The GOP Still Hasn't Figured Out Health Care: The Daily Show

but let's move on ladies and gentlemen so the one thing Paul Ryan spends more time on than his biceps Obamacare since it's very inception Paul Ryan has had one goal we really have a problem with the direction of these bills and we have offered principled alternative bills we're gonna do everything we can to try and repeal and replace this thing a case for repeal must be matched with even greater intensity buy a case for replace we're also going to repeal Obamacare and replace Obamacare with a better system because we think we owe the country an alternative but most urgent is to actually repeal and replace Obamacare we have to step in and repeal and replace Obamacare yes from Jason Priestley Ryan to Bear Grylls Ryan all the way to sure I love Donald Trump Ryan Obama cares been his obsession he was probably having nightmares about it waking up like ah repeal and replace rebellion replaced Obamacare and then he turned to his wife and be like oh honey I had the most horrible dream but then he turns and her head is also Obamacare so after seven years of fighting to replace Obamacare with a GOP plan Ryan's moment has finally come House Senate white house all Republican so now without further ado after so many years that I can only assume was spent crafting the world's greatest health care plan in history let's yell what the American public has won breaking news House Republicans just unveiling their bill ten million Americans could lose coverage under this new plan the proposal destabilizes insurance markets it will you'll see that premiums will go up [Applause] [Applause] no no it's canceled it's it's not mission accomplished what sorry man can I keep this oh I want to hold it up after sex whatever sweet honey put on the board you said anyway but rarely Paul Ryan millions of people losing health insurance premiums going up this is the crap you've been hyping for seven years seven years and this is what they bring that's like waiting three hours for a pizza delivery and then when you open the box the delivery guys got he's in the middle of it I mean yeah don't get me wrong you're still gonna eat around the penis because it's pizza but it's not ideal is what I'm saying and you know what there's a lot to unpack in this bill because it's complicated but there's a simple metric that anyone can understand who wins and who loses winners right now are the young because they get this great subsidy and they're generally healthy wealthy people who are seeing their taxes go down as it relates to health care and health insurers who are benefiting from this here are the losers as we look at it first of all out of context that graphic is just mean just mean and and second I'm not a medical expert but I feel like if one of the losers of your health care plan is sick people now now should be fair should be fair this plan would give subsidies to people in the middle class who didn't get them under Obamacare right but it pays for that partly by forcing four to six million poor people off of Medicaid and if you're saying well there's only so much money to go around then why does this plan also give a massive tax cuts to rich people who are now also gonna be saying there's so much money to go around look we can't act surprised that a Republican ten is gonna screw over poor people in fact by now you've obviously all seen representative Chaffetz on TV you've all seen that clip you know where he was like maybe poor people need to stop wasting their money on iPhones yeah as if people were in hospitals going mmm chemo or candy crush but okay Republicans since you are so good at managing your money why don't you tell us how you're gonna pay for all of this there's no price tag the the CBO has not marked this yet right you have no idea what it's gonna cost oh they can't figure out the big numbers if only you had spent your money on the iPhone you could have used the calculator app on it [Applause] now obviously Democrats are against the plan mostly because Obamacare is the only thing that reminds them of the good times smells like him but the real surprise is that some Republicans are even more against it because for them this health care plan still has too much health care in it's conservative Republicans don't like the proposal because it's too similar to Obamacare conservative leaders are refusing to sign on saying the new bill is Obamacare life the House bill has been fought for word is Obamacare light it won't work this bill has real problems we've got to do better this is not the repeal bill that we've been waiting for for all these years oh man there's nothing worse than seeing a sad Republican it's like they found out Santa was real but he's Mexican so Democrats Republicans poor people everyone hates this thing except over at Donald Trump's White House where they're focused on the bills most important feature one of the things that's important Sarah is for all of the people who have concerns about this especially on on the right look at the size this is the Democrats this is us there is I mean that you can't get any clearer in terms of this is government this is not [Applause] I'm sorry sorry okay it feels like now spices just parroting himself now like it's like he's like he's like I know what you're gonna do Melissa McCarthy no no if anyone's gonna make fun of the Spice man it's gonna be me what does that even mean this whole bill doesn't really make sense it doesn't meet up to anybody's standards and and you know who should be the most upset about this is President Trump because remember during the campaign and the transition he said everyone would be covered under his plan premiums would go down and care would be better he must be so ashamed of this crappy replacement plan I'm proud to support the replacement plan released by the House of Representatives it's a complicated process but actually it's very simple it's called good health care good health care that's the thing I love about Donald Trump he tells it like it is hey there thanks for watching if you like that video click here to subscribe just keep the mouse pointer away from my face please don't no don't here click here to some not not my fate click here please please that looks don't do that that's shop that shop click here to subscribe


  1. It isn't that they don't like Obama care. It's that they don't like a blackmans name being apart of Amerikkkas healthcare

  2. 6:00 never been a better metaphor for politics, it’s just one big dick measuring contests. The Republicans keep trying to prove there’s is bigger, but really say there’s is smaller

  3. Trump does'nt consider non white rich people under the label of 'Everyone'. It probably reads in the fine print that All poor people should die asap so it leaves more money to the rich bastards. Like any sane person is really surprised by this.

  4. I JUST watched that episode of SNL and I had forgotten how erratic he had been. I thought, "wow, Melissa really captured him," then I saw the reference to that episode. XD

  5. Besides November remember those health care companies that do take medicare and medicaid. Trust me there are not much.

  6. "It's complicated but it's simple" …..Does Trump know what those two words mean? What a fucking dummy and the dummies who voted for him are the worst people in the world!

  7. "The democrats have a big stack of paper. We do not" "The large stack of paper is government. The small one is not" Did sean just admit to the democrats being a better party?

  8. Thought experiment- for those of you in the comment section who are currently part of the workforce- if you had no access to a phone or the internet, would you be able to keep your job?

  9. wtf is wrong with these people, they don't even read the dam bills that they are talking about "this bill is more like Obama-care" like how the hell is this bill taking out most of Obama cares stuff make it LIKE Obama care.

  10. you still haven't figured out what's going on yet have you , oh ya your way too young to know anything and get paid to run an accent out of your mouth

  11. How do these 1% ass holes even end up in office? You'd think since they're in the minority less people would vote for them. Why do the other 99% vote for them? You think they have your best interests in mind? Fuck no. They just want more money to hide away in Swiss banks so they can't be taxed. Trickle economics my fucking ass you dumb shits

  12. The whole point of healthcare is to help the sick. What good is healthcare if only the healthy people can get it?

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