The Dish | What is Precision Medicine?

What is precision medicine? Like, everybody asks me this. My parents are like, “What is precision medicine
that you’re working on?” And the easiest way for me to describe it is, today with good intentions, our doctors and care providers basically do one-size-fits-all medicine. And this is what we’re trying to get rid of by doing this All of Us research study, creating data that allows
medicine and health and treatment and prevention
to be customized or individualized for you based on really three big elements. Your sort of lifestyle… you know, the places that you’ve lived. Your behavior—are you a big exerciser? How do you eat? Your environment. You know, have you lived in an environment of enormous stress all your life? Have you lived in a part of the country that has more smog than others and what’s that impact been? And then your genetics… and your biology. What’s going on with your own body? What’s your health history, for one thing. But also, what’s your genetic makeup and how is that going to actually impact or potentially impact your future health? Today we don’t really have the ability to pull in data from this, this, and this and understand it at a scientific level, and we don’t have the capabilities of doing this for you as an individual. So precision medicine is really about… individualizing treatment, prevention, and care for you based on these kinds of complex factors. And we think it’s going to have
a powerful impact on keeping people
healthy in the first place or helping to find cures for an individual because we’re all unique.

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