The Imperial Physician 01 (English Subtitle)

The Imperial Physician Episode 01 Run! Run! Run! Step aside! Run! Run! Step aside! Run! Run! Step aside! Move Move Move! Hurry up,Hurry up! Erfu,Sanfu,faster! special food is waiting you home Run! Run! Run! Excuse me! Excuse me! Next! Taoist master Huan tuo bless me You must help me get into the imperial hospital I promise you I will really focus on studies,improve the medical skills And in the future,heal and aid people please,please,please He Tian,He Tian,come in for the exam! I’m here! Patient is weak,7 days without a bowel movement. Which acupoint does the needle need to be placed? Useless thing! Go away. Patient got facial paralysis because of the wind, blood runs slowly His lips and eyes are inclined for 7 years Which acupoint does the needle need to be placed? This guy should thank god for let him still be alive And he still wants a cure? This guy’s got bad luck. That man is the Head of the imperial physician. Better luck next year. I…I…I…I can speak now! I can speak! I really can speak! I can speak! I…I…I…Thank you I can speak now! Mister, you should pay more attention to your health. Less oil, less salt, eat more fruits. No smoking, no drinking, more exercise. As long as you listen to me, Your will be better and better Thank you – Bring him down. Thank you I can speak! I CAN SPEAK NOW! I can speak! Great! Great! Such a great job! So cool! Bravo! Thank you! Thank you! Good, good, good. Bravo! Bravo! Long live the King! Arise! thank you, your majesty! Rise. Why is everyone so formal? Have a seat ,let’s sit down and talk. Your Majesty This court is the place to discuss governance The way you sit is a little undignified. Your Majesty, please respect yourself. Interesting. Disrespecting myself? Really interesting. Right. Has everyone eaten yet? Do you guys want some biscuit? Your majesty, we have all eaten. This…this…this… What are you guys looking at? Eat I prepared these especially for you guys. prime minister, help me out here. Considering it as giving me face. Then Your Majesty…I…I… I shall listen to your orders. Eat it while it’s hot. Good! Now everyone eat some! Prime minister Zhao, lately the world’s been peaceful. There’s not even one little problem, like seasame that kind of little? Seven of us are eating biscuits right here. yet seasame has already fallen onto the floor. Outside there are thousands of citizens, And they don’t have any complains? Seems impossible. Your Majesty, after the late Emperor died, Your Uncle and Empress Dowager governed, Your Uncle loves the citizens like his own kids Empress Dowager rules like a mothers Which is why everything’s so peaceful I’ll be honest Your Majesty’s worrying too much. You are right… I can’t say Uncle’s incompetent or empress dowager is a fool World peace…thanks to prime minister Zhao And to everyone in the court,for caring for our citizens Your Majesty,this is all part of our job. Then…if there’s nothing else,you may be dismiss. Yes,Your Majesty Xiao An, I am here. Go change your clothes. I’m going out His majesty orders Xuan Li Eunuch’s presence now Eunuch Meng,Majesty orders for Eunuch Li Eunuch Meng,it’s His Majesty who
Neds to find Eunuch Li, Our master’s resting, who’s letting you make a fuss? LEAVE! His Majesty’s waiting… I know!…LEAVE! Baochuan – Dad – stop crying – I’m not leaving, Don’t cry! – I don’t want to be an Eunuch! Chuan! Don’t Cry!- Dad! I don’t want to go Chuan,you have to safeguard your ‘Precious’ You must safeguard it! Your Mother and Father gave you that! –
I don’t want to be an Eunuch! When you die,leave a full body behind! This is the only way you will not let our ancestors down! Godfather,are you okay? My “Precious”,can I find it again? Godfather,don’t worry I have sent people working for the Eastern Depot To go out To find your “precious”. Even if to trun this city inside out. We will catch that thief! And bring back your golden box back Good,Capture the thief alive I need to question him And to skin that thief alive! Yes. Candied haw in a stick!Candied haw in a stick! Lanterns! Move,move,move Quick,quick,ahead over there,hurry. Hurry,hurry,straight ahead. Move,move Even this you can still find me. Did you guys smell the
bucket of urine or something? Huh? Let me your master,play around with you guys. quick,quick. keep up ,hurry! Hurry,yes Come on! Am I looking like a street performer? At least think of me as a hero. Okay? This does can earn some money quickly. Hurry,Hurry! keep up,quickly. Those runaway dogs are not out because of me Then what are they doing? Leave, Leave, leave. Hurry up and leave. Teacher ,Please give me another chance Teacher Teacher! Leave, quickly leave. – Teacher – Next! I’ll tell you this once remember it clearly. A pregnant lady’s heart is anxious,upset
and has insomnia Please prescribe the medication. Teacher, May I asked her age and height and weight
And what does she do at home? I only asked you one thing And you bring up all those details Do you want…do you want to… Do you want .. Do you want her to write all her family history down? Someone, drag her… Drag her out, Next! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! What happened? Teacher! He fainted! Teacher, wake up! Teacher,quick,quick, something. Stop! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Be quiet. I didn’t kill him! I’m saving him! No you’re not. You killed him! Look! He’s already dead! You killed him! Murderer! Murderer! Teacher is waking up! He’s waking up. Good job! Good job! See? He’s alive I didn’t kill anyone Okay,okay. Go back to your seat You are good Put me down,why are you taking me? What are you doing? put me down! Now! Put me down! Boss, are you okay? Leave! Go away! Leave! You better listen next time. Erfu, Bite him. You’re not qualified for the imperial hospital, Just leave. Boss are you okay? Uncle ,just now I did it to save him Didn’t you see it? He could have died, if it wasn’t for me. I just jabbed him right away. Even though you saved him But the way you saved him, wasn’t the proper way. The imperial hospital is not for you I’m won’t punish you for your drama in the exam You better not let me see you again Uncle! Uncle! I just saved a man! Why is that ‘not proper way’? Uncle! What are you doing? Leave immediately! You better be careful, I’ll get Dafu Erfu to come bite you guys! Leave quickly! Leave! What’s so great about the imperial hospital? Your medical skills don’t need that man’s affirmation When I grow up I’ll earn lots of money I’ll open up 10,8 imperial hospitals! You can go to whichever you want You The imperial hospital isn’t like restaurant 10 Royal Clincs,8 Royal Clinics. You? Boss ,no time for chatting I need to get to work Come to my house for dinner after Okay, Got it. You two aren’t brave at all. You didn’t help us. Buddy That fish does not look fresh. I caught it this morning Just now it was full of life Then show me The fish must be dizzy from the ride DIzzy? Oh yeah it’s moving Yeah yeah,its bouncing,bouncing. Okay,you can go back now Bring it in. Yeah,yeah. Okay Next one, next one. Be careful! Here. – Get up,be careful.
– Thank you Madam He What vegetable? How can we eat that? Are you new here? Don’t you know the rules? If I say this vegetable isn’t good, then it’s not good The appearance doesn’t look appealing,
It probably tastes bad! What if the Emperor, and Empress Dowager Tries it and don’t like it Will they blame you or me ,Take him away. Brother Wong,I think the vegetables look nice and fresh Very good Madam He, I’m just teaching him What does this got to do with you?
Just go back to what you were doing. Buddy Wong, he’s new here Just give him another chance, okay?
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Take a look, the vegetable are so fresh If you let them take it back, it’ll be such a waste Even if it’s not looks appealing, it’s okay but if you make it appealing like flowers,
everyone would want it. Madam He, since when you are in charge of here? Okay, you said it would look as appealing as flowers Okay, show me? Show me Flower,flower, where is the flower? Flower,flower,flower! Woah! Cool! Amazing! Really amazing! Good kungfu! Yeah! Amazing kungfu! What about it brother Wong, Give me some face here Take all the vegetables Take it, Take it, Take it… Take all of it ,Take it! Poor kid! Poor Kid! Anyone? Will anyone take pity on me? Brother, are you blind? Take a look over there Sir, it’s very nice here Please help me to bury my father, I’ll sell myself. 30% off! It’s a real bargin, even if you’re not buying, come take a look! Don’t leave! Sir, the North door is just ahead Please bury my father, I’ll sell myself. 30% off! What do you want Ow that hurts,let go of me,let go! Buddy,money,money,money! I’ll give you money! You should have gave it to me earlier,
are you guys tired? Cause I am Little boy, don’t use the onion again It’s not good for your eyes, the smell is bad It’s very easy to expose you,
What’s your name? My name is Xiao Shitou I’m thinking ,Erfu Sanfu Am I acting too impulsive just now If I wasn’t that mean. Uncle would have given me another chance. I saved a man! How is that wrong?! I saved someone yet I couldn’t get into the imperial hospital? If I couldn’t get in there I will never have the chance to read that book Move away, Bring him bring him, Leave now What’s going on? Guards,no more talking,leave quickly Guards I’m innocent. I’m innocent Move ,move ,Hurry Hurry,move away Get away! Right now,I’m seriously doubted that this hairpin Is the one that the Maid from the Palace has lost. And you are one of the thieves! I’ll keep all of your possessions for now Once I solve the case,I’ll give
everything back to you. Take him! Stop! You have no evidence,how can
you take someone’s possession like that What’s the difference between you and a thief? You! Who are you? You delinquent, What’s with the heroic act? – Guys! – Yes Search him! What’s your reason for searching me? You are now under suspicion
for the missing item in the palace. That seems like you have stolen it ,Take off his clothes! Search him! Yes It has nothing to do with me,Nothing,
nothing to do with me! Boss,I’ll bring you to see the poor people here But you need to place your wallet in a safe place If you are stolen or robbed,I can’t help you. There’s so many poor people here? Yeah there’s poor people everywhere,
Like this person next to you Xiao Shi Tou,where’s your house? Who are you living with? Me? Wherever I stay is my home. – My house…- don’t,don’t,don’t! No,no,no! – Don’t search my body! – take him away I didn’t steal anything! I didn’t steal anything! You’re picking on my Boss? How can I let that happen? Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss! Are you okay? Little thing, so you’re both the thief in crime! Interrupted our work and hurt
our guards. Your punishment is even bigger. – Take him! – Yes. Wait! What rules did they break? And you are? As Guards from the Eastern Depot, we have to come to you to report? Go away,otherwise we’ll arrest you too! You stupid servants ,do you know who are you talking to? This is the Emperor’s world, and yet
You dare to bully these people? Go and send Eunuch Li Baochan out! Eunuch Li’s name is not for you guys to call for fun! Catch them! Yes. After them! Move! Move! Move! Miss,this way. Miss,This place is pretty busy. Let’s go over there and take a look Miss This store sells the best makeup. If it’s really like that ,buy the whole store! Good. This way Freeze! Don’t move, don’t move! Don’t move! What’s going on? I don’t know.
Go out and take a look. Yes,Yes Hurry,come on! Hurry! Come and help! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Go after them! Go! What’s happening? Get someone to capture him! Get him,get him,get him! Go,go,go! Where did he go? Hurry! Did you catch him? Where’s that ruffian? He is still here, how come you can’t find him? Boss, I forgot to check the almanac today We’re not supposed to come out today Oh I’m screwed, I need to pee – Hold it,hold it in! – I can’t help it Up there, up there! This has nothing to do with me! You scared me,so I peed. Someone! Catch them! Xiao Shitou! Go go go Freeze! Catch them! Catch them! Catch them, Catch them! If you have the guts, stay where you are Come down,come down! Come down Xiao Shitou,listen Let’s split up and run
376 Meet me in my house -Don’t let them catch you,Okay? – got it Don’t move! Don’t move! Here – Are you okay?- I’m fine Quick,quick! Hurry! Don’t let him get away! Let’s leave,quickly! They’re coming Hurry! They are over there! Quick! Quick! Hurry! Step aside Let go! Don’t worry,I’m here to help you Help us? Hurry! Hurry! Step aside Get out of the way. Leave, I’ll handle this Hurry,hurry! After them! Hurry! – Boss! – Did you get hurt? Just a little fight, how can that hurt me Where’s Erfu? sleeping inside Be careful You two ass ho It’s such a hot day, are you finished? You big ass ho! After him! Stop that, what miracle physician I am? Boss, why you are saying that Your medical skills have always been amazing Whoever is ill here You will heal them That worthless person from imperial hospital is blind! He wouldn’t let us take the exam, it’s their lost You took the exam for the imperial hospital? I went there but I got kicked out in the end How come? I saved this doctor But they said I didn’t do it in a proper way
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Let me take a look Bite on to this No thanks, I can endure the pain Boss,are you done? Sorry, please hold it I’ll try again, okay Wait,wait,wait,wait,wait Are you okay? How are you I’m sorry, please give me one more chance Just one more Xiao Shitou,have a bun Aunt,you’re home. Who’s this? A new friend I met today His arm is dislocated Hello Madam. Move it, how’s that Thank you,Madam. Mother,how come I didn’t know that you could do that Your mother has been butchering pigs for years I can pull off a pig’s leg with my eyes closed Fixing this arm, a piece of cake Okay,I’ve already fixed your arm You can leave now Mother,don’t be like this Why not? Our place only sells meat Our place is not a charity house, are you gonna bring All the poor people to stay here How do I know if he’s a good guy
or a bad buy Xiao Shitou,don’t take it in mind I’m not talking about you but someone else It’s getting late, I should go back Thank you Aunt Bro, I’ll take my leave Wait a minute, I’ll get you some medicine To help you healing I’m fine,I’m okay,I’ll take my leave Goodbye Mom why did you kick him out? He’s my friend Friend? What’s your friend’s name? Where does he live? I told you so many times Don’t bring strangers home with you You never listen ,now it’s total chaos out there Don’t bring home trouble How come? Mom he fainted – Big brother – carry him in,come on One, two,walk,walk Come on,come on Freeze! Freeze! Dont run,dont run! You can’t runaway from us,freeze Freeze! Hurry, Hurry Freeze,freeze Good thing I ran fast You bring home a strangers And yet you became friends with him? You saved him And let him sleep on your ownbed When he wakes up You’ll probably give him your money too Only you would do this You never know how bad a person can be You can write and read,
but you need to understand it You brat! You almost scared me to death Mom,don’t be mad Angry will only get you wrinkles And aged you, that won’t be fair I have discovered a new medicine formula Do you want to try? Using me as an experiment again Do you think I’m Dafu A beautiful pig And let you turning him into a hedgehog? I’m just giving him a therapy Look at Dafu he is so strong like a cow I’m not going What is that What smell is that,
it smells weird Honey, almond powder, egg white and rose Goat Milk,and Wheat You treat my face like a bread store Mom,trust me it’ll be fine Once you use the mask,
you’ll be at least 20 years younger Look at you, such a gorgeous girl From day till night,
you wear these male clothes Ever since i was little,I dressed like this You didn’t want others to know I’m a girl Yes , I did raised you as a boy But now you’re all grown up, as from now No more dressing like a man I think wearing males clothes is not a bad thing It allows me to do things easily I don’t want to wear females clothing Even Xiao Shitao does not know I’m a girl He calls me boss I’m just about to tell you about that From now on don’t follow Xiao Shitou’s troublesome behavior It’s time for you to get married Mom, now the facial mask is ready Once its placed, you can’t talk Or else you’ll get lots of wrinkles I’m not afraid of wrinkles, I’m afraid that you won’t listen Stop talking. or else it won’t work Okay, have a good rest, I’ll leave first Bro,are you feeling better now I’m good That’s great Uncle Tao You’ve drank again right I told you it’s not good for your liver, Tianxin,I only drank a little bit Just a little? Not even a little drink! If you keep drinking, don’t ask me to help you again Okay,Okay. I won’t drink Not even a little bit Good – Shi Tao,Shi Tao, – bye I can leave now Just a minute I’ll bring some medicine for you No thanks, I’m really fine Oh right, thanks for helping me And letting me stay for the night, here It’s okay, no need to be so polite Just take it as a souvenir, I’m leaving Who is it? So early! Who is it Master ,it’s not good, Master This jade doesn’t look cheap Don’t even think of that How would I? I was just thinking That big bro,is so generous He must be from a very rich family Boss ,I think he’s a very good man Good Kungfu and heroic why aunt doesn’t like him I don’t know,go back and ask her yourself Boss, you are talking like a girl just now
That’s not like you Don’t say that,I didn’t I didn’t? How would I know? – Go back and ask my mother. – I’m not gonna let you say that Let go,let go Don’t run! Freeze! Freeze! We’re dead You ruffian! Found ya! Boss,she’s the daughter of prime misister Zhao A well known rich bitch Miss Zhao I’m very sorry How dare you Yesterday I ruined your clothes I didn’t mean it,I’ll pay you back I don’t want your money, I want you dead – Catch him! – Yes! Run! Hurry! Run! You’re men from of prime master Zhao Are you police or a thiefs? How can you guys capture mef? Let me go! Fresh meat! Aunt – Come quick Fresh Meat! – Aunt! Hurry! Aunt, lend me this knife Put that down, that’s dangerous Boss has been captured Don’t joke around, go over there and play Whose joking around, premier minister’s daughter Brought a bunch of guys and captured boss She said she wants his death to pay back for her ruined clothes SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub


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