The Dietary and Lifestyle Changes Necessary for Optimal Health


  1. We seem to have forgotten how special we and in how we should treat ourselves and others and I am very glad that you stress that in your lectures Dr. Bergman , Thank You , Art .

  2. My father is 71 and has Parkinson's and he's a retired Marine always on the go and he still shakes like that

  3. A lot of what you say is interesting. I hold judgement on the anti-vax stand though. We did have measles at bay until people started to refuse the vaccine for their children. The same for polio. I only personally question the flu vaccine every year because there is no guarantee that the strain that you were vaccinated for will be the same one you will be exposed to. Thanks for the info.

  4. @DrJohnBergman I have severe sleep apnea. I thought I was sleeping through the night and Doctor's couldn't explain the excessive daytime somnolence until I had a sinus infection in 1992. The ENT ordered a sleep study and found I stopped breathing over 20 times per MINUTE and my oxygen saturation levels dropped significantly. In the mid to late '90s after CPAP/BIPAP use and weight loss Dr's removed my tonsils, uvula, soft tissue palette, performed an upper and lower mandibular advancement, osteotomy, and a hyoid suspension. The follow-up sleep studies reflected showed little to no improvement with oxygen saturation levels dropping to 68%.

    After much collaboration from all of my treating Doctor's they recommended I lose 20 lbs although I wasn't considered obese. I lost 40 lbs and a follow-up sleep study revealed severe sleep apnea with an RDI index off the charts. The Doctor's remained puzzled. I did a lot of research and suggested they perform a fluoroscope. At that time the equipment to perform the test wasn't available so I suggested to take X-rays while I slept on an X-ray table. The Doctors, Hospital and Radiologists were very instrumental in coordinating and making this happen around midnight. Lights were turned off and doctors said I was out in less than 5 minutes of lights out. In less than 15 minutes of sleep, X-rays revealed my tongue in a relaxed state while sleeping dropped back into my throat blocking off my airway passage. Subsequently, several different dental devices were made to push my tongue forward, which is what the upper and lower mandibular advancements were supposed to do but all failed.

    Doctors said the only alternatives were a glossectomy and or a tracheotomy to which they all recommended against it. The problem is with the anatomy and not nutrition, or any other items suggested in this video. I had five brothers and my dad whom all but one were tested and subsequently found to have similar anatomical features and all were diagnosed with sleep apnea with varying degrees of severity. I agree some of the things you discuss can cause sleep deprivation that may appear to be a symptom of sleep apnea but people should get tested as I have known of several people who died in their sleep and the cause of death was sleep apnea oxygen deprivation.

    Additionally, many newborns including my nephew were diagnosed with sleep apnea, 'Obstructive Sleep Apnea' which is the most common form of anatomical sleep apnea. I watch a lot of your videos and really appreciate your work but please inform your audience with all possibilities and potential causes in addition to the ones you cover in this video. Keep up the good work.

  5. Oh my gosh I would love to have a colonic office right next to you you’re saying the same things that I’ve been telling people for three years. The cat is the second brain and for the mouth to the anus is connected to so many things and the rest of the body and if you don’t have good quality got flora that you don’t have good health. The other thing is you got to clean out the colon it can’t clean itself. I want the colon is clean even chiropractic work and acupuncture and massage therapy and lymphatic therapy all of that stuff works even better

  6. I tell people all the time do not put those hands that a Tyser‘s on your hands there will be a day when there will be some sort of horrific bacteria that starts to eat the flesh out of peoples hands because they never let the friendly bacteria develop. You can’t kill bacteria that supposed to be on your body and expect your body to survive attacks of outside bacteria‘s. It’s just another way for the health industry to them destroy the health of a healthy person. Actually a healthy person wouldn’t even do the stuff to the hands it’s you people who follow the sepals that isn’t getting the worst and the bad end of every step you can’t follow. You have to be smart think for yourself and figure out what kind of diabolical scheme is behind everyone of these things they try to push done throes of the bear can people. In other words think think think before you follow and do stuff that doesn’t make sense of things we didn’t do 2030 years ago.


  8. SODIUM BICARBONATE………………IS THE BEST to FIGHT cancer AND STOPS YOU FROM GETTING IT IF YOU USE IT CORRECTLY ITS A GAME CHANGER,but hold on they just came out with a new way of dealing with killing off eny cancer i think its Israel thats found cancer multi cure,update as it was pretty bad reading grammar probs

  9. I once did a haircut on a walk in (salon) and she was in a wheelchair. Her story was, the last TETANUS SHOT she had gotten (and it wasn't her first) PARALYZED her from the waist down, for life. And NO, I haven't had one since. And yes, she knew that was what happened because they told her she had TETANUS in her spine.

  10. Has this guy ever heard of WEANING? It's a normal milestone in life that every other baby animal manages just fine.

  11. Never have I ever sat through a 1 hr plus youtube video without boredom killing me… Thank you for sharing, I really needed this, I want very much to live a happy healthy life, and I realize I need to start with this.

  12. In the vitamin D part of this presentation you mention mothers spraying sunscreen on their kids but how can we prevent sunburn, I live in Queensland Australia and if my grandkids spent a day at beach without sunscreen they would likely spend time in hospital with severe sunburn, just wondering what you would recommend.

  13. I just got off sugar 3 months ago. I don't have a gallbladder and keto didn't work for me. I am now on mostly plant base diet. What about these doctors pushing these crazy diets like don't eat wheat or stay away from veggies that are night shade? Like what do you think about this? I think they are wacko. They have proven that wheat is the same as it was 150 years ago. The saying that wheat is frankin wheat is a lie.

  14. Hi do you talk diagnosis to help relate with your audience? because what i have learned from you and others is that whether i have cancer or diabetes i would treat myself the same using whole body healing, so where the problem or indication is found doesn't matter, right? thanks for your great videos..

  15. Absolutely vital to spread te truth! Thank you Dr Bergman! I have been a health freak all my journey here, and I had even practiced as a health coach. You are echoing universal truth! Wake up Beautiful Entities, wake up! If you want to live in a healthy body, wake up!

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