The future of medical education

of cadavers and medical illustrations to teach students Anatomy this is a curriculum that hasn't drastically changed in over a hundred years because there simply hasn't been another way the mixed reality of the hololens has the potential to revolutionize this education by bringing 3d content into the real world now one of the biggest challenges for students learning Anatomy is understanding the body in three dimensions and in all the different systems fit together using holograms we can easily separate and focus in on individual systems for example we can focus in on the femur and students can immediately see some of the types of fractures they may one day encounter in the clinic now I can leverage all of these new capabilities while maintaining the important connection with my students when we're both wearing a hololens I can see what they're looking at what they're interacting with I can assess their progress and they can communicate with me and each other naturally for example I can see if Michelle has a question in class or whether Gwen has a question while learning remotely now obviously a cadaver doesn't move this makes it difficult to see the way a living body actually works hololens doesn't have this limitation systems can be animated to easily see how things function let's take a look at the center of the cardiovascular system the heart it's an amazing organ reality it's about the size of your fist with hololens we can easily scale up the heart to let students see my new details we can even see inside the hard to see the valves in action this is a new way of seeing things and it has the potential to help students understand the structure and physiology of the body in a way that's just not possible today now what you've just seen is a vision of how hololens could enhance one single subject but as an educator it's easy for me to see that it's not just Anatomy that could benefit from this technology this could change how everyone learns imagine for a moment some of the other fields that could change for example chemistry and genetics art engineering and paleontology and the best part is we get to help define that future together I can't wait to see what your future holographic developers are

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