The Heart of Great Medicine – Our Anthem

Here in Jonesboro, and all throughout Northeast
Arkansas, life remains something special. Here, time-honored ideas are still important,
like “be a good neighbor”, “family is everything”, and “make the most of everyday”. But for some in our community, today will
be harder than most. Someone will receive bad news, at the most
unexpected time, in the most unexpected way. There will be shock. There will be heartbreak. And disappointment. For some there will be fear… fear of what
comes next, worry that life as they know it will never be the same again. No one would choose this. No one would choose cancer, or heart disease,
or pain. But sometimes life doesn’t offer a choice. And it’s at times like these that people are
left with only one choice to make, and they will choose us. They will choose us to provide hope, to provide
comfort, and kindness. They will choose us because of the stories
they’ve heard, stories of healing. They will walk through our doors from Jonesboro,
and Osceola, and ask us to walk them through a difficult time. They will drive from Blytheville, or Wynne,
or Trumann and ask us for help. They will ask us to take the hurt away. They will seek great minds and kind souls
because they will need one as much as the other. They will seek not just the heart of great
medicine but the medicine that gets right to the heart of their world. That medicine may be new technology, a revolutionary
procedure, or you. They live here in Northeast Arkansas because
they’ve chosen to have something more. And when they choose us, the comfort they
receive is in knowing we understand that life is good here. It’s something worth sharing and protecting. And it’s because of this understanding that
to them, you will be St. Bernards. You will be the face of hope. You will be the face of hope, the hands of
healing, and the heart of great medicine. And whatever you do, whether it be a big thing
or a small thing, will make the difference in everything. So when the time comes, and it will, to be
the source of help and hope, someone has put their trust in you. Take that trust to heart.

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