The Five Elements of Primary Health Care

you when we provide primary health care services we provide primary care this means that we pay attention to a person's disease or illness we treat or manage the medical needs of that person by offering traditional medical care services primary care is the first element of primary health care the next element element number two is health health is at the center of primary health care it is the focus when we offer true comprehensive primary health care we shift our focus to a person's health and wellness with health at the center our thinking becomes broader with this element we consider the many factors that combine to help make a person and population stay healthy these factors may include income education culture environment and more when we offer true primary health care we provide quality health care we value the efficient delivery of health services as close as possible to where people live and work the word care in primary health care reminds us of this care is the third element it's important to remember that we don't lose the notion of primary care under primary health care and we don't lose sight of the need for quality care health promotion is another element of primary health care identified in 1978 as part of the World Health Organization's almada declaration the Alma OTO was a milestone event for primary health care it generated lots of discussion and challenged us to think differently about how we promote and protect health the link between health promotion and primary health care has a solid history health promotion is element number four one way to move forward with health promotion is to look at the health of populations we call this population health as we live the principles of health promotion on providing primary health care we also start to pay attention to the health of populations population health is the fifth element of primary health care to learn more about these elements and the details of primary health care to schedule a presentation or workshop or to download additional tools visit Rai barefoot comm contact barefoot and let yourself soar


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  3. Me impersonating video:

    *shoulder abducted 90 degrees
    *elbow flexed 90 degrees
    *palm facnig forward
    *repetitive Ulnar Deviation movements

    "Care is the third element"

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