The Humanwide Project: The Future of Medicine

Hi, I’m Quenton Bubb and I’m from Brooklyn,
New York. I’m Andrea Fisher and I’m from Yonkers, New York. My name is Anthony
Buzzanco and I’m from Long Beach California.
I’m Michael Dacre and I’m from England in the United Kingdom.
Hi everyone. I’m San Vijayraman from Sacramento, California You’re launching your career in medicine
at the perfect time. Never before have the biomedical sciences had such a
convergence of technological progress and the rapidity of innovation.These
advances drive our ambitious vision of healthcare that we’ve described as
Precision Health. By leveraging our era’s most sophisticated technological and
scientific resources we can not only cure disease before it strikes but
prevent it from striking at all. Humanwide is a pilot that we are conducting
in a primary care clinic in Santa Clara. We at that clinic have also implemented
a team-based care model which we think is going to help us transform what we’re
doing in primary care. The focus of Humanwide is to consider how can we leverage
the best of the art and science of medicine that we have at Stanford and
across the country and the world — technology, genomics, diagnostics — how do
we leverage that so that we are focusing on prevention and proactive care to
prevent disease before it strikes. When I was a medical student all of medical
knowledge doubled every seven years. It now doubles every 120 days. It’s very
hard for the physician of the future to be able to keep up with that rate of
medical knowledge. A Precision Health approach that marries artificial
intelligence with continuous monitoring and multiple testing modalities like
pharmacogenomics. I mean this is the kind of information we need in the future to
really take care of our patient and provide the best outcomes. Humanwide is
an effort to take the diverse sciences underlying a more precise approach to
assessing and favorably affecting a person’s health and bring it in a
practical way into the everyday operation of
primary care. Implementing change in health care is really hard, whether it’s
a small change or a big change and so the learnings that we will get from the
evaluation just is one more example where we’ll help healthcare move
forward. Our big findings, this is really from the baseline, number one Humanwide’s really appealing to patients so this is good news.
It was really popular among patients, they they loved the primary care
one-on-one attention and it seemed to support patient engagement,
self-management and early detection of disease. We did notice technical glitches.
Pretty much everybody even people who were very savvy had trouble some sort of
trouble with the digital health. There was a dedicated hour with each
patient to get everything set up where they had to come into the clinic. And
even then things could fall apart or the Bluetooth could stop talking to each
other. I think getting the technology to communicate with each other, that’s an
opportunity that’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs I think as well to come up
with some platforms that’re a bit better integrated than the ones we have today.
As we present this at different conferences we’re realizing that we’re
actually kind of the first to understand the technology and know which vendors
are good and which aren’t and so that’s actually been really helpful for us. We
feel like we’re kind of ahead of where we feel like this consumer movement is
going. I mean this is a very special clinic. You’re each a very
special person and I can just tell walking into the clinic how much energy
and engagement there is. How can we use Humanwide to, or the the rollout of Humanwide
to other clinics, other locations to achieve similar results for the patients
but also similar levels of staff engagement. So what I really enjoyed about
participating in the Humanwide program aside from my number one goal which
was getting the pharmacogenomics testing was just having that frequent one-on-one
time with my doctor. This program was very helpful for me because I find out
about my body, I find out about my health. To be aware of my blood pressure, to be
aware of my kidney function, and be aware of my blood glucose, to be aware of my
weight, all that is turning into a lifestyle instead of just a trip to the
doctor. Now I’m seeing life in a different perspective. We should not
worry about what is going to happen. Just live the life, like you know there are
so many other people who suffer more. I’m really motivated about this program
because I see the results real time. It helps me improve how I deal
with my lifestyle, how I eat and my diet and basically my personal health. After
six months of implementation of Humanwide we have a better sense of the
value it brings in healthcare. Care teams are now enabled to provide more
proactive precise and personalized care more than they ever have been before.
Humanwide represents the beginning of a movement. This is just the beginning.
Humanwide has the potential to be revolutionary.

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