The DUMBEST Tucker Carlson Rant EVER Broadcast

>> Tucker Carlson is dumb. And if you don’t believe me, just watch this
next clip and it’ll prove it. >> If we had less access to guns, less access
to ammunitions, the suicide rate would plummet and the number of gun deaths, which are now
33,000 per year, would decrease. I mean, 93 people are killed every single
day by guns. 7 kids are killed every day. >> Are you against suicide now? >> 51 women are killed every month by their
partners. >> Really? Cuz I thought the left supported suicide. Because last time I checked, the state of
Maine for example, the left has now made physician-assisted suicide legal. The left pushed that. I’m opposed to it. So are you for or against suicide? I’m kind of losing track on this question. >> I personally am against suicide. >> But I think physician assisted suicide
is something that should be between the doctor- >> But you shouldn’t be allowed to do it yourself. >> Blowing your head off with a gun is a little
different. >> I get it. You’re gonna take my guns away because of
suicide, but meanwhile you’re making suicide legal. >> But to be clear, Tucker, I don’t wanna
take your guns away. >> I’m sorry, the BS is just too much. >> So suicide by guns is different from physician
assisted suicides. This is why I say that Tucker Carlson is dumb
because he is equating two completely different things. So he’s referring to Maine. Let me give you the details on what happens
in Maine if someone is seeking physician-assisted suicide. First off, it’s the 8th state to legalize
assisted suicide. You have to be terminally ill, meaning you
have cancer, you have some sort of illness and you’re gonna die. And so rather than go through this lengthy
painful process, it allows the patient to make a decision about how they would like
to pass. So in this case, the law requires a second
opinion by a consulting physician, along with one written and two verbal requests. Physicians would screen patients for conditions
that could impair judgments such as depression. So in the case of guns, wouldn’t it be great
if someone who’s going through a tough time had an opportunity to get some help before
making the decision to take their own life? And by the way, the suicide issue when it
comes to the lack of gun controls in America is just one part of the debate. And the fact that he is focusing on that and
equating two completely different things is incredible to me. >> So now let me give you guys numbers. I’m gonna go to graphic five soon, but hold. So good news is that 92 to 95% of suicide
attempts end in survival. So the overwhelming majority of times when
people try to commit suicide they do not succeed, and that’s great news. And 85 to 90% of the time the person who tried
to commit suicide once never actually tries again and survives and is totally fine, okay? So if you wanna take those two stats and combine
them, a rough way of putting it is 90% of the people who try suicide do not succeed,
and it’s because it’s done at their lowest moment, it was a rash decision, etc. They’re fine afterwards, they recover, okay? But 90% of the people who try suicide by gun
die. So that is why we have about 28,000 suicides
by gun in this country. And actually the stats would be way lower
if we didn’t have guns. Then the number of people who survive suicide
attempts would be dramatically higher. But guns end the conversation and they end
your life. So in other countries where they don’t have
access to guns you have a lot less suicides cuz the normal rates apply. 90% of people survive and they don’t try committing
suicide again. In fact, let me show you graphic five here. This is Australia, and it goes exactly to
the point that Tucker Carlson was debating. What happens if in buyback programs, this
is an amazing grab because this is the effect that Australia’s gun buyback program had on
firearm suicides. And guess what happened? Suicides by guns went down massively, dramatically,
after they bought back the guns. >> But, I mean, does the left love suicide? I mean, does the-
>> That face, okay. >> So dumb. >> Okay, so if someone has gone through and
talked to a doctor and they’re in unbearable pain near the end of their life, that might
be a slightly different situation than a young kid who is either going to try suicide by
pill, which almost always fails, or by a gun, which almost always succeeds. No, don’t use the gun. No, don’t use the gun. You can’t understand that, right? And then you expect us to think you’re intelligent. But, look, this is an interesting debate. But is Tucker Carlson not bright or does he
think my audience is so stupid they’re so easy to trick? >> Both. >> I’ll just say, Demoracts, I thought they
liked suicide. And every FOX News audience is like, yeah
right. Demoracts like suicide. And now they say they don’t like suicide,
right? If it sounds like I’m insulting your audience,
it’s because I am. And it doesn’t matter how many times you give
them facts, they don’t listen. So let’s go to graphics one through four. Okay, so is it the guns? Is it the guns? Well, let’s look at graphic one. This is the number of guns per person in the
country based on different countries. United States there through the roof, we have
more guns than people, which is unbelievable. There’s 120 guns for every 100 people in America. Yemen comes in second at 52. Everybody else is very low. You go to Germany, for example, we have about
eight times the rate of gun. Well now if Tucker Carlson and the Fox News
audience is correct, well this would have no correlation to gun deaths, right? Because guns make people safer. You need a good guy with a gun to kill the
bad guy with a gun and we’re all safer if there’s more guns. And if the teachers have guns and the good
guy students have guns, etc. So let’s see how that turned out. Gun deaths per country, let’s look at graphic
two. Look at that, America’s through the roof. Number one most gun deaths by country per
capita by an order of magnitude. You know how many more gun deaths we have
per capita than Germany? We have 16 times as many gun deaths. 16 times. You know why? They have gun control, we don’t. We have a ton of guns, they don’t. It’s the most obvious thing in the world. But no way, guns don’t cause deaths. They don’t cause gun deaths. Well, you’re an idiot. That’s not true. It’s not logically true. It’s not factually true. Let me show you by state, here in America. So this is a graph of gun ownership leading
to more gun ownership versus gun deaths. So Alaska has the highest percentage of gun
ownership. Hey, look at that, they have the most gun
deaths per capita. Of course. And near the bottom are Rhode Island and Delaware,
for example, that have very little people with guns and very little guns deaths. New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, look
at that, the blue states which are rational, have a lot less gun deaths. New York, it’s so dangerous. It’s got Harem, ooh, filled with black culture. Very little gun deaths cuz they have gun control. On the right hand of the of the chart is filled
with red states, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming, Montana, Arkansas, Alaska, West Virginia,
Idaho, etc where they’re shooting themselves to death over and over and over again. And they have a lot more gun deaths cuz they
have more guns. >> Well, look, I mean, Trump says Alabama
needs those guns to defend themselves from Hurricane Dorian. >> Yeah, well, I wouldn’t be surprised if
that’s the next argument he makes. And finally, how is America on gun deaths
versus the rest of the world? Let me show you one last chart here. That’s the rest of the world. They don’t have a lot of guns so they don’t
have a lot of gun deaths. The United States is all the way in the upper
right, if you can’t see it. Completely away from the rest of the chart. Cuz we have lost our minds. We are completely corrupted by the NRA and
the gun manufacturers buying off all of our politicians and all of the hosts on Fox News. So we have more guns than people and we have
way more deaths by gun than any other country. By the way, this last interesting stat, no
slide for this but we don’t actually have more crime or even more violent crime. Australia and the UK have more violent crime
than the United States. But in New York, even in New York which is
one of our better states, you are 54 times more likely to be shot and killed than you
are in London, even though London has more crime. Why? Guns, it’s the guns, stupid.


  1. Haha it’s funny. Thought I would watch a TYT for once and wow. It’s pretty pathetic watching them try and find issues where none are. Raged by Tucker 😂 it’s so funny cause TYT saying it’s ok to try pills cause it’s not “100%” 😂 stfu

  2. I am for suicide. Because I am for personal freedom. Why is it anyone else's business whether one commits suicide or not?

  3. So funny to listen to the right wingers constantly criticizing TYT in the comments but never providing any actual substance. It’s just immature petty attacks. Kinda just like their dear leader. Why are you guys even watching their videos if you get so triggered by them? Get a life

  4. I'm a big fan overall, but this is one of those videos I disagree with completely. The right to suicide is everyone's. We were all forced into this world without any consent, and if someone decides they want out despite not having a terminal, painful illness then they shouldn't be treated as "temporarily insane" in all cases at all times. Depression, and more importantly disillusionment, can be the most painful and chronic conditions of all for some people, and a life of misery and bullshit isn't simply "worth it" because your life happens to work out alright.

  5. Washington Examiner‘s Tom Rogan had cottoned on to Sobhani’s game. In a particularly ludicrous article for the Washington Times on Tuesday, Rob Sobhani offers a love letter to Qatar. While it reads like the work of a lobbyist, neither Sobhani nor his company is listed as such with the U.S. government. So, we must assume the author’s assertions of love for Qatar’s government are heartfelt.

  6. its funny, you know Tuck, was gonna do a "dumbest TYT" rant segment
    but they just couldnt choose one..
    they are all so fascile and retarded..
    then he was going to do a "smartest TYT" rant segment.. but couldnt find one…

  7. Tucker is actually very smart. He's just a sell out trying to steer the convo the way his pay masters want him to do He can get away with this because Fox viewers are the dumb ones.
    He gets a lot of money for selling out any integrity and morality he may have had like this.

  8. By his own logic, Carlson must be in favor of gun control because he finds assisted suicide to be wrong. Carlson is an idiot.

  9. Is this a "Red Herring Fallacy"? Maybe a little "False Dichotomy" thrown in. What ever it is, it's not a valid argument at all.

  10. Wait so taking away peoples guns is gonna prevent suicide… if people actually believe that then the human race is over

  11. Well it doesn't take much to fool his brainless viewers. These are the same idiots who think a wall is going to keep non white ppl out of America.

  12. This is nonsense. Carlson was merely distracting from the main topic. That's it. Nothing more. Arguing the point is ridiculous.

  13. Tucker looks like he's losing every argument now – he's obviously having to have people on at someone else's invitation now – probably not his call. Would we be correct in presuming that voluntary appearances by GOP lawmakers are become quite scarce – it's no longer a plus for them to be on Fox – not unless they're the ones who have something to hide and are becoming even more desperate.

  14. TYT is the dumbest news publisher on the planet. I would explain how and why everything both these hosts said is wrong, but I would be wasting my time, they would ignore everything I said because I'm not confirming their preconceived biases. But put simply every single legal american citizen has a God given right to bear arms, even against their own government if it becomes too tyrannical.

    Suicide is the ultimate example of bodily autonomy. If you are not allowed to end your own life and forced to remain alive against your will, you have absolutely no autonomy over your body and soul. The hypocritical views expressed here where a person has to meet the lefts standard to be killed by a doctor instead of leaving the decision to the owner of the body that will die, decided when, where, and how it will happen, is disgustingly hypocritical.

    If you need anymore example of how the left marches in lockstep with tyranny, well here is another one.

  15. There is an issue with the suicide rates: The European countries have about the same suicide rate as the US. That would imply that the US people simply use a more effective method. Chances are that people would just switch over to other methods.

    So the suicides are not the best argument, its influence on the overall death rate should be small.

    Has someone the numbers for gun deaths during burglaries? I would be very interested, as this is the classic argument to have a loaded handgun in your drawer: when the bad boogieman appears in the night. If this number is low, it makes no sense to have a gun for this purpose. Which then, again, would mean "normal" burglars would not take a gun along as they do not have to fear being shot. A burglar wants to steal, not to kill.

    I just got a 12-grader who in principle said when he will have a house, he will install silent alarms, NOT call the police and wait to outright ambush the burglar. Absolute paranoid insanity.

  16. Unbelievable, I'm listening to 2 idiots lecture on the stupidity of a journalist. My suggestion, clean up you own glass house before you start throwing your idiot stones.

  17. I miss the good ol days when people knew it was rude to interrupt, and that doing so made them look less intelligent. When I hear someone just trying to talk over the other person, it makes me think of two kids fighting over playdoh or some shit. You instantly lose all respect and credibility when you cut someone off before they've finished talking. To me anyway

  18. Putting that Tucker guy on TV is a insult to all reporters that are busting balls for a story and struggling with pop art editors.

  19. Raw sewage TC isn't dumb. He is riding the dumber than rock administration to make money. Not bothering with actual facts or with the lives of others. Karma is a cruel bitch. He better pray his family does not fall victim to gun violence.

  20. You get drunk and depressed and you have a gun, you shoot yourself in the head, oops. The next morning you wouldn't have done that. In the other case you have a terminal disease, you're in agony so you make a plan, you get a doctor to ease you out, peace. It's not hard to understand.

  21. Okay look I don't want to shoot Tucker, I won't want to beat the shit out of him (though he deserves it) I just want to have someone there to slap him open palm across the face when he does shit like this. Like every time he over talks, and false equivalences something. Have a hand just reach up and slap him. If there has to be a conservative punching back, Tucker is the person to do it. Tomi and the rest. Yeah two in the back of the head.

  22. Deanna Lorraine is going up against Nancy Poolosi. While I'm not in love with Nancy's moves. I do believe Deanna is a secret republican planted to take back Congress.
    Tucker?, He is very brainwashed and to far gone. Praying for him.

  23. I'm still hurt every day that over two years ago one of my friends in Texas took his life with a gun, leaving his daughter and his yet unborn grandson, mother, sister…

  24. Looks like the transformation is nearly complete. Tuckers fat doughy head is merging with his neck. Once completed he will be the typical triple chin fat Eraser head right wing nutter in Rush Limbaugh fashion.

  25. These hillbillies think they own all the guns. There's 300+ million guns in America. Obviously no one group owns all the guns. The difference is liberals and progressives don't need to hide behind the NRA to justify our ownership.

  26. NRA the greatest terrorist group in the history of the US. their guns have killed more people and innocent people then the millions in dollars they been taking from their mass shooter customers. NRA= AL-QUAIDA= ISIS= LEADERS OF ISRAEL.

  27. These people don't use their brains. Of course you can call an asteroid and kill people. The point, an automatic weapon with 50, 100, 250 bullet magazine will instantly kill 100s versus a fist, stone, knife, hammer, machete. You tube should ban mentally handiest from posting, not only troll without brains but troll from their darkest place in their body. Plane and simple NRA is a terrorist group. The greatest inhuman terrorist in the history of terrorism after those who used to poison wells in the medieval times to cause black plague. So next time you look for a gun toy, remember NRA terrorism will condition your children to kill.

  28. Tucker is not dumb.. he's just adressing himself to his dumb followers who will just swallow anything he says to keep their guns.

  29. The problem here is thatTucker Carlson is giving white people a dumb image. The money he gets from the terrorist group NRA must be in the millions.

  30. Dude you're a fkn idiot!! Those are gun deaths. Hence the word guns. Now that don't mean shit. How many murders are there compared to the world? Thats what you compare it by ya fkn fktard. That's like there is more pineapple deaths in Florida than any where else. Let's ban pineapples. A fkn duh there's more gun deaths, it's easier and we have more, but taking away will just cause deaths to go up other ways. Now fk off!! I hope you get saved by a gun one of these days. You sure as fk trust your government enough to go protection free. Criminals will always have guns no matter what. Look at prison, you can get drugs in there easier than on the street and that's protected by walls doors people razor wire, you fkn name it!! You can't stop shit, only prepare for it. Now stfu about guns because it's a small price to pay for our personal protection

  31. Tucker Carlson is actually stupid because he realizes the difference between assisted suicide and blowing your brains out with a gun, and realizes that his audience also knows the difference; however, he thinks he's clever enough to twist the subject around ass backwards and manipulate his viewers into believing a load of horseshit. Not even most regular Fox viewers are that clueless.

  32. God if your listening could you grant me one wish? Could you make sure that one day soon tucker carlson and i end up alone in an underground parking garage with no cameras for just 2 minutes?

  33. Okay
    Tucker is dumb
    The idiots who hired and keep paying him are dumber.
    And just so ya know,
    People will commit suicide with or without guns.

  34. Almost everything Tucker' says is stupid and ridiculous. He is also possibly the worst interviewer in the history of television. Which one of his shows is the dumbest? I can't say because the ones that I have seen are so dumb that I no longer watch them. I am dumbfounded that he has an audience at all.

  35. Dumb means you can’t speak
    Your all stupid
    Gun buy back does not apply to criminals
    There are 30 million guns on the streets that the police can not recover

  36. I have been saying this for so long … thank you! Let me tell you what ISN'T the cause, lack or morals (probably the most religious country), not video games (they are in every other country), not single parents (again every where). sigh

  37. Tucker Carlson isn't dumb, he just acts dumb. His stupid comments are designed to frustrate and aggravate. Tucker's viewers are dumb

  38. Hard to believe around 20 years ago I could actually listen to Tucker because he was actually good at debating. Now…… He just sounds like a f*$&%ing moron.

  39. THAT'S WHAT THE RIGHT DOES! They rarely ever have true arguments so they create convoluted logic. That guy om hus show should have pointed that our and not even answer the stupid ass wuestion about being for suicide.

  40. A 70 year old man is terminally ill and has 1 month to live, in agony.

    A 15 year old girl is severely depressed and sees suicide as the only way out.

    It's all the same to narrow-minded Tucker. Do far right wingers even consider context, or is everything seen as black and white to them?

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