The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop | 월계수 양복점 신사들 – Ep.19 [ENG/2016.11.05]

(Episode 19) This is Ms. Na Yeonsil’s phone. Just a minute. – Who are you? / – Excuse me? Why are you answering Yeonsil’s phone? I’m her coworker. Who should I say called? Me? I’m Yeonsil’s husband. So who are you? Are you the tailor shop owner’s son? The one who came to see me in jail with Yeonsil? Yes. Strange how we’ve crossed paths again. You know I’ll be released in a few months, right? Please look after Yeonsil for me until then. Just a second. I’ll put her on the phone. Your phone rang, so I answered. Hello. It’s me, Yeonsil. Hi, Gipyo. I almost forgot your voice. You don’t care about how I’m doing in here? I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with work. Why are you so busy all the time? You have something going on at the tailor shop? What do you mean by that? Just because I’m in here, you think I’m blind and deaf? No. I know exactly what you’ve been up to. So behave yourself. Don’t piss me off. I have never done anything inappropriate. Really? Then why am I hearing such horrible things? You ordered your gang members to keep an eye on me, but I want you to stop. Then quit your job first. What? The owner’s son. I don’t like him. He bugs me. So quit your job at the tailor shop immediately. Please… Please stop it! Please leave me alone. Please! – What was that? / – I think she’s on the phone. I’ll go up and check. No, let me. Who are you? Who’s he? He came to help you. So tell him everything you know. Who’s he? Why would he help me? You must tell me the truth to get favorable… I said get lost! I keep telling myself I should go and visit him, but I just can’t do it. My dad and I owe so much to Gipyo. He suffered a lot from complications after surgery, and his surgery scar ached whenever it rained. So I shouldn’t feel this way. I’m such a bad person, right? She’s kind to a fault. I’m sorry for all that noise. That happens. But Yeonsil. I think of you like my own little sister, so please don’t misunderstand. I’ve heard about what happened, and I think you should break up with that man. The wedding ceremony was cut short, and you didn’t file for a marriage certificate. So you’re not real husband and wife. Right. And you were forced into that wedding. I have experience with people like him, so I know, but he’ll never change. He’ll stay a thug forever and make you miserable. I’m sorry for causing you concern. Try to be objective, okay? What’s that? They were selling these, so I got some. Try it. I skipped breakfast, so I was hungry. Thanks. I had a stomachache from drinking coffee on an empty stomach, so thank you. You’re not having one? I’m full. You ate breakfast? Then I’ll have one more. Have it while it’s still warm. Here. It’s hot and delicious. Eat it and cheer up. We must work on the preliminary round suit. Yeonsil, there’s lots of eggs in it, your favorite. Thank you. People make mistakes. But instead of consoling me, he humiliated me. Bae Samdo, I’m not as soft as you think I am. Didn’t you go to work? Why are you back? I hurt my hand, so the captain sent me home, saying I can’t work. How did it happen? You should’ve been more careful. You didn’t make breakfast for Samdo, but whoa… What do you have in there? Young radish kimchi, zucchini, carrot, and an egg. You made a real nice bowl of mixed rice. Looks good, right? It does. – Pick your side. / – Side? If you want to eat, side with me. Don’t side with Samdo. Samdo was too harsh. When you really want a baby, you can get phantom pregnancy. Saying it was humiliating or he was embarrassed isn’t something a true man should say. That’s what I’m saying. I’ll go to the tailor shop today and talk to Samdo, so don’t be so mad, Seonnyeo. Tell him this. If he wants to be fed, come to the OB/GYN with me tomorrow. Okay. I’ll convince Samdo and make him come to the OB/GYN with you. That’s so nice of you. Here’s your spoon. Your chicken is great, but this is amazing, too! If you can make dumplings, you can make wonton soup. If you can make chicken, you can make this. You’re right. I hope my future wife is a great cook like you. I’m sorry. Dongsuk is a horrible cook. But then again… Dongsuk is meeting the rich Jongno guy today, so you won’t have to worry about that. Dongsuk is meeting a man today? She promised to her mother. You were there, too. But I didn’t know it would be this soon. You’re done? You’ve lost your appetite because of Dongsuk’s date? Why would I lose my appetite? That has nothing to do with me. Where are you going, Seonnyeo? I should find myself a job. I can’t just stay home and do nothing. Right. I can’t just stay home and do nothing. You’re finished working already? How could I? I’m unemployed now. I handed over my keys to the new owner. Why do you look so down? Have you been eating properly? I’m not hungry. Dongsuk, how will you cope in this harsh world with such bad taste in men? How can you sell your shop for a loser like Leather Jacket? Why would you bring that up again? Leather Jacket made a huge bowl of mixed rice and is stuffing himself with it. He’s eating mixed rice? Yes. He was smacking his lips, saying it’s delicious. It was disgusting. Oh, is she naive or just dumb? What do you want? I’m glad you’re here. This is what I earned from the public work program. I will give you whatever I make to repay you. It’s okay. Bit by bit, as if it’s some kind of handout. I’m not interested in getting it back bit by bit, so give it to me when you have the whole amount. Handouts? If that’s what you want, sure. Get away from my daughter! It hasn’t been long since you made that promise, but you’re already back here whispering to her? I wasn’t whispering to her, mother. I had to ask her something, so… Leave before I get mad. Or I might kick you out of this house. Okay… I’m leaving. What are you doing? Go to the bathhouse and take a bath and go to a hair salon and get your hair dried. I don’t feel like it. Why don’t you feel like it? You have to look younger for him to like you. Whatever. If he hates old women, well, that’s too bad. I can’t believe you said that. Okay. Fine. How’s your new job going, Taeyang? I’m on the clock right now, so if it’s nothing important, let’s talk later. Wait. I wasn’t going to say this, but it looks like my uncle’s mother-in-law wants Choi Jiyeon to marry her son. I heard her talking to the director here the other day. That’s none of your business, so I’m hanging up. Why is it none of my business? If Choi Jiyeon marries another man, you and I can get together. Even if Jiyeon married another man, I’m not interested in going out with you. You’re like a sister to me. Goodbye. Hello? Don’t hang up… Dajeong. What are you doing here at this hour? I had a meeting outside, but I got a headache, so I came to get a massage. Is something wrong? You don’t look so happy. I just got dumped. The man you told me about before? You said his girlfriend betrayed him and went to a rich man. I thought that was that. He said even if he broke up with that woman, he has no intention of dating me. Unbelievable. Why is that unemployed loser playing hard to get? He’s not unemployed. He got a job. – At your company. / – My company? What’s his name? I want to meet the jerk who made you so miserable. – What’s his name? / – It’s Kang Taeyang. Who? Kang Taeyang? You know him? What? Yes. I think I’ve seen him a few times. What? He found another girl? I knew she looked familiar. And it was Dajeong. I guess never giving up doesn’t work when it comes to romance. I’ve tried and tried, and he won’t budge. If that’s true, he doesn’t seem interested in you at all. I can’t take this anymore. I give up. I’m going to meet someone a hundred times better than Taeyang. Really? Good thinking. I’m so glad. What are you glad about? Nothing. Where did Ms. Min go? She went out on business. Business? No way. She’s probably getting a facial. Getting a facial during work hours? That can’t be. People like us couldn’t do that, but it’s different for the owner’s daughter. – Owner’s daughter? / – You didn’t know? Ms. Min is the late chairman’s youngest daughter. She is? The CEO hired you, so we thought you knew. So you’re saying Ms. Min is CEO Min Hyosang’s little sister? Of course. Ms. Min, did you get good news or something? You look very happy. Yes, I feel very happy today. Would you like to go out tonight? Go out? Yes! Taeyang, you don’t have plans, do you? What? No. What was that? She wants my son? Gwangwon Group’s chairman’s wife changed her mind. What kind of nonsense is this? Do they honestly think my son should come and go as they please? Are they toying with us? Who do they think they are? Don’t get too upset. Just listen to me, Ms. Ko. Ma’am. Ma’am! Bring me some headache medicine. Yes, Ms. Choi. Here you go. I understand why you’re offended, but Gwangwon Group’s chairman’s daughter is very interested in your son. – The daughter? / – Yes. As I told you before, the chairman’s wife wasn’t happy with your son because of the rumors, but apparently, their daughter met your son a few times when she was studying abroad. Really? And she’s been interested in him ever since. It’s a different world now. If the children say okay, that’s it. All that’s left is the wedding, Ms. Ko. You’re in no place to butt in. Yes, Ms. Ko. Should I tell them no, Ms. Ko? If their daughter really wants to see Hyosang, I guess I can let her. Hello, Jiyeon. I called to see if I should make another reservation at the restaurant we had to cancel. That’d be great. I’ll make a reservation and send you a text. Okay. I’ll see you later. She’s making a reservation? She must be getting anxious. Come in. How is the collaboration with Conali going? We’re adjusting the schedule with Gianni Moravia, Conali’s head designer, for his visit next week. What do you have on the schedule? The first day is the meeting with you and the board to discuss the details of the collaboration. He’s visiting the Yangsan factory on the second day to inspect Meesa’s distribution network and the level of technology. And he’s judging the bespoke suit competition on the third day. Judging a competition? Yes, he wanted to see the Korean bespoke suit masters’ works, so he contacted the association and asked to participate as one of the judges. He did? – Thank you. / – Yes, sir. (Preliminary round mannequin) We brought the preliminary round’s mannequin. – I’ll take it. / – Thank you. Good luck. Look at the mannequin. The back is a bit hunched and the left shoulder is drooping a bit. We must make a suit for a hunched body, and this kind of posture is from men who work in front of computers for a long time. And that’s a white-collar job. Mr. Lee, our own white-collar job expert, why don’t you give us a suggestion? Single-button is this season’s trend, so let’s go with that. As for the color, let’s go with formal. And I think the silhouette should be slim. Okay. Excellent choice. How about the lapels? Since it’ll be a single-button slim suit, instead of the aggressive looking peaked lapels, we should go with more formal notched lapels. Okay. How about using striped fabric to give it a little bit of an accent, Mr. Bae? Great. Since we’re all experts, ideas just pop out, right? We have the basics, so I’ll work on the design. You and Yeonsil are better at sewing than me, so… Yeonsil is going to do all the sewing this time. And I’m going to take care of the orders I got. I’ll do my best, Mr. Bae. Okay. Great. I talked on the phone with Mr. Lee earlier, and he’s doing well. Don’t worry about him. Shall we begin? Yeonsil, bring me the swatches. Yes, Mr. Bae. She looked miserable earlier, but the competition brought her back to life. Yeonsil is a born tailor. (Daehan Municipal Hospital) Misun, you and I are both old and wrinkled. But you still have the smile you used to have. I’m old too, and my sight is going. I can see clearly now, but soon I will be left in the dark. I’ve always prayed for a chance to see you again and tell you I’m sorry. So I’m glad I met you again when I can still see. Your life was hard on you, so I hope you can be happy now. Hello? It’s me, Gokji. Why do you sound so down? Are you ill? No. I called because I miss you. You always say you’re coming home, so when are you? I’m almost finished. I’ll be home in a few days, so don’t worry about me. I called to tell you that. You mean it? Yes. When I come home, I will make up for everything I did. I’ll hold your hand and kiss you all the time. There you go again with the silly talk. You’re not ill? I’m fine. Outside missing you, I’m doing perfectly fine. My darling, don’t get sick. You have to stay by my side for many, many years. Why are you being silly, honey? Is something wrong? I just realized how much you mean to me. And I desperately miss you. Stop lying. If that’s true, you wouldn’t have left me like that. Brace yourself. When you come back, I’m going to nag you forever. Okay. Call me more often. Should I make his favorite radish kimchi? I came because I read you’re hiring kitchen staff. Do you have experience? Of course. I fried chicken half my life. My mom ran a fried chicken restaurant. Then you must be very experienced. My nickname is “Chicken Goddess.” Chicken Goddess. I ran Seonnyeo Fried Chicken at Central Market in Daejeon until recently. Whoa. Where are you going, all dressed up? Right. You’re going on your blind date? Yes. You’re going on a blind date, so why do you look like you’re dying? If you show up looking so upset, your date won’t like it. Seonnyeo, can you go in my place? Where? Where do you think? My blind date. What are you talking about? I’ll give you $50, no, $100 for your trouble. Huh, a hundred? No way. I’m married, remember? No. Never. I’m not asking you to fall in love. Just show up at my blind date in my place. Just go there and have lunch. It’s nothing serious. If Ms. Choi finds out later, she’ll be furious. How will she find out? As long as you and I keep our mouths shut, nobody will know. That’s true. So you’ll do it? I’ll double it. $200. Okay? Yes. Are you Mr. Park Daeseop? I’m not. Are you Ms. Lee Dongsuk? I’m not. I’m sorry. Mr. Park Daeseop? I’m not. You’re Ms. Lee Dongsuk? Yes. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lee Dongsuk. I hope we get along. Let me sit down. Wait, the matchmaker told me you were tall. Yes. And I heard you were slim. Right. And this is the most important part. I heard you’re very beautiful, and that was what convinced me to come. Don’t you think I am beautiful? ♪ Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong with my face ♪ ♪ I am as beautiful as anyone ♪ All that singing made me thirsty. Let me order something cool to drink. Excuse me. Can I order something? Miss, let me have the most bitter coffee you have here, so I can drink it and wake up. I’ll have one hot chocolate, one cheesecake and one shortcake. That’s a lot of food. If you have any questions for me, ask. I don’t have any. – You don’t have any? / – No, I don’t. You must be curious about my hobbies or personality. I’m not. What about my measurements? I almost choked on my water. I was just kidding. I guess you’re more shy than I thought. 24. 24. 16. 7. You’re going to the fabric market, right? – Yes. / – Let me come with you. To the market? I want to learn about fabrics. Why? You don’t want me to come? It’d be great if you came. You can keep me company. Okay, then. – Dinner’s on you. / – What? I bought you a sandwich for breakfast. So you should buy dinner. Just a second. You have a credit card. Let’s go. – Welcome. / – Hello. Just a second. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Goodbye. Come again. Thank you. That looks delicious. – Have some more. / – This is too much. They have lots of fabric over there, too. What? Where? Huh? This doesn’t look like mine. – Enjoy. / – Thanks. Isn’t it good? I come here often. – You do? / – Yes, and there are other… Are you okay? You didn’t seem very happy this morning. Looking at the fabrics and smelling the market make me cheer up. I’m fully charged now. That’s great. Perhaps I shouldn’t have answered your phone. I felt guilty. Don’t say that. I should’ve visited him. It was all my fault. I’m going to go after we finish the suit. Why do you always blame yourself for everything? I don’t think you did anything wrong, so I don’t understand why you blame yourself. You’re on my side now? It’s not that. I’m saying objectively, that’s what it looks like. I understand what you’re saying, but from where I stand, I can’t do that. Gipyo made a lot of sacrifices for me. You think I’m a fool, right? Yes. You were pretty aggressive with me, screaming and getting me into trouble, and you called me a moron. But the way you treat Hong Gipyo and his mother makes you seem like a different person. I don’t know why I feel so little in front of Gipyo and his mother. Let’s stop talking about serious things like that. The weather’s too nice for that. Just a second. We have a lot of pretty shoes. Pick a pair. You want to get something for your girlfriend? – No. / – I’m not his girlfriend. We’re coworkers. I see. Can you recommend something for me? What’s your size? I’m size 10. How about this pair? Yes, I like them. If I get two pairs, can I get a discount? Sure. I’ll give you $3 off per pair. Whoa, pick a pair. It’s okay. He said he’ll give us a six-dollar discount. Still, it’s okay. It’s not okay. It’s not just $3, but $6. You have no economic sense. I didn’t realize you were so extravagant. It’s not like that. If that’s true, pick a pair. Hurry. I think you’re size 7. How about a couple’s sneakers? – We’re not a couple. / – We’re not a couple. Even so, get the same pair. These are the most popular design. Try them on. I think they’ll look good on you. I think they’ll fit. Try them on. How are they? I think they fit, but I think I should tie the laces to be sure. I’ll do it for you. No, I can do it. I’ll tie them. You’re wearing a skirt. They say if you buy shoes for the person you love, they put them on and run away. But you can’t do that, okay? – But we’re not a couple / – We’re not a couple. Thank you for today. It’s my job. Thank you for the sneakers. He offered a six-dollar discount, so I couldn’t just get mine. Thank you. Go up and get some rest. I will. Goodbye. I thought he’d never buy things from street vendors, but he was desperate for the six-dollar discount. He can be pretty weird. What are you doing here? Huh? I’m getting some fresh air. I was cooped up in my room all day writing songs. Okay. Just a second. About your sister… She went on a blind date, but she’s still not back. I told you to stay away from my sister. I’m not trying anything. I just thought I’d ask. I had fun today, Daeseop. Where do you live? Hurry up and go home. – Excuse me. / – Yes? If you want to see me again, don’t call me. Call the matchmaker, please. What? I’ll remember that. Hurry up and go home. Who’s that? The dinner was so delicious, and the wine was fantastic, too. I’ll see you again! You startled me. – Who was that? / – Who? Who do you think? That gigolo. The one that just drove away. Oh, you mean Mr. Park? Mr. Park? He’s my new business connection. Unlike someone I know, he’s well-mannered, kind, and classy. Classy my butt. He’s skinny as a stick. What’s the use of being well-built? Are you talking about me? Of course. Whatever. Tell me the truth. Who was it? He loved my chicken, so he wants to go into business with me. Someone introduced me to him today. Business my butt. With a woman like you? What was that? You think I’m yours so you don’t care, but many men are interested in me. You don’t know? Whatever. I’m hungry. Go make me dinner. I warned you, didn’t I? No food until you come to the OB/GYN with me. Are you really going to do this? I should ask you the same. Let me tell you again. If you want my food, you must come to the OB/GYN with me. Got it? Forget it. I don’t need your stupid food. Bae Samdo, let’s see how much longer you last. What are you doing here? I needed some air. – What about dinner? / – I haven’t eaten yet. Come upstairs. Let’s order black bean noodles. What? Black bean noodles? I can’t say no to that. Samdo! Seonnyeo! You’re just coming home? Yes. You stayed with him for a long time. Daeseop bought me dinner and wine, so I had a big dinner. But Dongsuk, we’re in trouble. I think he really likes me. He stared at me the whole time I was eating, and it looks like he fell for me hard. I went because you said it was just once, so what if he asks me out again? I have a husband, you know? Don’t worry. I’ll take care of that. He looked pretty innocent. If he finds out we dumped him, he’ll be hurt. Don’t worry about that, Seonnyeo. Thank you for today. Don’t mention it. I had good dinner and made money. I should thank you. But why do you keep smiling? Let’s go and change our clothes. This way. That can’t be. He doesn’t like her looks? But Dongsuk is prettier than anyone I know, so how pretty does a woman have to be for him? Gosh… I can’t believe my ears. I’m home. Okay. I have to go. Dongsuk just came home, so let me talk to her. Okay. He called her? Yes. He said he liked your personality, but he doesn’t like your looks. He said you’re not his type. What? What’s wrong with my looks? That’s what I’m saying. Wha… What’s wrong, mom? You didn’t cover your face with soot, did you? Mom, don’t be silly. I just said goodbye to him. I can’t believe that jerk. I’m not saying this because you’re my daughter, but you’re prettier than anyone I know, so how dare he say that about you? I guess there’s someone else he likes. Then why did he agree to meet you? That’s what I’m saying. Man… What a jerk. Don’t hum. Why are you humming? Do I need your permission to hum? Get ahold of yourself, woman! It looked like he was after your money. He’s a gigolo. Gigolo? He owns two buildings in Jongno. He’s rich. Rich my butt! You look like you have money, so he’s using business as an excuse to get to you. You’re going to lose every penny you have and then lose me, too. This is why they say you only see what you want. My Mr. Park isn’t like that. My Mr. Park? He cut my steak for me and poured me wine. He was so caring that I almost cried. Cutting and pouring! That’s what all gigolos do! Even if he’s a gigolo, I welcome anyone who’s nice to me! Have you lost your mind? What’s wrong with her? I can’t believe this. Thank you, Ms. Min, for such a treat. The dinner was delicious and this bar is nice, too. I should’ve done this for you sooner. I had some things to deal with, so it took longer. This is a team-building night out and a welcoming party for Taeyang, so order anything you want. Cheers. – Cheers. / – Cheers. Excuse me. Princess Outcast seems drunk. Should we stop her? Leave her be. She’ll take care of herself. What is “Princess Outcast”? That’s Ms. Min’s nickname. She’s an outcast and a princess. Why is she an outcast? She can’t read people and is kind of slow. – And she’s spoiled. / – I see. So… Since it’s a special occasion, we should have a special event. So I brought this. Ta-da! – What’s that? / – That’s a lie detector. Correct. Let’s play a game. A game? Taeyang, you’re number 1. So place your hand on the lie detector. Me? I’m going to ask you some questions, so answer honestly. Currently, you have a woman you love. Yes or no? There was someone, but we broke up recently. Oh, no… – It’s the truth. / – How sad… You dated two women at once. Yes or no? No. Not even once. It’s the truth. He’s a real man. What kind of woman do you want to date? Someone who’s genuine. A woman who knows the value of love. You’re so cool, Mr. Kang Taeyang. He likes the same kind of woman as I do. – Liar. / – Honest. No way! Just like other men, you must look at her family and her looks. You talk like that, but you’re just like any other man. Everyone’s the same. Don’t you all agree? Princess Outcast is drunk. We might have to stay here until 2 a.m. Let’s go. Let me ask you one more time. Taeyang, what kind of women do you like? Why do you want to know? Well, why do you think? I’m not sure, but the important thing is that I want to know. It’s anyone who’s not like you. That’s a lie! So you like women like me? That’s absurd. Absolutely not. Gosh! This machine is amazing. You misunderstood. You’re not my type. Yes, I am. The lie detector said I am your type of woman. Oh, you have higher standards than I thought. Let’s continue this after I go to the restroom. Round 2. Excuse me for a minute. This must have some sort of defect. Right? Where did everyone go? We’re leaving, so take Princess Outcast home. That’s the newbie’s job. Good luck. Don’t you think we’re being too mean? Let’s go to karaoke! What are we doing here? I heard some of my employees are here, so I came to join them and pay for their drinks. Let’s go inside. There they are. Where did everyone go? Why are you alone? What are you doing here? I heard your team was here, so I came to pay the bill. Why are you alone? Everyone went home and Ms. Min went to the restroom. I was going to go home when she returned. I see. Can we sit down? Of course. You’re not going to say hello? You’ve met a few times. Hello. We keep running into each other. Hello. Mr. Kang, do you have a girlfriend? Excuse me? You’re handsome and nice. You must have a girlfriend. She must’ve been so happy you got a job. Are you thinking of marrying her? – I’m going to the restroom. / – Okay. Look who’s here. A famous TV host like you came to a bar like this to drink? I’m sorry, but you hate being photographed without makeup, so what if you get photographed all drunk? I’m really upset right now, so don’t pick a fight. Oh, how scary. Why are you so upset tonight? Stop being cheeky. What? What are you doing? Stop trying to provoke me. – Understand? / – How dare you… Let go. Let go of me! I don’t want to argue with a woman like you, so leave right now. What kind of woman is a woman like me? A poor and twisted loser of a woman. Who? Me? Yes. You! How dare you… Hey! Come out right now! How dare you… I’m letting this go because I’m drunk, but you won’t get away this easy if I see you again! Consider yourself lucky! Unbelievable. Let’s have a double date with you and your girlfriend. What? Meet me by the restroom. I need to use the restroom. Sure. Huh? Hyosang, what are you doing here? Did you drink? A little. Where’s Taeyang? Where’s Taeyang? Did he go home? Well, well, well, you can’t even talk right. Hyowon, did you drink alone? Why did you get drunk alone like that? I’m not drunk at all. Oh boy. Seriously… I wish someone else was here to see this. Mr. Kim. Come and take Hyowon home. Thanks. We were playing a game. Bring Taeyang back. I can’t believe what you’re saying. Pull yourself together. What did you tell Hyosang? I didn’t say anything. Then what’s going on here? We keep running into each other. Something’s not right. You really didn’t tell him anything about us? You think I’d do something that petty? Why did you have to work there and torture me like this? Please quit. You only care about yourself. I’m not doing that. Taeyang! What are you going to do if your boyfriend sees you here? If you’re gone too long, he’ll get suspicious. You jerk. Who’s that? Your son is home. My son is home? I’m home. You must have had a long day. Where’s Hyowon? She came home all drunk, so I put her to bed. Man… You look happy, mom. Gwangwon Group called. They want you. But I don’t want to. Their daughter met you in New York. – Me? / – Yes. It seems like she fell for you then. Don’t you have any pride, stepmom? What? Gwangwon Group’s chairman’s wife turned Hyosang down because you were a mistress. But now that they want to do it, you’re all grateful? Is what Hyoju said true? It is true, but… It’s pretty easy to misunderstand. That happens. Oh my god. That happens? I’ve never heard you say that before. So… That happens? She’s lost it again. Anyway, let me be clear. I’m not going on a blind date. Hyosang. Don’t be so offended and listen to me. You’re that jealous of Hyosang marrying a girl from a good family? I told you not to be greedy. I’m saying that for your sake. Why did she get involved with a man like that and expose herself to that kind of torture? Honey? What? – My shirts. / – What about your shirts? I have no clean white shirts. Why are you asking me about that? Whom should I ask? A next-door neighbor? I told you. I’m on strike until you come with me to the OB/GYN. Unbelievable. Are you really doing this? You’re not acting like my husband, so I can’t act like your wife. Who could this be? Hello? I’m calling from the chicken restaurant yesterday. Yes, hello, sir. Sir? Can you start today? Oh my, really? Yes, I will. I’ll see you later. Who was that? The jerk from last night? Are you out of your mind? Are you jealous? Jealous my butt. Why would I be jealous of you? Really? Okay, then. Is she really having an affair? No way. When she has me? Good morning, Dongsuk. – What are you doing? / – I’m exercising. About your blind date yesterday… Why do you ask? Me going on a blind date is none of your business. I was just curious. That’s all. I’m warning you. Don’t ever think about me or be curious about me. There is nothing between us. Right. Why should I care if she goes on blind dates? You’re going to work early. Yes, I’m preparing for a competition. They are pretty. Yeonsil. What are you doing here so early? You have to come with us. Gipyo really misses you. Come with us to see him. I’m going this weekend. Can’t you see I’m on my way to work? You shouldn’t do this, Yeonsil. Let go of me. Let go! I’ll go on my own time. This is nice fabric. Ms. Na picked it. She has a great eye. You’re here early. Where’s Ms. Na? She wasn’t home, so I thought she came to work early. She’s not here? Maybe she’s stopping by somewhere. Can I use your phone? Everyone must be waiting, so I should tell them I’m not coming in today. It’s ringing, but she won’t pick up. What? What if there was an accident? Hello, this is Wolgyesu Tailor Shop. It’s me. Where are you? Why aren’t you here? Did something happen? I’m on my way to see Gipyo. Why? Hello? – Who are you? / – Me? I’m Yeonsil’s brother. I’ll take her to prison and bring her back so don’t worry. Hello? What’s wrong? Who was it? It was Ms. Na. She’s going to see her husband at the prison. I thought something bad happened to her. If she was going to do that, why didn’t she tell us? It’s not like Yeonsil. I was worried. Where is the prison? I don’t remember. I need to go out for a while. Where? What about work? I’ll tell you when I come back. – What’s up with him? / – I don’t know. It’s been so long, Yeonsil. I haven’t seen you in so long that I almost forgot what you look like. I’ve been busy at work. Maybe it’s not work. Maybe you were busy dating the owner. What are you talking about? I told you. I may be in here, but I can see everything you do like it’s in the palm of my hand. She has a fever and a cough, so I think it’s a cold, so let me have some general cold medicine. Why are you two eating alone? You asked my daughter to have lunch, right? Hyowon might be childish, but she won’t fall for a loser like Taeyang. Would you like to go on a date? How can you do this? I can’t believe you did this to Mr. Park. Dongsuk, you’re my dream woman. You’ve just met, so how can you talk about marriage already? Aren’t you in too much of a rush, Dongsuk? Poor jun… What time is it? Shouldn’t the results be out? Hello, this is Wolgyesu Tailor Shop.


  1. I feel sooo bad for Seonnyeo, how desperate must she have been to have a phantom pregnancy and her husband is acting this way smh

  2. The poor granddaughter lost all her chances of ever getting together with him by sounding happy and calling him to celebrate ji hyeon getting together with his CEO

  3. yeonsil's 'husband' is insane. I bet dongjin will get beaten up by him/his gang in the future. I wasn't all that interested in them at first, but yeonsil and dongjin are real cute.
    i know it's probably for laughs but the way samdo and seonnyeo treat each other in this/last ep is really irritating. he shouldn't be blaming her. while she shouldn't threaten him. they need to talk things out.

  4. I love the couple Dongjin & yondil,. She have no family , her dad was dead nobody help her to crush by the man's jail crush her and mother's gyopye . Dongjin is the gentlemen take care her to fall I. Love her.

  5. Thank you for sub title,but please use the easy words,some slang I couldn't find in my dictionary.Thank you again,I'm Lee dong gun's fan club.I have been watching his series.I come from "SWEET18".

  6. I don't get why no one is talking about Yeonsil. That was really hurtful to watch her cry.. I feel her.. It's getting worse.

  7. The last part of this episode i really like the color the view the music it's perfect ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  8. ugggh i love how smart Dong Jin is! He can really make Yoon Sil do whatever he deems fit in a manner that won't hurt Yoon Sil's pride. The writers really made him a real wise and intelligent person, sticking with his character.

  9. Chicken frying wife is insensitive to her husband's deep feelings of inadequacy and disappointment. What's the point of going to an OB-GYN and why rush the husband? Give him time to get over the phantom pregnancy. And making him jealous with deceit?

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  11. … it's Ep. 19 and still my most hated characacter is that gangster in prison, more than the CEO and his witch mother…

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