The Health Guru Who Eats 5,000 Calories in One Meal & Says He's Healthy

this feels super killer that was actually tricking gravy mash and that's not all imagine eating all these epic meals these are real meals as eating giant fries onion rings sandwich right a three pound pastry right that's pretty large and a ginormous mac and cheese steak so it looks like this thing I got behind me it got close above it there look at that but yet despite that this Instagram sensation is gone viral for his health secret to loosen more than 60 pounds that's him before miss after and that's really his physique Blake Horton says he eats 5,000 calories in one meal just once a day it's not just a fitness fanatics trick guys they're women who are trying this as well more and more today we're investigating theirs through extreme form of internet right there intermittent fasting that's all over the internet can you really eat all those calories in one sitting and lose weight and there's the other question is it even healthy please welcome Blake I gotta say you have captured the nation's attention to half a million people watch you eat every night I witnesses myself why are you so passionate about how you eat your food when I figured out how to eat which seems like a cheap meal every night before bed and lose weight and get all your daily nutrients at the same time there's no reason not to be hooked and also no longer get hungry so we got to get into all these biscuits it's so much so different for any of us thought was possible but how did you learn about the who taught you you could even try this I was losing weight eating small meals spread out throughout the day which I was miserable you know when you understand your caloric budget and you're counting calories and you try to spread it out over three four or five meals shake snacks you have like your calorically broke you have no budget right and when you shrink that down I read about intermittent fasting and it said you can eat fewer meals same daily caloric allowance reduced hunger go to bed happy and full with a giant food baby and continue the same progress so I decided to test it out and I took it to everything I do is like to an extreme but I turned sensing that yeah so I got really creative with it and I reduced it to one meal a day which I didn't know anybody at the time like who was doing that so the longer you wait to eat once you get used to it you don't no longer get hungry if you eat in like a four hour time period all your calories all your nutrients in a four hour time period you're not going to be hungry not nearly as much as if you get three meals or four or five six like this let's let's kick the tires on this we're gonna investigate first of all what Blake's eating to lose weight so what me through your meal plan and just bring everyone up to speed and why you would eat this and just to be clear okay this is what it actually looks like on the Instagram feed but all of these things went into this so take your time explain what this is and this is about 5,000 calories we calculated this is this is a little bit higher calorie that I believe mine was uh was around 4,000 calories but I see I do see a lot of oil here which I didn't have on mine okay that here but I think you could just yeah yeah there we are it's 4,000 calories so this is all 4,000 calories in here oh there you go yeah I didn't recognize that so what do we have we had some salad and vegetables yeah we had about four pounds of vegetables everybody asks if I eat fruits and vegetables most of my meals have like four pounds of vegetables or like three pounds of fruit but everyone sees the cheese sauce dressing and this it's some some low calorie cheese what about the threat of french fries they're not the health food normally fries I mean they are potatoes they're not like deep fried fried like for hours I mean the fries I used are probably between like two to three grams of fat per three ounce servings you're very thoughtful about the cheat foods I count all my I count all my nutrients and what time you normally eat I normally eat usually around like wanted to a.m. yeah I thought that was the case I think it's impossible why at that hour cuz I go live on Instagram and everybody's like why are you live in the middle of the night my schedule is just packed like I like eating at the end of the day um because I mean biologically we were meant to to feast and fast and when we when we feast we go to sleep you digest while resting a lot of people have heartburn indigestion acid reflux yes I I'm sure plenty of people here I've had I've had in the past too but when we're go out to eat a lunch and then we you try to walk off your big lunch or you go try to run it off or go to the gym after eating and your body's trying to digest all this food while moving that can cause a lot of those issues where I eat all my food and yes I look like I have a huge baby but I digest while resting CIA honest if I ate at 1:00 in the morning I wouldn't be able to sleep all night that would keep you from sleep yet for sure that would throw me off and you know this doesn't look so healthy to me and this for sure is a little bit petrifying as a doctor that's right I'm surprised there he created this we did a long time we had to push people up so let me go back to this this week with come on over here for second I'm gonna walk you through how I analyzed the food a limit so this is one meal you had right doesn't look as healthy as some other meals that I could imagine you eating yeah that big hamburger it looks like yeah it's a giant cheeseburger cheeseburger believe me all right look over here calorie content for that right pretty significant 3385 so it's less than the 5,000 I said that's the 4000 a minute you might have said that was was almost 90 grams and carbs 391 grams right here's another one they said this is a sort of some pizza conclusion this is a pretty big size of piece that's bigger than your torso Yeah right here here we had three thousand nine hundred and seventy four calories sugar 123 grams sodium eight thousand forty six well that was for two of these slices of pizza not just one I made you eat too well then what's the total the total was for 2slow yes sure sodium's a little bit high but for me it's almost double the recommended amount or a little bit over double the recommended amount but I keep my potassium in check sure you've heard about the sodium potassium balance and I'm also into fitness so I mean I flush out the sodium they see your abs this is it this is what I'm talking about this I'm gonna know how he eats that food that piece that has this so hard the reason I wanted you to come on you don't mind is I actually know that women are following you and are losing weight on the program so because they're off on social media and they're looking at what you're doing and imitating it getting success I got curious so I've got Cathy here with us how are you Cathy if I get it correctly they come join us the Cathy's lost 50 pounds in six months but before you start to go is that unusual for people who are following you you hear the stories I have my own diet it's the Blake diet and plenty of people have watched my how-to videos my tutorials and I have over 1300 people now because their work 800 over all right so you're one of the over 1300 people yes tell me your story okay so we found Blake on the internet my fiance and i Jamie he's here today um he found him on YouTube and we decided to watch him he started decided to start the diet he's like oh I'll give it a try I saw his success he the first week or two weeks he lost like 15 to make you mad a little bit yeah yeah and I was just like you know what I'm gonna give it a try I mean I have nothing else to lose I mean I've done the whole traditional dieting and it didn't really work for me and I was never a breakfast person I could never eat breakfast so this diet was just perfect where where's where's the idea we'll pull them up Amy so Jamie looks skinny too he is he lost 85 pounds he lost 85 pounds the same kinds of food as breakers yeah you're scaled down into my calorie intake my burn and your fiance is also yes there's a fiancée a boyfriend fiance yes there's making sure okay right I need the same kind of food and you said you lost the weight but you had other benefits also uh yeah I had more energy um I didn't feel so sluggish I felt better my skin cleared out my hair felt better at what time of day are you eating um I eat at midnight you also you admit what is going on here Scott eyes the face of everything we're talking about now you may get the thousands of calories and shed pounds but what's it doing to your insides we tested his cholesterol and his blood sugar before the show and I asked them to keep track of his sleep patterns and the results are in are you ready Blake I am ready you ready all right you confident I'm confident okay total cholesterol should be under 200 Blake's 118 all right I'm not quite sure how this is all working but I got a Santa numbers nice the blood Sugar's ought to be less than 100 between 1799 ideally yours 84 smack dab in the middle I was surprised these are just two of the lab results I looked at all your lab results literally every single one was in the optimal range so I'm a little Trump figure out get my footing back but I have to say at least on the insides of you you look as good as you do on the outside but then I did one more thing I wanted to know whether eating that late at night was messing with you sleep at all you think of yourself as a good sleeper if I get the time to sleep I sleep like a rock but with my schedule I'm like basically like a long nap er all right well long napping is GUI described because on average you are getting 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleep which is you know as your sleep score there's a little scoring system we have your sleep score was 46 let me show you the actual chart all right there's the 46 and it looked you know you got if you fall asleep immediately like a rock all right but you weren't asleep very long you didn't get deep sleep you didn't dream you remember dreaming it all depends yeah yeah 18 minutes you're not dreaming so usually so I this is not surprising I guess because you're not giving yourself time if you gave yourself time would it be better than this one of my goals in 2019 is to set my schedule where I can get a good night's sleep so I have to acknowledge I'm shocked I've never seen anyone look as good as you look eating what you would eating so I asked the medical unit to dive into you a little bit what makes you different what makes you special and one issue in that back of my mind is you do workout and I wanted to figure out how many calories do you really burn a day so I had them made you that calculated out they think that your calories burned in a day because you have a lean muscle looking at your weight and everything else so all the other variables three thousand eight hundred and fifty calories a day of burning of calories that's part of the answer so if you're not burning 3850 calories don't eat four thousand calorie meals nothing yeah okay so they're doesn't explain everything let's get back to this intermittent fasting issue because people are losing a lot of weight who don't don't burn three thousand eight hundred and fifty calories and I won't understand what's going down with them so let's just go through the average American and how y'all think about what you lost the average person starts eating their breakfast at 7 a.m. and they're done their dinner or whatever they can eat by 10:00 p.m. that's about 15 hours we used to think calories in calories out right and when you eat like this that might be the case right because you're gonna at breakfast lunch dinner or snacks in between you know it takes you a long time it's a big long eating window your metabolism is gonna want to deal with it as it can in piecemeal what you're arguing is eat it all at once get up at 7:00 go to bed it whenever you gotta go to bed and eat one meal whatever it happens to be well the data seems to suggest that if we shorten the window when we eat you might be better off you can eat the same number of calories in a short period of time as you would over the whole day and you'll lose weight compared to what you would be eating now think about that and they did a study actually shortening it down to just a four hour window reading and demonstrated results like yours so I don't know how many of you are thinking about this but that combined with the idea that you're not hungry because you're not thinking about food not tempting yourself all day long might make it work the one issue that I've got is what kind of food you're eating so the one beef would be you're eating junk food you're arguing you were having fruits and veggies but what do you have to say to folks at home or think they want to copy you to the untrained human died if you just assume what you are seeing on the screen you're wrong any any of my meals that I make personally if you would go to order it out at a restaurant it would be twice the calories probably more so I'm using healthier versions of everything lower calorie versions my foods are higher protein lower fat my meals I'm weighing all my ingredients my meals are like it's like I'm a scientist in a lab a mad scientist making my meal to fit my daily need the macronutrients work for you macro ok so I'd like room and micro but across the board you're doing your homework if people want to jump start their way towards doing what you're doing what's the best way to start for on a very basic level to just skip your first meal of the day if that's breakfast some people go out they eat a 500 calorie breakfast they don't really know or run at home to start their day if they would just save those 500 calories 500 calories times seven days a week is 3500 calories that's one pound of body weight if you're looking to lose a pound a week and you're maintaining and you cut out that 500 calorie breakfast you're gonna lose a pound a week just like that like you're intriguing to me congratulations appreciate it we'll be right back be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything remember to check back often to see what's new


  1. It would have been much better if I discovered this kind of “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) a couple of years back. I lose 12 pounds in three weeks up to now. There is certainly still need of exercise routines even just a few times weekly and also the food to eat should be ideal. The effect presented to me is wonderful. I undoubtedly highly recommend the product, hope it works as great for you simply because it really does for me. .

  2. I know people are going on about our cavemen ancestors but, keep in mind… they lived to about the age of 30

  3. all the antiaging research knows more of the science behind the many benefits of fasting and IF… lowering carbs in general is recommended to make your body fat adapted.

  4. And you laugh at Muslims for fasting? And eating one meal a day for one month? It is healthy FYI.

  5. i don't get it i eat one apple and my stomach gets big like a puffer fish and then look at this guy…….

  6. He has such an attitude if you try telling him that one day thats gonna come back to bite him on the arse. He's not Superman.

  7. You can eat 5000 calories in one meal and be healthy, if it is consisted of healthy foods and if you eat it once a day

  8. Imagine all those CRAZY dietitians for years were telling people to eat small meals every 3 hours. That is as bad as the med community saying that margarine was fine and should replace butter.

  9. “Fast and become healthy” said Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Now (May 2019) is the blessed month of Ramadan. Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. I eat one meal at sunset and a small meal before dawn. We fast for spiritual reasons, but the health benefits are tremendous. Peace, Alex

  10. It's all because of less insulin secreted, if insulin is secreted all day throughout the day the body has no chance to use fat for energy, his insulin is secreted once, therefore in recovery all his glycogen is used and fat is metabolized during the long fasted period, Reduce insulin spike, Two decent meals a day closer to eachother is probably more manageable and will still reduce the overall insulin secretion of the day. Get lean, Stay lean, enjoy your food.

  11. Started at 210lbs now at 175lbs, always struggled with feeling full when dieting and ultimately would pig out after about 1 week. Intermittent fasting is the future ive got a 6 pack and never feel hungry, sluggish or tired all thanks to eating 1 meal after a 24 hour fast daily.

  12. At the end of the day… Ever diet consists of calories out vs calories in. Period. There's ways to do this… But it all comes down to that.

  13. I'm sorry but this guy has intermittent fasting completely wrong and doesn't seem like he knows what he's talking about. Intermittent fasting is great and healthy but eating 5,000 calories in 1 meal and eating a ton of carbs is extremely unhealthy and kills a lot of the benefits of intermittent fasting, this guy probably lost weight but I can tell you that doesn't mean he's healthy

  14. Wake up people… this dude is not healthy. He has fried foods, 4x sodium allowance per day, 123 grams of sugar which is 30 teaspoons, massive amounts of gluten and carbs. Not… healthy… Dr. Oz is on the payroll.

  15. Dr.Oz? mmmh one of your face staples are missing. I'm soooo sorry please…i humble buuuut, face little bit 2 the right, no?

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