The HPV Vaccine, and Why Your Kids Should Get It: Healthcare Triage #4

hey Aaron so I received the HPV vaccine a couple of years ago I just got this really scary email for my friends that basically says that the HPV vaccine is killing people that the lead researcher has spoken out against it and also that it basically does nothing to prevent cervical cancer whatsoever can you help because I'm really freaking out about this right now the HPV vaccine is the subject of this week's healthcare triage when I was a medical student interested in becoming a pediatrician we were warned again and again about a disease called epiglottitis it's just what it sounds like an infection of the epiglottis most often by a bacteria known as Hamas Luis influenza type B it was always an emergency requiring rapid intubation kids died from it but by the early 90s the Hamas Luis influenza type B or hip vaccine was being commonly used by the time I was a resident the incidence of hip disease had declined by more than 99% I've never seen a case of epiglottitis ever know why because vaccines work and when people attack them I start to get a bit upset as rosianna said there's an email going around that claims that one of the researchers who was involved in the discovery of the HPV vaccine has now renounced it that's not entirely true but before we get into that let's start with some facts that no one disputes human papilloma viruses are a group of viruses that are known to cause warts about 40 types of them are transmitted by sexual contact any type of sexual contact about 6 million new infections occur each year in the United States that's a huge number in fact HPV is so common that almost all women will have an HPV infection at some time in their life for the vast majority of them this isn't much more than an inconvenience their immune system fights the infection often they're fine but in some women especially those infected with certain strains of viruses the infection sticks around some of those cases lead to cervical cancer about 4,000 women die of cervical cancer in the United States each year about 250,000 of them died from it worldwide the HPV vaccine was originally developed to prevent women from being infected and thus prevent them from getting cervical cancer later and that's where we can rejoin Rosie Anna's story dr. Diane Harper one of the researchers of the vaccine itself has claimed that the manufacturers the immunization are over selling its cancer protection properties she's not totally wrong one of her complaints is that you need immunity for a long period of time to make sure the protection lasts the vaccine hasn't been around long enough to prove that's the case but that's not a reason not to use it it's a reason to monitor it's long term potency and give a booster if necessary and we're doing that for other claims that since regular pap smears can detect early problems and help with diagnosis leading to significantly reduce cervical cancer mortality we don't need a vaccine she says that pap smears prevent cancer that's not true they help detect it earlier the cancer still occurs moreover many women don't get pap smears regularly they cost money and time and we have pap smears today and like I said thousands of women die of cervical cancer every year and cervical cancer isn't the only cancer that HPV causes the incidence of rectal cancer has been increasing for decades and most experts believe that HPV is partially the reason for it the same goes for oral cancers a recent study found that more than half of such cancers were associated with HPV infections there are no pap smears for those types of cancer there's only the vaccine and these cancers occur in boys as well as girls that's why we're now recommending that everyone get the vaccine the only way never to get HPV is never to touch another human's genitals ever for most people that's not going to happen even condoms aren't totally protective here since you can get HPV from an area of skin that's not covered it's either never ever ever touch or get the vaccine because the vaccine works studies show that the vaccine was introduced in late 2006 in the three years before that the prevalence of HPV infection in girls aged 14 to 19 years was 11 and a half percent in the three years after it was introduced the prevalence was only 5.1 percent and that's with only a third of girls in that age group even getting the vaccine know what would have happened if we'd done better another 50,000 girls alive today would not get cervical cancer in their lifetimes if we got that number to 80% the vaccines are safe to buy last summer more than 46 million doses of the vaccine have been given in the United States initial studies conducted before FDA approval found no serious side effects a recent safety review by the FDA and the CDC found reports to the vaccine adverse events reporting system have been consistent with those pre approval safety studies in fact the CDC has investigated many of the deaths allegedly attributed to the vaccine and found that there's no consistent pattern nothing that links them to getting the immunization the Institute of Medicine did their own review and found again no reason for concern some people are opposed to the HPV vaccine because they believe that it sends an implicit signal to girls that the sexual activity through which they might acquire HPV is permissible in other words they think that if you give the vaccine to girls it makes them more likely to have sex someone should do a study to see if that actually happens and of course someone has researchers looked at 1398 girls of whom 493 got the HPV vaccine and 905 didn't then they looked at the pregnancy rates in those two groups as well as pregnancy testing rates they even looked at reported contraceptive counseling you know what they found there were no significant differences in any of these things between girls who received an HPV vaccine and those who did not and why do we need to start the vaccine when girls are young because it only works if you've never been exposed to HPV before the only way to guarantee that is to catch kids before they ever have sex research shows that the average age of first intercourse in the u.s. is 17 for boys and 17 and a half for girls but more than 6% of kids in the United States have had sex before the age of 13 look I think that's too young – but those are the facts moreover vaginal intercourse isn't the only type of sex that can give you an HPV infection an additional 7% of girls and 9% of boys have engaged in oral sex without ever having vaginal intercourse bottom line about half of the almost 19 million new sexually transmitted infections diagnosed each year are in teens and young adults we need to catch these kids early I have one more bit of research for you the most common reasons the parents refused the HPV vaccine for their kids are safety concerns and because they think it's not needed in other words they're getting misinformation from emails and articles like the one that showed up in Rosie Hannah's inbox that's a tragedy and a preventable one vaccinate your kids


  1. That was supposed to read and debilitated for life! that's why we can't trust doctors because a lot of them don't even know anything about vaccines, just how to give them and make money!!!

  2. Dr. Stanley Plotkin admitted, in his testimony, that the Gardasil “placebo” group was injected with aluminum. Despite high, numbers of severe adverse reactions in both groups, it was approved. This vaccine was rushed to the public based on pure junk science. Do you do any real research before spewing this garbage? Gardasil is dangerous. I believe It will, eventually, be recalled.

  3. Sodium borate in hpv
    Birth defects
    And behavioural dissabilities.
    Wake up parents they are killing us Softly.
    Popilation reduction.

  4. I was about 7 years old when this vaccine was introduced and my parents didn't have me get it because they where concerned about the lack of long term studies which i guess is a bit understandable and I know they where trying to do their best as parents. They did intend to talk to me about when I was older however (due to marital problems) they didn't and i really think it rather was irresponsible and unforgivable because I've only just talked to my father about it and im damn near 20 years old now. I'm very happy to say that I'm working on finally getting my shots and im excited to feel safe while dating and what not.

  5. Those who believe this subhuman beast deserve every deadly effect of this rat poison

  6. it's neither safe nor effective Fuck off bitch I wish you die a painful death for the lies you are telling

  7. When vaccine companies (and executives personally) are not immune to legal responsibility for damages I'll consider trusting them. Until then I'll throw away the advice of anyone insisting absolute safety as no more trustworthy than that of the antivaxxers.

  8. Vaccinate your own kids and let our girles free and safe ,in my family from generation to generation 0%of wemon got cervical cancer and without Gardasil .so I prefer that my daughter gets cervical cancer than another very dangerous diseas caused by gardasil

  9. Bottom line there are no guarantee that an individual will be cancer free once they get the vaccine. Not to mention side effects of being chronically ill or die. Just like getting the flu shot. At times people who do get the shots are the ones who get the flu throughout the year.

  10. No, didn't work. Still don't believe you and also the vaccine makers. If you repeat a lie a thousand times. Its still a lie. Unfortunately most people don't see the big plan. Naive, ignorant or just plain stupid. Vaccines cannot be made safe. They keep repeating it's safe. Fool me twice….

  11. Look at Gardasil victims in YouTube and in particular Dr Suzanne Humphries on Gardasil and DO NOT have this vaccine.

  12. DO NOT!!!!!!!!!…….get the vaccine it contains aborted fetus cells from aborted babies and other harmul ingrediants this is all lies to harm your baby WAKE UP THE POISONING AND LIES DO THE RESEARCH PEOPLE

  13. Hpv should be recommended for all middle aged parents as they are too old an we need to free up jobs as they are a burden on society for health care and medical cost cutting ,,so give this to all the oldies so we can comply with Un Agenda 21 depopulation ,,Cheers old people

  14. I support vaccines, heck I've had pretty much all of mine. But, the hpv and second dose of meningitis(which is given because of people going to collage, I am not planning on going to collage any time soon.) here are my issues with the hpv vaccine vs meningitis or measles, any vaccine that is often given except for the T in TDAP and the HPV vaccine are diseases and sicknesses that can be spread easily (such as just coughing or sneezing, touching a door knob, ect) so when you get them they are covering both you an anyone you will interact with or encounter for the time the vaccine covers. Now, tetanus shots are often given to people who work in environments or are in environments where they can get hurt. But with the HPV vaccine? It only works on YOU or the person who gets it. It only covers you, not anyone else. Hpv is spreadable, and mostly by males. My question is, why didn't they just make the vaccine for them first off? Anyways, the amount of fast tracking that happened to the vaccine among many arguments that make no sense has lead me to decide to not get the vaccine. Besides the fact they usually give it between 11 and 12, the vaccine only covers for 5 years. So, that kid who had their last dose of the vaccine at 12 and a half, will only be covered until 17 and a half. Most girls become sexuality active around that time so what's the use? Also, in other counties besides the US, you can get the vaccine up to 45 which is the age where cervical cancer is MOST common. IMO there's lots of shady stuff around the HPV vaccine which has lead me to not get it or plan on getting it.

  15. Can he not understand the concept of benefit and risk? Yes, vaccines work, people just question at what cost.

  16. I don't agree with the people who think that giving the HPV vaccines are promoting sexual activity in young girls. Getting a vaccine to protect yourself from a deadly cancer is not something that should be taken that way. There has been a lot of bad talk around this vaccine and the adverse effects it can cause. It is proven that this vaccine really does work and has dramatically helped with getting rid of HPV. I think the appropriate thing to do is really educate women on what the HPV vaccine is and what it does. When I was sixteen I was given the three round HPV vaccine, I was told by my doctor it was a very smart choice to receive the vaccine, I'm someone who always takes advice from my doctor so I didn't question it. As everyone started to talk more and more about how this vaccine could be dangerous I did some research. Videos like this one that Healthcare Triage has posted are really important and can save lives. If more people are educated on what the HPV vaccine really protects against, more women will talk to there doctors about being vaccinated. In schools safe sex and sexually transmitted disease prevention is taught, so they should add talking about this vaccine because it will educate and teach that just getting this shot doesn't promote to have sex but actually help prevent cervical cancer.

  17. I would have to agree with this weeks edition of the Health Triage. Vaccines are implemented to ultimately rid a disease or slow the process down. This HPV vaccine in particular decreased the percent of HPV in girls 14-19 by 6.4 percent. This statistic was only based on the 1/3 of girls that age received it, imagine what the percentage of girls infected with HPV would be if they all received the vaccine. Not only should females be receiving this vaccine, but males should be to. The proof is in the research that this vaccine works it may not rid of all cancer associated with HPV, but it helps prevent them. I believe this vaccine should be received especially by college age individuals who are more sexually active and with usually more than one partner. The earlier a child can be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine is one less scary thing to worry about for your children in the future.

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