you I remember I went to I believe it was one of the cancer control society meetings yeah years ago and I was just hungry to learn I was wet behind the ears and there was a number of alternative institutions I would say or clinics that were represented there that year and Charlotte got up and Charlotte's presentation really caught my attention because she was the only one of all the healing clinics and all the cancer clinics that were coming from Mexico represented there she was the only one who walked on stage with I believe there must have been five to nine cancer survivors it wasn't one there was a line of them and I have great respect for you and your father's work because there were people there that were alive that were pronounced terminally ill they were alive for 50 years 50 years and Charlotte corrects me every now and then when I use the word remission she don't like it cured she likes the word cured so I'm gonna let her educate you and lighten you and bless you with her wisdom that God has given her I love you and thank you for joining us again thank you very much I love being here Danny okay thank you ladies and gentlemen and thank you for that lovely introduction we are not just happy but tremendously excited to be able to help people and as Danny was saying a lot of these patients that were at that time still alive after as many as 45 and 50 years in dr. Gerson's original book the cancer the cancer therapy results of 50 cases there were some cases in there that were in the late 20s and early 30s in terminal conditions all of them that are still alive today up to 50 years later than the Hyades alive functioning happy and that's not a remission 50 years but actually I was going to talk about cancer tomorrow today we're talking about chronic diseases and I'm going to surprise you a little bit the underlying problems are very very similar because before any cancer as possible in the body the body systems have to slowly slowly deteriorate your hormone system your mineral system your enzyme system your all your balances has to be depleted and damaged before cancer is possible the body has a whole slew of defenses cancer is impossible in a healthy body because of these defenses but the same is true for other chronic diseases and the key is nutrition if you have a beautiful Cadillac or a beautiful Mercedes you wouldn't put sugar water in the tank that's what we are doing to our bodies and that's a bad mistake the body can't function that way I brought along a paper is it possible to project that yes you see this I was talking at a lecture in Carmel in the middle of March the following day the Wall Street Journal you come just barely see the top there the Wall Street Journal carried this article heart disease hits the preschool set what are we doing preschool is what four to five year olds they're starting to develop heart disease that's not acceptable the article goes on to say well as a matter of fact they're very cautious they're talking about chicken nuggets the very courses none don't say chicken McNuggets because the McDonald's could sue the daylights out of them okay and it was seeing that these kids don't want to eat anything else anymore except chicken McNuggets and the parents the mothers feel well it's chicken it can't be so bad so they give them three four times a week chicken nugget and you see it's not just chicken it's not the chicken you might or normally people might serve taking off the skin and taking off fat being cautious the skin is mixed in it's all ground up and then they add in some cereal materials and then they deep-fry it it's greasy it's full of proteins it's full of flavors and you're sickening these children before they even get to school this is not a natural food would you care to mention one single vitamin mineral or enzyme in a chicken nugget just one there aren't any the true nutrients for the human body are not proteins fats and carbohydrates the true nutrients and minerals vitamins and enzymes they naturally come in nutrition I'm not talking about pills they naturally come in fresh foods in living foods in organic foods freshly prepared not can God Picard preserve salted and and died and goodness knows what that's not food anymore in order to feed the body you need every cell in your body every tissue in your body every organ in your body has to function together and that's the big key about true healing we are not talking about well you might have a joint that's hurting you might have some arthritis so the doctor gives you something for arthritis that's not the problem you got to get to the underlying problem why is their arthritis why is the door not working why are the joint membranes not functioning properly why is your body doing this to you it's because it can't function with what you're giving it for nutrition whether you now call it a virus or colitis or whether you call it heart disease or kidney disease or whether you call it mental disease and I object to even the term mental disease it's not mental disease as the disease from malfunctioning of the brain all you have to do is give the brain the right nutrients along with the rest of the body and that's another thing when people think about brain or mental disease it's separate from the body and when the brain is properly nourished the cells are properly nourished they function right you function right because your mind your brain your mental activity depends on the function of your brain cells and it's very interesting your brain is relatively small organ to the rest of your body and the brain requires something like two fifth of the oxygen of the body to fifth and the brain not only requires the oxygen it requires the vitamins and minerals and enzymes and it requires that you carry off the toxins where do the toxins come from it's very unfortunate nowadays our soil is damaged and dr. Gerson said our metabolism starts in the soil the soil is our external metabolism the food we eat the fruits and the vegetables can only be as sound and as rich in nutrients as the soil we poison the soil first we starve it oh yes we give it fertilizer artificial fertilizer what's artificial fertilizer NPK nitrogen phosphorus and potassium well that's nice but it happens that this all requires something like 51 different minerals so where's the magnesium and the manganese and zinc and the iron and where's the iodine or on and on I can name them all missing so the soil is deficient same as the body when the body is deficient the soil is deficient bugs come and attack it nature doesn't stand for this kind of nonsense and wants to destroy it it starts to destroy the plants so then the farmers have to come crying to the medicine to the chemical companies and they need something to kill the bugs to kill the viruses to kill the attackers and to keep these plants growing artificially so what you are getting first of all is plants that are deficient even if your vegetarian plants are deficient and because they lose their defenses they are now plied with chemicals and drowned in chemicals so the bugs don't get them so you get deficient toxic food to feed that deficient toxic body you can't do that so what do we have to do to heal it's relatively simple get fresh living organic food free of poison and rich in nutrients does it make sense of course it makes sense you need to nourish every cell in your body correctly and what's not correct is when it's chemically treated when it's frozen and pickled and preserved and emulsified and dyed and colored and whatever they do to food it's no longer food it's dead interesting story my father was very good friends with Albert Schweitzer Nobel Prize winner and famous world famous he treated the whole Schweitzer family for different diseases first the wife mrs. whatsa had widespread lung tuberculosis wasn't both of her lung fields this was all before the days of antibiotics for lungs for lung tuberculosis and she was given up she was just barely 50 given up to die and she started with a Gerson Therapy she survived until well into her 80s the next thing was their daughter Rena Schweitzer she was about 3 4 years older than I I remember going sleigh riding with her but she had little ulcers on her skin not many three or four or five and then they would heal and three or four or five new ones will come within about four years after that her body was covered with them ulcers Pasi it took three hours to bandage her morning and night she'd been sent over all over the world to dermatologists and various university clinics and professors and they found that this disease had been described five times in the entire history of medicine were great now what well of course they didn't know they didn't know the etiology wonderful word it means where it comes from so naturally they couldn't treat it know what you do well you know what my father had never heard of it either nor did he have any real understanding of how this all came about except he knew the body can function if you don't notice it correctly and detoxified so he changed her diet gave a fresh organic vegetarian foods lots of freshly pressed juices detoxified with the famous coffee much and she recovered she recovered she got married she had five kids as a matter of fact she's still living I spoke to her about a year or so ago she lives in Los Angeles now the next patient was Albert himself he had diabetes he recovered age onset diabetes no problem so here are three people in one family recovering from three different diseases with the same basic healing therapy that's my point it takes the right nutrition and the body will heal itself dr. Gerson statement was it's the doctors duty to activate the body's own healing mechanism because the body is equipped with it you hurt yourself you injure yourself your Behrman yourself it heals you have a cold the flu it heals too but it's these chronic diseases what does chronic disease mean to you it's defined as incurable weather it's called heart disease or lupus or arthritis or where that's all sort of colitis or I I think there's something like 1500 different diseases remember there's only one health but they're all basically caused because the body's systems the cells the tissues are not properly nourished nourish them and you're fine as a matter of fact we're very lucky today we have so far I've met two recovered Gerson patients right here one was not a cancer patient the other one was doing very well and another thing I don't like to boast usually but there is something to be said because I impress the ladies I'm 81 years old I have no liver spots I live this way myself I live only on organic food I go out of my way I struggle I fight every day for my health I Drive a well roughly 18 miles each way to get to a place where I can buy all my organic food but it's worth it I never spent time in the hospital I don't even have a doctor I have no drugs I have no drugs I have no hospitalization I have no disease taking off time from work because I'm illa that I don't have such a thing as a matter of fact I have taken long tours of Europe and that's now the important thing the Gerson Therapy is now slowly creeping into the mainstream Orthodox medicine is saying well you know we really have to work with nutrition and probably in females nutrition faulty nutrition cause of something like 55% of cancers in males 45 I think that's a lot of nonsense I don't think you can put it that way I think all diseases especially all the chronic diseases are caused by faulty nutrition the immune system quits it tries and tries it struggles and troubles but then the time comes when can no longer keep up the immune system gives in the enzyme system and the hormone system and the mineral system and all the balances everything gives out and something happens whether you now call it one disease or dumb different name makes no difference the underlying problem is always the same toxicity and deficiency and as long as that's true it's easy to deal with you know that the problem x equals so on so y equals o and so you have the answer so you get the rich nutritious organic foods without additives and chemicals and preservatives and all the poisons and you keep your body clean keep it from accumulating toxins because toxins poisons are also defined as enzyme inhibitors if you inhibit enzymes nothing functions right and let's get back to the so called the disease how many people do you know who are depressed who are an antidepressants well the brain cells if they're not getting their nutrients they can't function right they function on a lower depressed level and you're depressed then you get drops does it get to the underlying problem does that clear it no it worsens it more drugs there are no medical drugs none that are not eventually liver toxic now you get drugs and you poison your liver in addition to the problems you already created with your food and often also your occupation sometimes the sprays and chemicals that you use around your home all these things are toxic you can't do that you know my father said study nature its eternal laws will keep you natural food natural living the natural peoples of the world that we call underdeveloped or wild or something like that never mind they don't get sick they live by nature and they don't damage the soil they don't ruin the environment study nature or what about the animals take for instance ABARES they live out nature they hibernate when it gets real cold they find themselves some place where they can hibernate you know they cuddle up in some cave and they sleep they sleep how long two and a half three and a half months depending how cold it gets and how long then they sniff some warm air and spring comes and they wake up now you know they haven't eaten or drunk they haven't defecated urinate them done anything they've slept it's a semi-comatose sleep but they're not in coma they're living breathing so they lumber out now you think they're starving hungry right they want to eat uh uh that's not what they do what do they do first they know at some woody trees at the bark of the bitter bark they eat some of the fresh young shoots of leaves rich in nutrients and enzymes and they purge themselves then their body functions where the poisons gone purged now the enzymes start functioning now they can eat they know better than to eat an ax toxic body well we don't do that we eat we get upset stomachs we go to the doctor he gives us some drugs we poison ourselves some more then we get hungry and eat some more that's not the way to treat this human body so people take antidepressants and Aunty dissonant tea that and this drug and that drug we've seen patients who common lists of drugs and chemicals for all their different diseases year long do they get well know each new drug has no side effects and causes of no disease they get sicker and sicker and sicker it's great business good business that's another problem with the Gerson Therapy it's bad business we talked against pesticides we talk against artificial fertilizers we talk against fungicides and all of this certainly we talk against alcohol and cigarettes and all the other drugs people take why do they take drugs because they feel miserable kids kids you know if they start at the preschool age to get hard problems they have sluggish they're fat they're obese they eat the wrong food you know I have a good appetite now eat well I haven't gained or lost a pound since I'm 35 years old since my last child you can eat all your ones you have no hunger or craving when you eat the nutritious food and it won't make you fat it's nourishing it doesn't fatten you not only that we have seen people that come Oh beast cancer patients as well as others we had a patient recently who had heart disease he had apnea he had a pacemaker he had diabetes he was taking 45 units of insulin he was enormous ly obese fat he was had all kinds of problems and the doctor said well he has a fat liver 50% is is gone and at best he has maybe a few months to live 54 years old in three weeks never being hungry a minute he got the Gerson Therapy he got the fresh living juices one eight ounce fresh juice made fresh every hour 13 glasses of juice a day plus three full meals vegetarian unsalted never hungry a minute he lost 29 pounds in three weeks much fluid of course edema a lot of fat blubber and he felt wonderful he had been unable to walk hardly you know across a large room first he started to walk a mile before he left he was walking four miles a day he had energy he was so happy he radiated sunshine all over the place I won't tell you about what happened to his section he had been trying viagra then work he took two pills extremely dangerous when you have heart trouble already it can kill you besides it didn't work didn't in viagra or anything anymore he was so happy that's what we're talking about getting back to normal everything functions and that's the important thing of the Gerson Therapy we're not dealing with a heart problem we are not dealing with AB sleep apneas what he had is all gone we're not dealing with the diabetes only we are not dealing with obesity only all of the body functions come back to normal and that's the point and if you now asked me of some source some may be very obscure disease that I've never heard of have you cured anybody with this disease I may have to say no nuts one no but it doesn't matter the body heals we only give the body the power to hear we restore the ability to heal and that's all there is to it we have now a great amount of literature a great deal of course there's originally dr. Gerson's book called the cancer therapy results of 50 cases well that's very good and very important it is fairly technical and we have rewritten it I have rewritten it together with a medical writer who's quite well known his name is Martin Walker it's now called the Gerson Therapy healing cancer and other chronic diseases because a lot of people walked away they looked at a cancer therapy results of 50 cases of all I don't have cancer that book isn't for me but dr. Gerson said after the first page this is not just a cancer power therapy it's a therapy to heal the body of chronic disease but by that time 50 or 70 Senta the people walked away and didn't use this book many did and recovered the proper Hospital where the Gerson Therapy is given is very able administered by two physicians that have been trained on the Gerson Therapy for over 25 between them for over 40 or 45 years we have dramatic results unbelievable hmm for instance a lady comes in she's so weak she can't even talk she can't even whisper she doesn't have enough energy she comes in a wheelchair she can't even hold herself up in the wheelchair she's trapped in she has two companions she has bile duct cancer she has heart disease diabetes and her doctors one of whom is her good friend expected her to die very quickly never expected to see her back she was in Mexico she came she never remembers how she even got there it was sort of a vague blur in her memory and she's in the wheelchair can't eat or drink nor appetite pain morphine the works in one week she had a 78th birthday she was up she was walking she was dancing to the music of the Mexican music with all the gentlemen one week her companions complained she talked too much she kept them awake at night they also noted that she forgot to take her cane when she was walking she's now recovering I'm not saying she was cured be very careful you cannot cure advanced cancer in one week that's out of the question you have to restore all the organ systems you can't do that in a week but you can overcome the first serious symptoms including the pain we get people off morphine almost always now they're sometimes exceptions almost always within the first three to seven days it's bad business pharmaceutical companies don't like us they get off morphine they get off insulin they get on certainly no chemotherapy with with the big money is do you know according to Ralph Moss who was working inside sloan-kettering has a PhD that cancer is in excess of a hundred billion dollars a year industry they call it the cancer industry and it's a shame to ruin it isn't it they go further they say well more people live off cancer than die of it so it's okay right children die of cancer it's terrible we have another problem shouldn't be talking on cancer I'm talking chronic disease remember cancer is a chronic disease I'm covered there's another problem very very terrible problem our young people eat so poorly it's not just only the the preschoolers that eat so poorly but you know our young teenagers they eat so badly there was a gentleman sitting next to me on the plane just now this morning I left San Diego at flight was at 6:40 I was here already at 8 o'clock the man sitting next to me he was in a group of young people that were going whitewater rafting great he asked for an orange juice when the girl came around I bet you he wasn't over 22 he looked very young to me but at my age then he looked very young then she says to the girl it's not even 7:30 in the morning she says to the girl could I have some vodka to go and she said you're kidding aren't you just no I want someone okay so she brought him a vodka before we landed there was eight o'clock he already had had two screwdrivers orange juice with vodka young kids what is this and they were saying well we hope that the bus when it comes it lands right next to a bar that's all they wanted tooth it I thought they were going water rafting whitewater okay so we get the young people eating poorly damaging their bodies women is even worse in this situation because the women get married they want to have children they do they have a baby their bodies are so weakened they are so damaged they are so poorly nourished that they're barely managing to keep balance under normal conditions comes a pregnancy now they're called on to build a whole new metabolism a whole new baby and they haven't got the nutrients they haven't got the reserves nor are they eating the right kind of food to provide them we get the very unfortunate situation where a woman sometimes after the first baby sometimes after the second has cancer the body is collapsed the nutrients go to the baby nature favors the baby the nutrients go to the baby and the women are sick with cancer it's horrible and the doctors tell him eat proteins protein proteins garbage proteins is usually meat and fish and cheese and chicken and eggs it's dead stuff meat and chicken it's dead meat is dead flesh I hate to give it another name because people do eat it fish is relatively less damaging but nowadays almost all fish is very high in mercury and that's not exactly the best thing in the world is poison poisons the brain that you poison the whole body then you're surprised there's mental disease and depression and these horrendously high levels of prescription drugs for depression so-called what they call it medical depression and because it's medical of course you have to have drugs nobody would think of just eating right and detoxifying their body and making sure the body works properly that's all it takes many many years ago I think it's over 30 years I was traveling in Europe and some friends and in Europe there is the International Herald Tribune it's sort of connected with the New York Times it's in English and it's distributed pretty much in all of the larger cities in Europe I was picking up an International Herald Tribune there was an article in there 30 years ago about research done on schizophrenia schizophrenia is a mental disease no way it's a physical disease the researchers at that point found that people with schizophrenia have poorly digested intermediates not digested to the end-product of proteins in other words meat fish cheese to connect animal proteins they have poorly digested materials in their system and they also found out it's not only in the bloodstream it's also in the urine then the same researchers concentrated these intermediate products that the body was not able to digest – the end product they concentrated them and injected them into Holohan sorry into healthy volunteers and they developed cataphrenic symptoms but the healthy volunteers have a healthy digestive system they have enough pancreatic enzymes to digest these intermediates to the end product and when that's done the body few hours later they were normal again but they had the proof that it's a protein digestion that or the lack of proper digestion that was causing the disease what do all of the so-called state hospitals require by law three protein meals a day and lots of drugs this is not the way to treat the human body they already know what's wrong one of our patients came to us and her doctor said to her that she was very toxic so she said okay doctor well what do I do about it don't know that was one of the major contributions my father made into medicine and to healing to understand toxicity in the first place but mainly and most importantly to teach and tell people how to get rid of it when the body releases these toxins where do they go into the bloodstream then they get filtered out by the liver a lot of people are told the liver is a filter yes it is but it has probably hundreds of other functions please don't talk of the liver as a filter only it has many many functions but anyway so the liver filters out the toxins that the body then releases and if you don't do anything about it and the doctors don't know the liver gets more damaged than it was before it gets more toxic than it was then you can't do that you have to help the liver release it coffee enemas quickly migraine headaches there was a whole big article I think it was in Newsweek magazine on time I'm sorry I don't remember which one probably couple of years ago and it turns out that in the u.s. there are 14 million known migrant nurse migraine sufferers that doesn't mean that all of them are known that they suffer in silence and have headaches okay forty million and they're given drugs and more drugs the average people take 40 different drugs for migraine and in many case it doesn't touch it some even take morphine some take as many as a hundred different drugs children suffer of migrants what is migraines caused by simple toxicity one coffee enema and the migraines gone but that's not good business who's going to make the money and if you cure with organic vegetarian food and carrot juices how much money can the pharmaceutical medical complex and all of the chemical companies make on a sack of carrots when it's organic bad business that's why it's being suppressed one other very important point I wanted to bring out very recently there was a report about Wisconsin in the Wisconsin schools they changed what they gave the kids they took out all the machines that were dispensing you know the candies and the fast foods and the junk stuff and they put in fresh foods they put in some fruit they put in there they changed the whole diet for the children in the schools result no more guns no more fights no more kids being sent to the principal for bad behavior no more absenteeism kids come to school and enjoy it no more teachers resigning because they can't handle the stress of these unruly kids all you have to do is change the diet a little bit so why doesn't the whole country do it bad business why wasn't that spread all over the country why didn't you read about this in other newspapers it's bad business in the newspapers live on ads of the pharmaceutical and of the food chemicals and of the food processors fresh raw food nobody makes money on it the farmer who cares about the farmer bad business but it can be done we have the literature we have the books are both we have lots of books the Gerson Therapy the new book Gerson Therapy healing chronic diseases and cancer and it's much more user friendly it has better description of how to prepare the food and what is involved and how to do the enemas how to prepare the coffee it's really not difficult if our hmm our people in Mexico in the there are some of them are semi literal literate and they can cook the food and make the juices and prepare the coffee you can it's not a big deal but it's so different from people's lifestyles that many people has it ate to do this to change their diet you can prevent disease whoever needs to be ill who needs to have cancer any other diabetes or other chronic disease nobody heart disease number one killer heart and vascular disease number one kill a million and a half people die you can prevent it and it's easy to heal patients are told by the doctors once you have plaque in your arteries it will never go away don't argue with the doctors no point but you tell yourself yes doctor you're right it won't go away with your methods we have seen a patient when 90% blockage of all her arteries including to the brain and the heart to the lungs she couldn't even walk across a room to the bathroom without oxygen she couldn't even sleep without it the doctor told her if you don't have bypass surgery immediately you won't even see the weekend she didn't she came to Mexico all the way from Florida two years later the same doctor said here Archer is a hundred percent clean from 90 percent clogged to 100 percent clean can be done it takes time it takes energy it's labor intensive that's the drawback but you get rid of not just one disease even whether it's now heart disease and arthritis you can't heal selectively if you truly heal everything heals we have also uh Naboth something else I have little booklets and the reason I prepare those was because people want to know about their kind of cancer I don't like to break it down we've had people who had two kinds of cancer doesn't matter when the body heals it heals cancer period still people want to know about others who have recovered from their kind of cancer so I've prepared little booklets altogether we have nine healing breast cancer and then with a lot of recovered breast cancer patient healing prostate cancer with prostate cancer patients recovered healing lung cancer with recovered lung cancer Healing lymphoma healing melanoma and a whole bunch of those recovered patients we have them I don't like to cut it down like that but people want to read about it fine so we have it it's all here now the literature is there there's a wonderful biography of my father how all of this developed how he developed it how it came about how he put it together it's fascinating we have all this material now and we have more importantly a professor of literature English literature at Oxford University was diagnosed with multiple myeloma doctors gave him three months six months without anything with chemo maybe maybe a year this was 94 he did the Gerson Therapy is alive and well and functioning now we have another doctor professor of medicine at a Medical School in northern Japan he had colon cancer one day couldn't move his bowel yet surgery and as they had him open they look at his liver full of cancer professor of medicine knows when the cancer in the liver they say that one you have cancer in the liver even God can't help you not true that's what they feel he had cancer spread to the liver it's always deadly and he knew that chemo wouldn't help he didn't take chemo but he found my father's book translated into Japanese put himself on the therapy and while he was doing it he also treated 12 other cancer patients with other cancers got him all cured wrote a book about it this was in 92 it's 11 years he had metastasized liver cancer from colon he's alive and well healing patients that's what matters the book written by this British professor of English language and literature at Oxford on how he heard himself of multiple myeloma he wrote biographical book he was besieged how dare you write a book like that the doctors were screaming what do you mean it's my life it's an art biography I'm a writer I'm a professor of English literature well it will be discouraging others now and this was published in the New England Journal of Medicine with a critique of this book said well it looks like this particular in this particular case he was able to cure himself in other words they don't admit that it might work for others but then the same doctor who's writing this critique says in the mean time in 2000 a study was done on multiple myeloma and it turns out that chemotherapy doesn't work if chemotherapy doesn't work and if the Gerson Therapy has documented proof if only in one case don't you think that should be investigated does anybody say so I do so no way no money in it it's a problem money is a big problem but it won't go on forever and I think the good Lord is being good to us you'll see at our booth room in in room booth number two anything my son is there he is also the author of this biography life about my father he has been asked to come to Bangkok Thailand in the beginning of August to do a whole seminar on the Gerson Therapy and following that another group asked him to come to Singapore Malaysia to do a seminar on the Gerson Therapy the word is spreading people people are becoming aware that autumn Ducks medicine doesn't work their loved ones their neighbors they become denie their friends are dying of cancer they're getting the supposed best chemo and treatment and they die that's not the way to go so we do have to spread the word and it's working and this lecture and the seminar on Thailand 2500 health practitioners will be present of which hundred will be physicians so it's coming it's coming along and if it isn't coming from the US because you're making too much money then it'll come from abroad it will come from somewhere else but it's coming and that's the good news okay as I said earlier we are also fortunate to have two girls and recovered patients here one cancer one not cancer and they consented to spend a few minutes maybe 15 minutes at our booth after the lecture so if you have any specific questions one patient had breast cancer with metastasis in the bones and the lung she's doing very well the other patient has been long-term recovered from chronic fatigue and he he was literally starving his body wasn't digesting food he is doing great now for a number of years so we are having these people here and it's such a joy to see them in good health and active and working and fine okay and I hope perhaps there's one or two other recovered patients in the audience that I'm not aware of would be lovely to have them at our booth for a little while for a little bit Union I promise I won't keep you okay and also then tomorrow we will have a lecture on how to cure advanced cancer it's still a little different we also have certain brochures there's one little printed brochure that about aspartame and the poisons in our food Ritalin and aspartame poisoning our kids their various other materials I tried to spread the information as much as I can unfortunately you notice to reproduce it it costs so much per copy for paper I do have to recover my cost so we'll see you there keep well take care nobody needs to be afraid of our self or chronic disease it's up to you you can heal with the good Lords help think hi I'm Charmaine Viera I am standing here in front of bellavita lifestyle center through these doors many sufferings spiritually mentally and physically find relief and are filled with gratitude as God works on their heart great light has been given to God's church on health reform as a right arm of the third angels message God's methods of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of present truth to prepare souls for the soon coming of Jesus Christ here at modern mana we have successfully led the way in a cleansing and detoxifying program that not only touches the body but also reaches to soul and spirit we have found that Christ's method of ministry brings true healing in vol 7 of the testimonies page 62 we are told we have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of the medical missionary work risen an acronym for our remedial and integrated school of evangelism and naturopathy will empower you to answer the call to medical missionary work our program is based on the natural hygiene blueprint of the early pioneers incorporating the eight laws of health cleansing and detoxification learn how you can live optimally and coach people to healing from the diseases of lifestyle graduates of our natural hygiene coach certification comes from all around the world they are motivated resourceful dedicated and are making a difference through opening their own lifestyle education homes coaching individuals working within their local churches and communities and broadening workplace wellness opportunities don't miss out on our upcoming 14-day natural hygiene coach certification program to find out how you can be involved with this amazing movement visit us at WWE mana org and click on risen to register for the fundamentals of natural hygiene this online instruction is a prerequisite course that prepares you to successfully complete the natural hygiene coach certification Jesus says in Luke 10 verse 2 the laborers are few now is the time to join us he is waiting


  1. No disrespect to anyone but this has been obvious to me my entire life, you match her advice with an active lifestyle and you will feel great again, she is a shining light in the darkness. may history never forget her or her father.

  2. As a medical student in America and as one who's visited hospitals in communist countries like Cuba I can say she's 100% right about her claims. Cancer is an industry. A brilliantly evil and disgusting one. American Medicine is allopathic and reductionistic. American Medicine is to Chronic disease as giving a African Chimp a loaded Sub machine gun and expect it to babysit your 2 year old child for 3 days is to Logic. It's completely retarded. I have 5 family members die of cancer, the remaining ones have arthritis and diabetes and lung cancer and migraines and gall bladder removal surgery you name it. Medical schools only have 1 term for nutrition. The rest of those many years is the bullshit they THINK will help people. But one doctor I admire once told me, "A bad doctor gets rich quick and always has patients, a Good doctor doesn't and his patients never come back" and I ask him why and he said, "Because like Hippokrates of Greece probably believed, it is a good doctor's responsibility to make sure he runs out of business" I thought long and hard about it and I know what he was trying to say. A Bad doctor tells you what to do, thinks you'll never understand and just throws drugs at your problems knowing it is loaded with side effects and will only hide your symptoms and then say "If you have any more problems, come back so we can check you out". A Good doctor TEACHES his patients how to TAKE BACK THEIR HEALTH so, just like this lady is saying, they can BE healed and STAY healed for the rest of their lives. PEOPLE DON'T GET SICK BECAUSE OF A PHARMACUETICAL DRUG DEFICIENCY in their body?? They get sick because of a mineral/vitamin/enzyme deficiency just like she says. Environmental toxins, pregnancies, stress and harmful things we ingest ALL ROB/TAX US of our mineral/vitamin/enzyme reserves. You don't need drugs. And for all those Hebrew and Christian people out there, the Bible supports everything I said with Genesis Chapter 1 verse 29 (Or was it 28?) The verse talks about how God assigns us, as creations under him, our food he purposes for us and to paraphrase hes saying it comes from the vegetation of the lands/fields. AKA all the good stuff that grows from the soil. Avocados, pomegranetes, strawberries Kiwis whatever. Stuff from the soil. The problem in America like many mimic countries is that our farming practices annihalates our soil. Your soil is supposed to contain tons of minerals in there. But go look what happens when chemicals are used on soil filled farming crops sold in stores. The soil loses all the minerals and it also loses them to the plants that sucked those minerals out to make fruit in the first place. Our soil is deficient. So you gotta eat super good like in the video and supplement, not with trashy empty supplements either, but quality mineral supplements. Pay attention to your ingredients labels and do the Gershon treatment AND supplement with your Selenium, Chromium, Vanadium, Copper, Iodine, Sulfur, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Chlorine Dioxide, Chrondroitin Sulfate, Iron and Calcium etc.

  3. yes is truth..i have deabetas2 and try to heel yself..and i did same think..and 2day i see SHarlote there its was siurprise…yes she is right…Thanks Dr…gerson..

  4. Now I remember my mother, who is now in heaven. She always give us herbal medicine if we are sick. She planted veggies n fruits, sweet potato, and rice to feed us. Pure organic food. When i was a child i crave western food but now i realize is not worth…This woman is talking from her heart. VERY TRUE speech..

  5. I agree with her! Juicing is the way togo!!! Nutrition nutrition nutrition key factor for our health care!!! nutrition for our children

  6. If the soil I deficient in nutrients then who is to say that organic food is the answer? How do we know when an organic food is really organic ?

  7. we are asian people Japanese people are so confuse to see the american food
    we eat rice, vegetables and fish every day.

  8. I would love to see a person from the FDA denounce or object to this universal truth or even deny this life-giving therapy and information. Gods Knowledge!!!

  9. She is wonderful
    Problem is
    We r so habituated of tasty mouthwatering meals that we can't think of juicing n starving

  10. I’ve been shaking a stick at the end of my garden for the last 5 years and haven’t had a cold since I first started doing it. I’m starting a lecture tour explaining my method soon. (Tickets are $99) Don’t let Big Pharma scam you!!! My method is natural and contains no chemicals too.

  11. Yes, I had to watch my sister with liver Cancer, refuse juices, when went down live with her assist, only want coffee in one week in bed, a month dead. Dr. gave her 6 months. She gave up when Drs .told her nothing can do. No faith, God heals, with his good food. didn't even try, her refrigerator full of red meat, other processed. Sad, same others in my family left our land, good vegetables, fruits, no fish no shell fish no cheese, no sweets, no coffee, no sweets seldom. We all had problems. weight, teeth sweets, fortunate. Watching this and my own lost of 105 lbs in 4 yrs, of 3 foods, addictive, following Gods way. led to further and courses . May I assist in Health Care some day as Holistic Functional Nutritionist. all organic food, home care cleaners makeup little. Distill since 2011.

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