hey guys how's it going back again with another video so in today's video I am going to be answering a question that I had beginning a lot on Instagram for those of you that follow me on Instagram you've been direct messaging me asking what grades I received in certain courses certain courses that you need to take in order to get accepted in a nursing school and what my GPA was some statistics in regards to the classes I took and things like that so for those of you that are not in the United States I know some people are from Canada you have to apply to nursing school in order to get accepted I remember a couple people actually from Canada said it's just a direct admission at least for some schools which is awesome I wish we had that here but nursery school is fairly competitive in the States especially on the west coast I know that California is very competitive Nevada where I am Oregon Washington Arizona and so in order to get a BSN degree you need to take two years of prerequisite courses prior to applying to the school which then you will subsequently do two years in nursing school offer you a bachelor's degree a four-year degree in nursing so every school has a minimum GPA in order to just apply to the program and then from there there is an average GPA that actually gets accepted so just because you have the minimum GPA doesn't mean you're gonna get accepted as as a matter of fact it's far from that so I wanted to let you know some of the statistics that I had prior to applying in nursing school to give you a better idea and hopefully don't compare yourself to me but give you an idea as to where you are and where you may or may not want to be when you are applying at nursing school so let's go ahead and dive right into it I have my official transcripts their unofficial now because I opened the envelope but let's go ahead and get into it so I applied to nursing school with the program specific GPA of a 3.2 or no sorry a 3.7 two out of three point seven two GPA applying to nursing school once I graduated nursing school though I ended up with a three point six GPA so my GPA took a pretty big hit seeing that obviously nursing school was a lot harder than the two years of prereqs where I'm taking English 101 and basic chemistry okay so I did take a hit but I did graduate college with Latin honors laude so let's go ahead and get into the specific courses for those of you that are in Nevada obviously you'll know what classes these are it'll differ depending on the institutions in the state that you live in but we had to take bio 189 here in Nevada which is fundamentals of life science and I received an a-minus in that course that was my first pre-nursing class that actually took once I moved back to Nevada from Washington the second class human anatomy and physiology one I received a B+ this class was a little irritating my professor was an ophthalmologist or is an ophthalmologist and for those who don't know that's a surgeon operates on the eyes his syllabus is a little weird in that if you receive a 90% in the course you don't get an a-minus to be plus so I received a 90% in this class but I received a B+ rather than a – I don't know why he does that you don't receive an a-minus and in this course until you hit at least a 93% which kind of sucks but anyway human anatomy and physiology one I received a B+ introductory to chemistry I received an a-minus and then obviously I took a humanities course throughout that time in general psychology in that time and I received days in those classes human anatomy and physiology – received another b-plus again I think I got a 92% this class but in his class that is not an A – that is a B+ which was really irritating during the time or at the time now I don't really care but at the time when I was trying to get in a nursery school in every bit counts you know that was very irritating other classes AAA statistics a okay next microbiology I took that over the summer which really sucked because I was on a time line and I was trying to take a certain out of classes that way I would be able to apply at a certain time and for me we'd be able to do that I had to take microbiology over the summer and the only thing that was available was a six-week course so I took micro in six weeks I was in class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday four hours a day and every Thursday we had an exam it sucked you know what was it six weeks or four weeks let's go ahead and go with six weeks it might even four weeks I'm not sure but I received a B+ in that class again and this is the same professor the eye surgeon the ophthalmologist so very tough class but I loved it so receive the B+ in microbiology pathophysiology I received an a mine medical terminology in a that was such an easy course and that's it for really the science prerequisites every other class guys English 101 102 psychology other random courses like that I received an A so I applied with a 3.72 I graduated with the 3.6 and well maybe I should let you guys know some of the class that took a nursing school pharmacology every season a – med surg one a b-plus health assessment of B+ nursing skills and a – I did pretty well I received I was on the Dean's List every semester prior to getting into nursing school and then when I went into nursing school I think I only made the Dean's List once or twice so Pediatrics was my lowest grade in nursing school pediatrics and maternity I received B minuses in those classes so that sucks but anyway I really hope this video helps you guys get an idea as to what my statistics were prior to getting in nursing school I'm gonna make a video about tuition and how much I paid going to Nevada State College and how much you should expect to pay going into a nursing program some programs are so expensive in the only offer an Associate Degree Nursing which I have no idea why if that's the only program you can get into that's only program we can get into but if you have options don't go to schools like that so yeah that's pretty much it guys I hope this video helped you guys if you guys have any questions leave them in the comment section or direct message me on Instagram if you are not following already and I will see you guys in the next video


  1. I'm really worried about all the information that nursing schools have waitlisted many people? Even if I have a 4.0 will i still be waitlisted?

  2. im currently a junior and i really wanna be a nurse. my grades are around the low a's and high b's. my last years were tragic. i never focused and im trying to now. i need help and i really want to be a nurse and idk what to do

  3. Did you go to NSC? I believe that was Dr. Duong that you were talking about, not quite sure though…

  4. If your professor graded like that, why did you take him for A&P 1, A&P 2, and micro? You would’ve basically been a 4.0 student if he didn’t grade like that (Which I find dumb).

  5. How tf does 92% gives a B+??
    That's an A- !!! Nevada, California, NY, the whole USA
    What am I missing??

  6. Canadian ABScN student here. Kaynen is right! In Canada you can enter nursing school straight from high school (you just have to get 90s on Grade 12 Bio, Chem, Math, English + two other Grade 12 subjects to get in). This type BScN program takes 4 years to complete.

    We also have accelerated BScN programs for students with at least 2 yrs of university education. Getting into these programs is more complicated since their prerequisites differ depending on the institution (some ABScN programs require a university-level Microbiology course, some don't. Some require a personality test, some don't). Most of the people who get accepted in these programs have already completed a full degree. ABScN programs usually take 2 full years.

    I had thought about going to school in the US (especially because my dad recently moved to Nevada for work). I actually looked at Nevada State College but they require some other stuff I've never heard of (e.g., TEAS test). I chose to do my studies here bc I was already set to apply to the uni I've been aiming for and didn't wanna stress my self out satisfying other prereqs.

  7. Can't believe how competitive Nursing is in the US that they are still denying students from nursing school when there's a shortage

  8. Hey, My second semester of pre nursing is about to end and I know you said having the minimum gpa does not mean your guaranteed acceptance. So I was wondering what I could do to become a strong applicant. I’m 19 and school is my main focus and I don’t have any job experience, just a few unrelated volunteer experiences. And I can’t tell if not having experience will hinder me or help me. The only upside is i have no lower than a b in any of my classes.

    Thanks in advance. 😁

  9. I’m 14 years old and I’m a freshman in highschool and I really want to become a nurse so I can help people do you have any tips?

  10. thank u for this video! I am graduating high school in may and will be attending Florida state university and majoring in nursing, hopefully I will be attending FSU’s College of Nursing my junior year and it is very competitive to get into with limited spots available.. this video is very motivating and informative, it means a lot coming from an actual nursing student/graduate! you seemed to be very determined in school and worked very hard to get to where u are today(:

  11. Should I take my nursing in a university or community college, like take my ADN then get my BSN Or do my pre-req in community college then transfer to a university to do my nursing ?? IT WILL REALLY HELP to get your point of view thanks!

  12. Keep up the good work Kaynen.  Keep the positive videos coming, you are an inspiration to many nursing students and future  students.  I am sure you are going to go far in nursing and make a great leader and make great contributions to this rewarding and challenging  profession.  Congrats!

  13. Hi ! I am a senior and about to graduate from highschool my plan is to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Would you suggest that I go to a community college for the first 2 years before the nursing program or just go straight to a University for BSN ? :)))

  14. Loved the video! Side note, what was your method when studying for Health Assessment? Practicing skills is a given, but I'm finding it difficult to study lecture notes for my multiple choice midterm coming up!

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