1. What an idiot. I knew this before it was even mentioned though I would have done a Cxr and or chest CT regardless. And isn't differing bp's a hallmark of potential aneurysm?

  2. Watkins should have ordered CT angiogram immediately with those symptoms and after CTA call Thoracic Surgeon. Wasted time calling his attending with incomplete information about case and did not updated him if worsening symptoms. Needs to be fired from any ER program.

  3. People here are really hasty to judge. As a resident my self I can understand the avoidance of conflicts. Though sometimes you must follow yourself. The resident knew what should've been done.

  4. I have heard and even seen similar situations happened in my hospital.
    Never overtrust your seniors, if you are feeling that something is wrong, go after it. No one is a perfect physician.
    And most importantly DOCUMENT EVERY SINGLE THING!! You won't believe how fast your seniors can shamelessly lie aginst you in front of the judge.

  5. am interested an article of Dr Theo cases too see if its a true life situation as I think no normal resident at any level would respond the way he responded.. Hence my interest..

  6. As a resident, I couldn’t agree more to be persistent with your seniors and to do away with fear of your seniors. This was something that took me a long time to overcome.

  7. This scenario is very similar to how a lot of planes crashed before the 1980s, when the concept of Crew Resource Management was implemented at airlines. Emergency medicine could probably stand to adopt some of the same principles from CRM in the decision-making process.

  8. then way i saw it, dr Watkins fear of getting yelled at was at fault here. he should've gulp down his fear and spit facts to his attending physician.

  9. Dr. Watkins suspected a bad situation here obviously but he tried to avoid responsibility by doing only what his senior said. Come on, couldn’t he even search google for irregular bp in the extremities?

  10. Is normal to have a gunshot wound as a routine in emergency?or is it in US only?And Dr.Watson cant ask for a chest imaging himself?

  11. Also this as well as many surgery cases is the toxic micro aggression we need to remove from medicine. He did not want to get yelled at. The negative feedback seen in so much of medicine only damage team work and communication.

  12. I would have told him to watch his tone and catch me outside if he thinks he is hard like that. Lol. On a more serious note, sometimes you do have to stand up for yourself and call attendings out when they are condescending like that. They are not used to getting talked to in that way and usually ease up a bit.

  13. Ok, I am just a med student but aren't residents allowed to put in their own orders? I would have at least gotten out the ultrasound to look for dissections that way. EM people use ultrasound all the time.

  14. It's hard to overestimate an importance of these "avoidavle medical malpractice case" videos. We learn a lot of "pure" medicine in medical school, but don't know much about something behind diagnostic and treatment plan after graduation. Thank you so much! I would like to watch more and more videos like this one.

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