The Faults of The American Healthcare System

if our medicine isn't free does it really heal in today's era we're constantly faced with new medical advancements it seems like every day that a new study or research finding poses hope for curing a new illness or tackling a new challenge although health care advancements provide a growing capacity to treat the American healthcare system fails to meet the needs of the average American because of gaps in coverage exorbitant healthcare costs and unequal treatment for minority communities we live in an era of medicine that has seem extreme advancement from the previous periods less than 100 years ago millions of Americans died from devastating illnesses like polio measles and smallpox all of which will be nearly eradicated using vaccines however today even with drugs to keep illnesses from reaching us even medical emergency many find themselves without access to the treatment that they need how are we meeting the needs of Americans if so many people do not have access to treatment because of lack of insurance gaps in coverage affects millions of Americans in fact a Harvard study found that nearly 45,000 Americans died preventable deaths each year simply because they do not have the health insurance necessary to receive the coverage that they need this is mainly because of high out-of-pocket cost of those trying to receive care without the health not only does insurance mitigate the cost that the individual has to pay to the healthcare provider but the individual without insurance pays far greater cost than the insurance company pays on an individual's behalf uninsured individuals as well as those covered by government-sponsored programs of Medicaid and Medicare have a very hard time finding providers that will take their insurance or offer them free or subsidized care when they do find such providers they often must travel a long way to actually receive the back care which requires these people to take off work and really accept themselves because many of these people work live paycheck to paycheck this can be the difference of their livelihood and can affect their family drastically because of this many Americans will opt out of coverage that they don't see as life threatening greatly contributing to the large gap in coverage amongst American population another major hurdle to the eradication medical disparity in America is the creation of a system in which everyone has access to treatment that is absent of extreme cost economic disparities only exacerbated by the gaps in health care coverage and intensified be the excessive costs of treatment in the United States for example an individual who goes to the emergency room to see care can be price gouged by the providers that treat them it is only not until after a patient receives hair that then received the bill and oftentimes they are receive no indication of the cost of the treatments that they receive some emergency rooms even price gouge to the extent that sitting in a waiting around and waiting for care can cost up to six thousand dollars when people find themselves in medical emergencies they should be able to receive care without worrying about the cost potentially bankrupting them in America two thirds of bankruptcies are caused by medical death and that is something that none of us should stand point beyond killing those without access to medical care and bankrupting those who do receive it the US healthcare industry manages to intensify its negative impact by providing unequal sis services that marginalized low SES and minority individuals in a cost comparison settings spanning several months researchers found that between a high SES and low SES facility the quality of care different drastically while those in the high SES facility had exorbitant access to care and most of individuals at their disposal the low SES of individuals who only had a volunteer to describe to them their diagnosis instead of a treatment plan and many we're not able to see this individual which only added to the number of individuals who do not fully understand the intensity and severity of their diagnosis and the extent to which they need to seek treatment the system as it is today does not provide access to the human right of health in the way that America's supposed equality guarantees our health care system is flawed to the other sense that it is killing us and it is up to all of us to address it and create change thank you

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