The Future Model of Medicine: Quantum Medicine

– [Narrator] Integrative medicine
based on quantum physics. Quantum physics explains
the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the
atomic and subatomic level. It explains from the smallest particle how the entire universe works. The scientific discoveries
fundamentally change how we perceive our entire reality. From the fastest computers in the world to your every day grocery store scanner, the application of quantum physics is at the leading edge of
modern technology today. The language of quantum physics helps us to better understand
integrative medicine. Various alternative healing modalities from both ancient and
modern medical traditions become as logical, elegant, and satisfying as the interpretation of
quantum physics itself. Quantum physics proposes consciousness as the fabric of reality. It is a model for a deeper
understanding of the universe. And consequently, the art of healing. With an in depth knowledge of the gifts of quantum physics to medicine, we are better equipped to prevent disease and promote optimal health
for every human being in the world. One of the great challenges
within the current model of medicine to break free of the traditional linear ways of thinking. Doctors and medical schools continue to use Newtonian physics, perpetuating a materialistic
approach to healing. Quantum University has
stepped into a new paradigm. Using the principles of quantum physics to explain how healing takes place. Our education is transformed by a vision of achieving full potentiality for health and an expanded
understanding of our reality. The field and consciousness itself. Merging quantum physics
with various modalities of integrative medicine creates solutions that address imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit, to achieve optimal health. Students and graduates
gain a better understanding of health and disease and how the body, mind, and subtle energies
all need to be addressed for optimal healing. Quantum University brings
world class educators and leaders together to
create an innovative, unique, curriculum. Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D.
founded and professor of integrative medicine, says, my objective in creating
Quantum University was to add the missing
pieces of the puzzle of how healing occurs. Teaching integrative medicine
based on quantum physics is our role at quantum university. Creating the future model of medicine. One student at a time. Join us.

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