexual abuse in particular. So 6% of children were taken out of highly
abusive environments and you never hear the end of it. Same things happen in Canada by the way. But 30 to 50% of the babies were being killed. You understand, there is no yardstick by which
you can make that a sane equation. That you only focus on the 6% that are taken
out of abuse, but not the 30 to 50% that were killed by their own parents after. This is what’s supposed to be so terrible. Because the left is wild. Wild. Feral. Ignoble savages. Because the left says, it’s terrible to strip
people of their history and of their pride. So down go your statues Europeans. Down go any sense of pride that you might
have in your culture and in your civilization. We have to respect people who believe that
dust has a soul, but we cannot ever let people who saved humanity, who ended slavery, who
invented science, modernity, the free market, equality under law, they can’t have any pride. But the people who mass rape women, kill 30
to 50% of their own children in the most brutal ways possible, that must be respected. Europe and North America, asterisk not including
Mexico, from 800 BC to 1950 AD were responsible for what percentage of scientific progress
in the world? Did you say 100? You’re certain? And you’re wrong. You’re wrong. 98%. 98%. There is no modern world without Europe, without
whites. There is no modern world. We have enough excess to give huge amounts
of foreign aid to Africa. We have enough technological expertise to
give them cellphones, otherwise how are they going to have the money and GPS to find their
way to Europe? Look how well we share. Because we have this universality. Universality is our thing, right? That’s reason and evidence, the rule of law,
ethics, the non aggression principle, all the various things that we talk about in the
West. We consider them universal, which is one of
the ways that we have helped the world so much. Humanity has lasted for 150,000 years. Of those 150,000 years all but a few hundred
have had universal enslavement. Slavery. Slavery. Slavery, Slavery. All throughout history. All across the world. One group and one group only ended slavery. Not just in their own countries. Not just in their own empires. They spent untold amounts of blood and treasure
to end slavery worldwide. Worldwide. Until the Clintons and the Obama’s screwed
up. In Libya you have open air slave markets where
you can buy a human being for 400 dollars. Good job progressives. One group and one group alone, white European
Christians ended the worldwide practice of slavery. What is the one group now that is only ever
and forever blamed for slavery? There you go. Now you’re certain and correct. I was begging the question a bit. Yeah because no good dead in this world goes
unpunished. And the kindness and the generosity and the
values and the sacrifice that Europeans have made to try to bring civilization to the world,
has been re payed with what? Hatred, contempt, racism, hostility, suspicion. So it’s like we’re on a … I don’t know what
you call it, soccer or football here? You know the punty ball thing. Do you even play it? Oh yeah rugby. There we go. Australian rules rugby, otherwise known as
no rules rugby. It’s called footy. Footy? Footy, really? Sounds like the smelliest children show in
the world. Oh, that reminds me. One of the things that the Aborigines did,
well there is many, I won’t go on … but one of the things they did, especially when
there was trouble finding food, what they would do is get the kangaroos, they’d get
them to some oasis and then they’d smash their legs so they couldn’t walk. They would die slowly. They’d be available for food. The only example that I could find of any
kind of domestication of animals was the karoway bird? No, if you all do it at once I can’t hear
a thing. What was that? Cassowary. Now does that have a cry? Anybody? But it’s got a good kick. It’s got a what? It’s got a good kick. Well so apparently, they’d get the chicks
and they’d have the chicks bond with the local band and when they grew up they would kill
and eat the food at all that. But apparently when the, they got these raptors
things on their feet. Don’t they have these huge claws? They are pretty vicious like feminists and
they just … oh no no. Because they finish you off. Feminist just keep you going for tax cattle. So yeah that’s the only thing they would do
as far as that went. I knew if I took that turn I wouldn’t find
my way back. This is what happens when you don’t have notes. Or you do but you don’t refer to them. Oh yes. Okay, so we have this universality, so it’s
kind of a like we’re in a rugby game and we’re like you know we want to be fair so we’re
going to pass to the other team and the other team are like great. Now we only have to pass amongst ourselves. Because we’ve given up our in group preference
haven’t we? Because to have an in group preference as
a white person, is to be an evil racist Nazi whatever? Well Jews can have their own in group preference. Blacks can have their in group preference. East Asians and North Asians and South Asians. Absolutely. You know the old thing. You know the old thing that’s on the internet. I am a proud black man said the proud black
man. I am a proud Oriental said the Oriental. I’m a proud white man said the racist. So we’ve given up our in group preferences,
right? Because of universality. But universality is all well and good. But there is a little asterisk. Universality is good except for cultures and
groups that don’t believe in universality. Right? That’s the problem. We say, diversity is a value. So let’s bring in huge numbers of people for
whom diversity is not a value. Universality, we owe moral obligations to
everyone. And so then we bring in groups who do not
believe that you have the same moral obligations to outsiders that you do to insiders, right? Islam is one of them. In Islam, you do not have the same if any
moral responsibilities to non Muslims as you do to Muslims and within the Muslim religion,
there are lots of different sects and so on. So we’re like yeah universality. Everybody. And that’s great if everybody is into universality. But if they are not, you are setting up a
time bomb. So the question is, how did we get to that
place? When I started looking into the Aborigine
history, well it’s kind of controversial as you may have heard. So starting in the 60s, there was this conflict
between historians. The old school historians, the new obviously
leftist, maybe even plain Marxists historian and the same thing happened all throughout
the West. They have this wonderful thing, these leftists
historians. What they do is they wait until everyone is
dead and then they slander the living crap out of them, because they can’t get sued because
they are dead. So they began going back to the 1920s and
even further back and so on, and they were talking about how brutal and how horrifying
and horrible the occupation was. You all know the story of the genocide and
the murder and right? And, it’s a problematic case to make for sure. There is one estimate, you’ve probably heard
of this, that in Queensland it was 10,000 Aborigines who were killed and a professor,
a very good professor, started looking into the sources for all of these claims and it
was interesting what he found. He found that the estimate of 10,000 came
from no records. Of course, right? Not only did the indigenous population as
a whole not have a history of a written language, but they don’t speak of the dead. It’s a little tricky. Trying to find out who died when they don’t
speak of the dead. Who died? No, I really need to know. Who died? So, the estimate he came up with, 10,000,
where did it come from? Well what he did was he looked up, they call
this history, what he did was he looked up and said oh, about 800 white people were killed
by the Aborigines. It’s probably 10 to 1 the other way. Yeah. Why not 20 to 1? Why not 5 to 1? Why not blue unicorn to 1? It’s just history. But maybe he felt like 8,000 wasn’t a big
enough number, so he just added 20%. I wish that was my bank account. Hey, I’m rich. So this is where he came up with the 10,000
and you’ve probably heard the river massacres and so on, as massacres and so on where, I
saw one, I think it was the river massacre, the estimates are between 1 and 1000 Aborigines
were killed. 1 and 1000. How was that anything? How does anyone say that with a straight face? Or of course you all know, the indigenous
population, there was the virgin soil epidemics? The virgin soil epidemics. They had no exposure European viruses like
Marxism … sorry. Marxism is still more friendly than diptheria. Yeah small pox and so on. Now small pox, this is a big thing right? The Europeans brought over the small pox blankets
and they infected … nonsense. There was no germ theory of disease in the
18th century, 17th century, 16 century. Germ theory of disease didn’t come till much
later. Okay, people knew you cough on someone and
it’s bad but there was no big germy theory. They couldn’t see the germs. They didn’t know. Anybody know how long the voyage was? Not how long it felt on the plane. But how long the voyage was from England to
Australia in the 18th century? Who came up with eight months? Me. Dude. That’s very good. It’s actually 8.01, no it’s eight months. So eight months, right? So, if have small pox and you get on a ship
in confined quarters for eight months, I don’t know what small pox is like? No, that’s bubonic plague gives you the giant
armpits right? I can’t straighten my arm when I do this because
someone is going to take a photo. So, if you get on and you’re like doing whatever
small pox does, than they are going to throw you off the ship. No. Sorry you can’t infect everyone. It’s time to give small pox to the sharks. There is no … you’re not going to make it,
however from Indonesia back then, it’s like 12 to 15 days on a raft or whatever they used
and the incubation period for small pox is 8 to 12 days. 8 to 14 days. So it’s almost for certain that the small
pox came from Indonesia, not from England. There is no way … it’s just bad luck. It’s bad luck. And it is the price …. I don’t want to blame
any of the contemporary indigenous people for all that happened, but it is kind of the
price of killing all of your curious minds. Of having this certainty instead of these
questions. Instead of having this artificial doubt called
magic, rather than this rational methodology called science, called reason, called evidence
is one of the things that happens is you don’t learn anything about medicine. I mean there are still, I mean there are all
these different types of magic. There’s protective magic. There’s love magic. There’s black hat sorcery stuff. And, there is this answer as to why people
which is always bad magic. Black magic. Which means you get these endless battles
back and forth between these bands and these tribes. Somebody trips and falls down a hole and it’s
like magic. Let’s get whoever the magic guy is. Oh we’ve got to get that guy back. Boom. Boom. Boom. That’s the price. So, one of the prices of killing all of your
curious people is that you don’t have any progress which means that when some other
civilization that allows curious people to have a word in from time time, it’s bad. It’s bad. But it wasn’t planned. It wasn’t … but you have historians and
I’ve read these quotes. Historians say, well either accidentally or
on purpose these illnesses made their way into the Aboriginal population. Again, either accidentally or on purpose? Seems like a pretty important distinction. But what they do is they put that in, so that
idiots down the road can just say whites infected aborigines on purpose. They just throw this stuff in as a vague qualifier
and then it becomes an absolute and then it gets taught and why, why, why? Why must you be taught these things? Why? So you feel bad. So you feel that it’s not your land. Sorry. I’m just looking at this objectively. Aborigines had Australia for 40,000 years. Europeans have had Australia for less than
1% of that time. Less than 1% of that time and you have made
a paradise out of a desert. Now there’s an …
In 40,000 years time, you’ll be there 50% of the time. Demographically, I’m not sure you’ve got 40,000
years unless you change things pretty quickly. Now that is important because the relationship
that I think philosophy has to pride is really, really interesting. It’s really interesting. I don’t like collectivist pride. Like the whites did this and I’m white so
I should feel proud. No, no. You didn’t … it’s not what you did. Because when you have collectivist pride,
you have the great danger called collectivist guilt. Right? And that’s what’s being used at the moment. I prefer it this way. I don’t care which group it was that produced
98% of the scientific advances from 800 BC to 1950. I don’t care who it was. It could be blue haired tentacled people. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. That is indispensable. That is something to admire. Pride, if you take pride in the unearned,
it leads to laziness. Because you get this false ego of like, well
I’m great because I am X whatever it is. Then that means that you get a sense of satisfaction
and purpose and achievement that you didn’t earn. But if you admire a particular group, then
you get something to aim for right? You get something to achieve. Just like if you have some uncle who is a
great painter. But you don’t get to say, well I’m a great
painter too because he’s my uncle. You don’t get that. But what you can do is say, wow, that guy,
he’s my uncle. He’s a great painter. Maybe I can try painting too. Maybe I can be as good and maybe what you
can do is sort of the admiration of achievement. You can add to that achievement. Rather than say, I achieved it which you didn’t. But to be inspired by people who have done
amazing things can be a wonderful way to grow and to add to the beauty of what you admire. But the pride is a different issue. Because the issue that’s happening right now,
not just in Australia, not just in New Zealand, not just in Canada, throughout the West is
there is this horrible collectivist historical moral condemnation which is as vile a philosophical
and moral sin as anything I can imagine. Where as Europeans, as whites, we are told
to feel guilty for things that other white people did hundreds of years ago, a lot of
which is not even proven. We are told to feel guilty for all of the
bad things that happened but we’re not supposed to feel any positive emotions for all of the
great things that happened. Nothing but shame. Nothing but self derision. Nothing but self contempt. Nothing but self hatred is the invitation
that’s constantly played out to us. You did terrible things. Your ancestors did terrible things. Feel guilty. Give money. We’ve turned into these giant collectivist
blood stained vending machines of white guilt. Boom. Boom. Boom. Money. Money. Money. It’s a shake down. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. It’s vile. It’s predatory. And the most shameful thing that we have done
is submit to shame. Without a doubt. It’s not right. I didn’t do it. You didn’t do it. Why be blamed? You can’t make collective moral judgements
about any other race, can you? Aborigines are up to 19 times more likely
to commit certain crimes than whites. 19 times. Can you make collectivist moral judgements
about aborigines? No. And you shouldn’t. I’d be aware of the probabilities. But you shouldn’t. So even though massive increases in crime
are being committed by aborigines just as they are by black in America, blacks around
the world, as Hispanics and so on. Can’t make any collectivist moral judgements
about groups committing massive amounts of crime in the present, but a tiny minority
of whites who may have done something wrong 300 years ago, too bad. Be guilty. Give money. This is horrifying. If people are so concerned about colonialism,
if people are so concerned about the massacre populations, here’s the simple thing to do. It’s very easy. There are Wikipedia pages on this. You go to the greatest colonial massacres
and murders throughout human history. Sort by death count and do a secondary sort
by lack of guilt. Lack of remorse from the perpetrators. Anybody know what is the death count of the
Muslim takeover of India? 80 million. 80 million. Anybody know how many blacks died in the Muslim
slave trade? This feels like the worst auction in human
hearings. Can I get another pile of bodies? A little more pile of bodies. Anymore death over here. 100 million. 100 million. Do you know more white Europeans were enslaved
in North Africa than were ever taken from Africa to North America? Now, why do you think that the blacks are
not going to the Muslims and saying you owe use reparations for 100 million dead? No, they’ve got money. I’ve seen some Saud’s on yachts. I think that they’ve got some money. Why? They are not guilty. Oh, thank you for reminding me. Another little data point about some aborigines
is that they find a lot of skulls from the women. Here’s a good bit of forensics for you. They find these skulls of women with these
centimeter wide depressions and concussions, mostly on the left side of the women’s head. Do you know why? Because if you’re her husband or I guess there’s
a lot of polygamy and so on and you’re swinging and you’re hitting with a rock or something
your wife and it’s going to be on the left side. Why is nobody nagging the Muslims about their
predations and colonial invasions? Why? PC in here. Anyways. So it’s complex and simple at the same time
because they’ll be like, we want … whereas we’re like man, I feel so bad. What those ancestors I’m not related to did
was so terrible. Oh god. I just want to say sorry to the world. We’re so sorry for science and philosophy
and Shakespeare. And toilet paper. And roads. And the wheel. So sorry. So sorry for the rule of law. Well actually we are sorry for Kim Kardashian
but that’s another story. That’s too much butt for anyone. Except another Kardashian. We’re just so sorry for everything. Why? Why? Sorry for penicillin. Sorry for antibiotics. Sorry for x-rays. Sorry for surgery. Do you know, as soon as the 1930s came along,
when penicillin was developed than immediately it’s like well let’s save everyone from STDs
and who was suffering the most from STDS? The Aborigines. Syphilis in particular, gonorrhea, chlamydia. I mean it sounds like, I don’t know these
names. Gonorrhea and chlamydia always sounds like
the worst hibiscuses in the world but as soon as was possible. And now look? Tens of billions of dollars being handed over
and handed over and handed over. It’s not helping them. Oh we stole their culture. No. Massive welfare state generosity stole the
culture. Culture is what happens when you need to get
things done and if you just hand out money to people, of course they go limp. It’s like a muscle with no resistance. It atrophies. It doesn’t help the aborigines. What helps the aborigines has helped the indigenous
population in North America, what helps all of us is a little thing called freedom which
we seem to have completely forgotten about in this regard, because there is this horrible
dealt that’s made and the horrible deal is an old deal. The old deal is your ancestors did something
wrong. You’re infected with something called guilt
and shame and if you give us money, we will let you off the hook for the next five minutes
and then we’ll come back for more money and more money and more money. You understand? The noble savage is just the rewriting of
Adam and Eve. Colonial guilt is just the rewriting of original
sin. We’re going to infect you with this imaginary
disease and then we’re going to sell you a temporary cure for an infinite amount of money. We’re going to make you feel terrible and
then we’ll let you off the hook for just a few minutes if you give us lots of money. It’s a kidnapping of your self esteem. It is destruction and your confidence and
your happiness and your pleasure of who you are. It is an appeasement because we seem to have
given up the fight. Well, bad things happened. We’re responsible. Here’s some money. And we think somehow that this is going to
make the problem go away. Funny thing is, when you pay off blackmailers
what do they do? They come back for more. I’m not responsible. You’re not responsible. There’s a huge amount to admire in the white
race. Huge amount to admire in the European race. We shouldn’t be selling it out for five minutes
of peace from verbal abuse. You guys got elections coming up? When? Next weekend? Oh I better hurry up then. Ending. Great. Cheers. I think it’s good to have doubt. It is. It’s good to have doubt. It’s good to continue to ask questions so
I invite you to resurrect the ancient god of the Europeans which is doubt. Doubt about collectivist moral condemnation
in history. Doubt about leftists post modernists who say
there is no such thing as truth. There is no such thing as virtue, but you’re
responsible for unproven things from 100 of years ago so give us money. They are not relativists. If there was no such thing as truth and no
such thing as virtue, why would you feel bad for anything. Why would you accept anything as true? They say that to you to lower your skepticism,
to lower your defense against lies that exploit you and destroy your countries, destroy your
cultures and destroy your future. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it. It is a lie. It’s destructive. It’s a betrayal of the west. It is a betrayal of the great glory of reason,
skepticism and the requirement for evidence and universality before accepting moral self
condemnation. Push back. Say no. Save yourselves. Thank you very much. Thank you.


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  2. It has come into the church . . . I go to Clayton Church in Melbourne. . . Two pastors came and told us there is some white guilt on their shoulders . . . I absolutely hated it. . . and I am Indian. The one gripe I have with white people is. . . They don't have any appreciation for their own culture & heritage .. . . no respect for elders . . . They are always keen to embrace other cultures . . . Please see what your forefathers gave to the world. (Democracy, Capitalism, Railways . . . )

  3. The brilliant film director Stanley Kubrick said, “Man is not a noble savage…He is irrational, brutal, weak, silly, unable to be objective about anything where his own interests are involved…” That's only partly true, the noble savage is indeed a myth, i.e. false, but you have a choice on whether to be objective or not. It's the methodology that matters, which is why, Stanley, scientists don't claim absolute truth. They seek it, its a quest.

  4. Stefan, why is the left doing what it's doing? Who is the real enemy? I mean, what is the identity of this leftist monster and what is their motivation/incentive/end-game? I'm a brown-skinned pacific islander that grew up in a very very westernized country. So westernized that I don't ever remember thinking in my native tongue even as a young child. I grew up in a rural town and had nothing but a set of Encyclopedia Britannica as entertainment. I immigrated to the US when I was 17 and have adapted well over the decades. I went to a leftist university back home where I got inundated with leftist propaganda. The left there were always the ones to fear as they had a monopoly on violence. Somehow I also grew up indoctrinated that the liberals/democrats were the good guys. I'm now just discovering that conservatives are the more cautious and perhaps virtuous ones. I've surprised myself and will finally vote for the candidates that are…um…nevermind, they all seem like disingenuous individuals. I have little hope that anyone who isn't garbage is going to run for high office. If there already are some in elected positions, they are doing a lousy job of communicating their worth. I thought Trump was a liberal in sheep's clothing. I still don't know what to make of him. I do have him to thank for my doubt that led me to ask important questions.
    Cheers. I like what you are doing!

  5. i've figured out the demographic problem. we convinced the demographics that we don't want to immigrate into our countries that they are stealing the natives land and they must pay reparations or leave.

  6. Hey Stefan,
    Can you please provide some sources for your data referenced in this presentation? All would be great, but I'm specifically interested in the sources for your statements on Australian Aboriginal culture with regard to rape being a punishment for women.

  7. Pride, this Guy talks about Pride. Pride belongs to Mighty The Script Writer Or God, onto him and him alone thy must be bestow Pride and beholdeth onto him…! Just Kidding, Pal…!!!!!

  8. A great lecture in defence of european culture which the left has tried
    to denigrate and destroy. European civilisations must unite and take a stand against the forces of darkness. Per Ardua ad Astra!

  9. Listen MATE, to show that we are great there is no need of putting other people down. THAT is an inferiority complex and this in Australia DOES NOT EXIST. It is THE best country in the world. GO HOME!

  10. White is not a thing exactly. There are many cultures included which can vary wildly from group to group and even in some instances prejudice.

  11. You know all the obvious insanity aside the left advocates the extermination of white people with some even saying white babies should be killed but they are silent on their culture off infanticide. That's the definition of insanity.

    So white people ended slavery only to be blamed for it. I don't know in what universe the power to stop something obviously means you have the power to create it.

    Additionally HOW does the left embrace Islam so hard when they are STILL enslaving and killing people of color??? That makes less than zero sense

  12. White people kick ass. I’m from Canada and my family ties are the Vikings that settled Newfoundland. Very proud of my lineage. Fuck anyone who says I’m guilty or a bad person because I’m proud of where I’m from

  13. By analogy he's implying that He is a genius and although no one wants to kill him, I'm guessing that criticizing him is a form of oppression? SJW's can be vicious to people that question something. So I agree that it is a form of oppression. But that's not society against individuals -few brilliant specimens. It's ideological divide, group vs group. One group has the upper hand so people who ask questions can lose their job etc. They can cut you down. But that doesn't stop -end questions. The other group is still there. Like minded (geniuses like you) asking those same questions.
    Killing 30-50% children? How about some context /explanation? Like putting them out of their misery for whatever the reason? Maybe primitive solution for primitive people? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that Aborigines don't eat their babies.
    I think western civilization IS the best, but when those ships came to Australia practically all of them believed in their version of magic.

  14. ''odd synchronicity between the left and this noble savage stuff…welfare state -you had to share everything''
    Calling it welfare state or socialist is ridiculous. They were living in small groups -bands. Makes perfect sense. All hunter gatherers lived that way.
    ''belief in magic forbade the alteration of their environment…if you don't have private property, if you don't plan for the winter -retards the development of increased intelligence''
    When white europeans were still hunter gatherers planing for the winter /developing their intelligence….there were brown people who believed in magic, never had cold winters and already had (increased intelligence) agriculture irrigation written word clock wheel ….they were building ships and structures made of stone, much higher then two stories.

  15. The white guilt narrative is being propagated around the world in every major country. The media likes to connect anybody who might agree with Stefan to the white supremacy movement. As if the only proud white people in the world are racist

  16. In a small community, essentially a large family unit, it is reasonable to share resources…. in a larger community, selfishness is reasonable…

  17. The doubting vs certainty is interesting. It is it really the result of culture? Europe only a few hundred years was also pretty miserable. The success of the western world might be related to larger population , made possible by greater available resources, which allowed for greater creativity.

  18. Stefan please Research ERIC DUBAY. i know you like talking alot about being CERTAIN about our place in the universe but its still in the realm of "doubt" as you say. Why would Govt, or a tyrant/ power holder willingly forfeit treasured knowledge or discoveries. Nasa is not to be trusted one bit and SpaceX will be Nasas scapegoat. Earth is flat. stay away from TFES disinfo.

  19. I'm glad and very thankful I'm white, male and have and use my brain.
    I'm an American and proud of it. We are the best.

  20. I posted this video up on my Facebook and got a few comments thrown at me by my sister and brother in law about watching Bruce Pascoe's videos and actually sitting down to talk to some real aborigines instead of listening to some foreign white guy who had been proven wrong before. So it's taken me a couple of months but finally watched this: Tell me what you think and if you have heard of Bruce Pascoe. Thank you Stefan. I love watching your stuff.

  21. Echo chamber – take it to the next level – I agree with your policies, not on your argument on IQ and biology. Go outside your intellectual comfort zone and confront the intellectual opposition on politics and abstain from the rest.

  22. I often wonder: is my content in raising reasonable well behaved children enough to contribute to the society and ideals my ancestors build.
    I feel like yes, because all I want is to be a mother and wife. I also feel like society tells me no…. Even though I continue my intellectual discovery on my own basis. But I'm poor and technically uneducated by modern standards.
    I know I could do more, but I don't want my children raised by women who are in childcare for a pay cheque…. Rough shit lol

  23. "One group and one group only ended slavery. Not just in their own countries, not just in their own empires, they spent untold amounts of blood and treasure to end slavery worldwide. World. Wide. Until the Clintons and the Obamas screwed up Libya, and now you have open air slave markets where you can buy a human being for $400 dollars. Good job, progressives. One group and one group alone, white European Christians, ended the worldwide practice of slavery. What is the one group that now is only ever, and forever, blamed for slavery? White European Christians. Because no good deed in this world goes unpunished."

    Powerful stuff. And undeniable.

  24. Anti-black hiring discrimination hasn't improved in 25 years.

    Study: anti-black hiring discrimination is as prevalent today as it was
    in 1989

    Hiring Discrimination Against Black Americans Hasn’t Declined in 25 Years

    You know the problem with some people? The less educated they are and the louder they claim their stupidity. Next time, do a little bit of research. No social peace without social justice.

  25. Galileo was never totured, but threatened to jailed for about a month because he spreading false information, actually when he tried to prove his discovery particularity the heliocentric one was utterly failed when he got questioned by his collages. instead he got a house arrest in his villa, funded by the church while his daughter took care for him but he still continue his research

  26. As long as u dont wage wars ever year.Have 800 military bases and so on.Cus god.We are all savages and we need Mr.Captsin America military machine.I personally beed NSA to take a shit

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  30. I don't know a single person I could show this to without being branded a racist hatemonger nefariously stirring up trouble…that is so wrong. So much courage, Stefan- thankyou. Your combo of intellect and big brass balls is inspiring. I share your aversion to "magic" and know many civilised, intelligent ppl who bizarrely do at the most random junctures…for me these days science and reason are "God"…also I would like to hear more about the need for all of us to have fluidity /flexible viewpoints as opposed to forgone conclusions that are unassailable or even taboo. As a topic, u could tie it in with pointers on how to recognise when we are using logic emotively or in a reactionary way, this is good new stuff for many ppl myself included to hear…just an idea. thanks.

  31. I think you could easily bring up the cargo cults of the south sea island cultures during WW2 as a worthy comparison for what it may have been like for "stone age" cultures (such as aborigines) to suddenly find clipper ships on their coast in 1730. Also, technology has become the "magic" of SciFi movies because to those of us who don't code… pretty much is a magical power. When such "magic" seems so plentiful and accessible…do we not, deep down, begin to believe it grows on trees? I am also reminded of the movie "The gods must be crazy."

  32. after 32:49h – where does he get this number? 98% … don't get me wrong, i agree with the gist of it. but the way he presents it, is pretty (pretty!) shady. i mean, how do you quantize "scientific progress"? which contribution weighs how much? what data sets are you using? was something like this published? scientific progress 500-1950, relative contributions per what per country? per continent? … and if – which i'm suspecting – it's purely rethorical: why? so people are impressed? such rethorical devices are necessary only if one is either unsure about the content of one's speech. or about the audience. which of the two is it, mr. molyneux?

  33. We white people are, right now, like barracudas swimming in a school, and our prey is anyone who mainstream media and western university marks as evil. These leftists should hang themselves if they feel so guilty about shit we never did. Wait until that light is shone on the black population who has been murdering us en mass on actual racist motivators. Let us fight back without those trillionairs controlling politics and media and we will show you our spines of steal.

  34. Dont know why people come down on whites they have done nothing wrong people of color created their own problems than blame whites when u ask the color of god or jesus the world says black people of color need to take things in stride whites were slaves as well

  35. Brilliant speech!! Thank you for all your work <3 can I just ask for a source for more white europeans were enslaved in north africa than were ever taken from africa to north america "53:39" ? I have been googling and can only find 1.25 million europeans compared to 12 million africans. I would love to use this point in friendly debates but can't find the backing. The closest I can find is "But from 1500 to 1650, when trans-Atlantic slaving was still in its infancy, more white Christian slaves were probably taken to Barbary than black African slaves to the Americas, according to Davis."

  36. You just can't win if you are white. If you don't have any "___ friends", you are a racist. If you DO have any "____ friends", you are still a racist.

    Yes, my best friend was, until recently, was a black guy. We worked together at a job we mutually disliked and we connected. Then tragedy struck my family. He was there for me. I left the state, but 3 years later we're still talking. Unfortunately, the last six months to a year, in this highly charged political and racial climate, he has this propensity to send me anti-white propaganda. It's becoming more and more frequent. The first dozen times I brushed it off, but he's recently been sending me bullshit from outright black supremacists. So I finally went off on him and am not speaking to him now.

    I don't know what he wanted to get out of this. You can only milk the white guilt cow for so many apologies, resources, and freebies before a people says enough. They will never push me into the arms of the hateful, but at some point you have to just walk away and say "I tried".

    All of this…the mass media, Colin Kaepernick, all the movies, this is not a serious conversation about the races coming together. This is about revenge. It's the shoe on the other foot. We need to pay for what our ancestors did. You won't let the wounds heal that my ancestors supposedly caused. Although, that is revisionist history in and of itself as well. Your ancestors were not as benign as you think they were. But your textbooks didn't tell you that.

  37. I count myself doubly clever now to have been there for this speech. Gavin McInnes has had his visa application rejected, so he won't be paying us a visit. And Milo's speaking tour with Anne Coulter has gone bust.
    Gavin's opponents said he spewed 'noxious rhetoric' – well, what better place to diffuse that noxious rhetoric than in a public setting before a live audience? You'd think that anyone who opposed Gavin's ideas would grab at the chance to debate him in public, away from the studio and the editing facilities, and demolish him. Instead, Team GavinOut has bolted the door and put the big heavy beam in place, shouting NONONONONONONO.
    Well, after seeing the way that Stefan and Lauren handled that dopey Kiwi interviewer, I guess they just didn't want to take the chance.

  38. The really sad and crazy thing is that when certain people in the past questioned things and were persecuted sooner or later the truth would come out, that did not help the actual person at the time most of them were killed now that was through backwardness, somebody shouted out Tommy Robinson, good on them, the things he is persecuted for is not backwardness but fear of people seeing the truth, one of the most advanced cultures in the world ever is in total denial and is prepared to admit black is white, that's full circle.

  39. The Islamist nations will not pay any compensation as they will claim what happened was the will of Allah……. The religion of war and pestilence is always right and our governments are apologists for what was acceptable and done by or forefathers… I have no guilt I am not responsible.

  40. where are the non-communist/democrat/globalist tv shows, networks, or cable/dish providers anyway??? is all of this, including the supposed "conservative" alternative media, just a facade to keep people from going out and doing something themselves to deter and eliminate the greedy communists and greedy foreign invaders who have already destroyed their and all their future generations quality and way of life, wealth, opportunity, culture, heritage, moderation, and taken years from their physical/mental/social/spiritual health??? ANTIRACIST HITLER communism is running rampant globally. 2019 the year of world war to destroy these global communists and their ever increasing insanity, problems, and decline. restore the basis of nation for each founded upon, yes -RACE, each subspecies of culture/heritage evolution. before post ww2 corruption and censorship of centuries of racial biology science, and history, even millennia recorded back through greeks and chinese medicine. eliminating all these century entrenched, sovereign people moderated society corrupting, post ww2 widespread greedy global communist extremist manipulators and their endless growth economics, world nation/culture/heritage/diversity destroying, ecological doom, obsolete immigration of unrequired and undesired foreigners, and their claimed "culture" of trivial archaic, language/thinking, singing, dancing, drawing, clothing, and food, on an overfull planet where all have their own places. these mindless western emulating, envious malevolent, superficial culture/less, heritageless, identityless, mindless memorizer aping brain, physical performer, armies of greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals who only bring their well demonstrated embodied unmoderated existence patterns of rapid overpopulation, unaffordability, dysfunction, and decline. its the same as a century ago, though much worse, the battle to eliminate all these greedy communist parasites who do not create nicety for themselves in their own places. their pawned greedy 3rd world and tropical parasites endlessly demanding more and more taken from what other peoples forefather generations created for themselves and their own for centuries. these parasitoids who inherently destroy the most benevolent people/nations/heritages that tried to help some of them. communists destroying true world diversity with each in their own place, visiting and respecting others. the purpose of nation after all of human history finally legitimized for each last century as a place for the benefit and protection of their common people with similar culture, heritage, language, religion, embodiments, patterns. japan is still for japanese people/culture/heritage/race/tribe. germany is still for germans. france for french, who protest in the streets bc "french" means nothing now. taiwan for taiwanese. philippines for filipinos. vietnam for vietnamese. usa euro places for their euro creators, black places for blacks. certainly not this having all usa media pushed worldwide, but even the majority west of their country, where blacks have no history, culture, heritage in creating and maintaining cities and states, yet somehow all euro american nations/ cities media is overrun with a make believe 50% or more communist black representation, with the white nation creators disassociated from their own homelands, cultures, and heritages, that all the other insane and feeble minded envy and emulate. turning everywhere on earth, with something to take, into the same disunited, mindless consuming, cultureless, heritageless, nationless, raceless, tribeless, identityless, genderless, flawed western emulating, ingrate, greedy 3rd worlder and tropical overpopulated and unaffordable, cesspools of low quality existence. and now the same greedy communists and 3rd worlders and tropicals fraud of immigration for theft and redistribution of wealth, is forced upon other prosperous peoples places, yamato tribes japan, joseons korea, and han tribes china & taiwan. war is the only solution. now the whole world understands why killing communists was never a crime, and a necessity to maintaining world order with sane, nice, livable, affordable, moderated nations for each who create it for themselves, with the others living however they like in their own long established places. the world is full and all have their own places they are responsible for developing themselves in. all these greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals trying to circumvent their own evolution, only bringing all others down to their lower level, futilely emulating the world minorities of millennia prosperous races/heritages, and futilely dedicating their lives to trying to escape their own embodiments, their own people, and the places they always create. it is impossible. the greedy foreigners must be held accountable to develop themselves in their own places. the systems only function properly with the people that they were designed by and for. it all starts with hunting down the treasonous communist government, corporation, university leaders and giving them summary trials and executions in the street, ceausescu style.

  41. Being called a racist and or white supremacist in today’s world is a compliment. It means you aren’t docile to their agenda.

  42. The rise of the "west" has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the ability of people to migrate to cooler climates.
    In Australia, as it is in North America, Europe and Africa you will find the most secular, liberal populations in the south of the southern hemisphere and the north of the northern hemisphere. In other words, the closer you get to the Equator the dumber people get – independent of race.
    Here in Australia our most racist and quite frankly dumbest population is concentrated closer to the equator and the closer you get to Antarctica the more secular and smarter the people get.
    This comes about because places of higher learning, research facilities, government bodies and the headquarters of large corporations are mostly situated in the cooler parts of countries or near temperate coastlines.
    That means the best and brightest in the regions closer to the Equator and warmer inland regions have to migrate to a cooler climate to advance their education and seek employment opportunities. It's not race – it's just a brain drain brought about by climate.

    It's easy to see why Stefan appeals to the Dumb, Drunk and Racist – because like them he doesn't put much thought into his theories but I also suspect his theories track the money and are aimed at credulous people who are easily influenced. Like many of his ilk he is playing a character.

  43. very rarely do I find people so incredibly stupid, who presume they are intellectually capable. Steven. You sir… are a moron. Try something other than thought. You fail.

  44. Fuck all that there•s 'God the Creater and damn near everybody's blind and brainwashed. Within a few short years everyone's going to feel this thing called me Great Tribulation.

  45. What a disgusting thing to speak on something you have little insight about. For those who are interested in learning about the real genocide in Australia.

    No need to feel butt hurt and guilt. It’s about moving forward with the facts and designing ways forward, not burying them like you do. The desire to share the facts is based on how indigenous Australian communities are treated today. Clean drinking water was only offered to a small village a year or two ago. Life expectancy is very low. Some people don’t know who their grandparents were as they were kidnapped. It’s a real thing and you do your MA of history a disservice to be such a revisionist in topics you should probably not make a mockery of.

  46. 373 thumbs down 👎 by self-hating Whites and entitled Non-Whites living in White European Countries who have the advantage of ancestral genetic homogeneous homelands they’d be completely opposed to the same destruction of. Racist Anti-White Hypocrisy.

  47. I'm a new subscriber and new to your views, but so far I'm liking what I'm seeing from you a lot. I'm most looking forward to what you were saying on another video that seemed to suggest you were an Anarchist. I believe that I would very much be in opposition to Anarchy, based on what I think of it, but I want to see your side of it and your views on it.

  48. This is so true. We're over getting barked at by everyone. It's time to bark at someone else. We will not apologize for our existence!

  49. 'As a philosopher' – don't you mean as a charlatan grifter hoodwinking the lowest picking fruit you can find?

  50. I wish there was a fact sheet that could be done by Stefan for Australians to give to politicians so they would know real Australian history.

  51. I agree with the overall message of this speech, but I don't think it's necessarily accurate: The Leftists aren't just saying that because of the immoral actions of a few people in the past, that the entire collective must be guilty; they're saying that the cause of the immoral actions was an all-permeating philosophy of racial superiority that the entire society bought into, accepted, and propagated. The philosophy formed the specific moral and sociological basis that enabled, and materially caused, the actions.

    Further, the current collective is supposed to be guilty not because they did anything, but rather because the aforementioned immoral acts resulted in material gain and consequent enrichment of the relevant society, and that this enrichment was transferred to them. Further, access to this enrichment was specifically gated/managed through the concept of race. As a metaphor, it's like if your cousin assaults and robs someone else, and then gives you the money because you're family. Your not having committed the crime has no bearing on your responsibility to return the property to the victim.

    As I said, despite this, I still agree with he overall message that the Caucasian race should not feel guilty, for three reasons:1. The natural justice concept of 'reparations' has [for the most part] almost certainly already been executed. Do an analysis of net contribution and benefit of tax revenue/services by race in all Western countries since the establishment of welfare, and see what happens. I haven't run the numbers, but I'd eat my hat if the Caucasian race group hasn't subsidized the existence of relevant other entire race groups within relevant countries, for generations. Some colonially victimized groups may not be accounted for however, like India — because that group e.g. rarely requires welfare in Western nations in any considerable manner.

    2. As implied in the speech, even if all the accusations of colonial atrocities were all true, it still does not compare the amount of human good, and limitation/prevention of suffering, achieved through the humanity advancement propagated by the post-colonial West. Now, greater ability to utilize stolen property does not justify or remediate stealing, but, this whole situation should be considered in context of the fact that, as alluded to in the speech, no other atrocity-committing [racial] group (i.e. pretty much all of them) is held to anywhere near the level of account that the Caucasian race is. This, despite them not being able to hold a candle to contribution to humanity progress the way the West (which was in relevant previous iterations, synonymous with Caucasian civilization) can.

    3. The philosophy and paradigm of racial gating of enrichment is no longer present. The access is managed via mechanics of legal citizenship, which is as it should be. There is no further diffusion of access possible, without dissolving the entire national, and subsequently civilizational, unit, which is untenable. The enrichment present in the West is available to be accessed by all races (Note: this is not a justification for immigration).

  52. I have long believed the basic foundations of a "Good Culture" are:
    1) Intact families with a mommy and a daddy…..
    2) Parents work hard so their kids can have a better life than they had…..
    3) Education has a high priority…..
    4) Children and old people are treated lovingly…..
    Absent these basic factors, a culture is a failed culture….

  53. People who were killed in history for arguing a point: Anyone who argued with Henry the Eighth, except wife number 6. She cleverly dissembled and lived to see another day.

  54. Thank you for articulating so fulsomely what l have known for a long time. To me there is nothing noble about appropriating the pain and anguish of our forbears to further our own agenda and exploit people who have no connection to the harm that was inflicted. What's done is done. What's gone is gone.

  55. Too much doubt is more poisonous as no doubt. Too much doubt means that no one learns and embraces truth. It's all "just your opinion, man". Rather than kill the wise man, they ignore him. The Left has doubt in spades. They doubt self-preservation, they doubt property, they doubt that your life has value.

  56. Yeah, fucking abos, if it wasn't for the west, abos would still be running around chasing lizards with sticks & wearing grass nappies.

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