1. Started liking this band like 2 years ago, it's such a shame they don't make music anymore, their music was so good and underrated!

  2. There are some parts of this song that remind me of an older song. Can anyone help me figure it out. The part starts at 0:42.

  3. If u seen the video honey by this band in the end it has a paper that says medicine man i think this song and honey go together

  4. is this video about dying or something, you have the elderly people who get older, you have the boy playing in the street who gets hit by a car, you have a girl doing drugs and the singer is laying on the street…hurt so is the medicine man taking them to death…….?

  5. Once again, another amazing skater leads me to a pretty rad group I never would have found otherwise if he hadn't used this song in his part.

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